After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback! - C.1972 - : Perish Together


Chapter 1972: Perish Together

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The Zhang family’s bodyguards put down the weapons in their hands and Da Dong and his team tied them up. Gao Lin immediately got up and locked the door of the ward to prevent anyone outside from hearing anything.

In this era, cell phones were not prevalent. Walkie-talkies were more common and communication was clear and easy within a 500-meter radius. If Qiao Mei had not happened to see Da Dong and the other bodyguards using the walkie-talkies to talk to one another, she would have already forgotten that this equipment existed.

Right from the beginning, Da Dong and the team had been hiding in the stairwell of the hospital, ready to come out and protect Qiao Mei at any time. The original plan was for them to rush into the room only after Qiao Mei gave them the order, but when they heard Zhang Cheng starting to talk about his past crimes, Da Dong felt very uneasy. They hurried to standby close to the ward to prepare for an attack.

“What… what are you doing! Let me tell you! This is my hospital! You won’t be able to get away!” Zhang Cheng said fearfully.

“You’re still so stubborn even in this situation,” Qiao Mei said as she looked at Zhang Cheng in disdain.

“Since you’re my sister’s descendant, then we’re family now. You should address me as Granduncle,” Gao Lin said as he looked at Qiao Mei tenderly.

“Hello, Granduncl&” Qiao Mei said sweetly.

“Good kid.” Gao Lin patted Qiao Mei’s head with a gratified smile on his face. He slowly walked up to Zhang Cheng and stuffed a handkerchief in Zhang Chengs mouth before giving him a good beating. Every punch he dished out was for a member of his family.

Gao Lin was smart enough to only hit Zhang Chengs body and did not injure his face in any way. This way, it would not arouse any suspicion from other people.

“l won’t let you have it easy.” After saying that, Gao Lin turned to look at Da Dong and said, “Knock him unconscious. Don’t allow him to speak.”

Da Dong looked at Qiao Mei. When he saw Qiao Mei nodding, he raised his fist and then knocked Zhang Cheng out cold.

“Granduncle, what do you intend to do now?” Qiao Mei asked.

“You don’t have to worry about whatever happens next. I don’t want you to get involved in this matter. It’s time to end the grudge between the Gao family and the Zhang family. You must live your life well. By the way, how’s my sister?” Gao Lin said.

Qiao Mei was a little hesitant, but in the end, she chose to tell Gao Lin the truth. She looked sad as she said, “Grandmother passed away many years ago.”

After Gao Tao escaped from the fire, her face was burned beyond recognition and her vocal cords were also damaged. Before she met Qiao Qiang, she had suffered a great deal. Qiao Mei could not bear to tell Gao Lin and the others about all these.

“l need to move them somewhere else now. If you’re willing to stay and help me! I’ll reward you with 100,000 dollars!” Gao Lin said as he looked at Da Dong and the rest of the bodyguards.

“We’re Miss Pu!s bodyguards and we only follow her orders,” Da Dong said. “Granduncle, these a_re all my people. If you need them to help, feel free to instruct them. There’s no need for any reward,” Qiao Mei said.

The ward they were in was on the second floor and it was located at the back part of the hospital. Very few people noticed this corner. If they threw those men down from the second floor window while positioning people below the window to catch them, none of those men would die. Gao Lin wanted to transport them to the basement of the Gao family’s old house.

The Gao family had sold everything they owned over the past few years, except for the Gao family’s first house. Firstly, it was because they did not have time to do so, and secondly, it was because the transaction procedure for this house was more complicated. Therefore, Gao Lin never had any intention of selling the house.

In those early days, the Gao family and the Zhang family lived in the same area and were neighbors. Later on, after Gao Ning died, the Zhang family seemed to have a guilty conscience and moved to the mountain area. The two families grew apart after that.

“Father! What are you doing! You can’t ruin yourself! Gao Ming is already so ill and I can’t walk yet. If anything happens to you, how am I going to go on!” Gao Long grabbed the corner of Gao Lin’s shirt and said agitatedly. Gao Long felt that Gao Lin looked like he was ready to perish with Zhang Cheng.

Gao Lin hesitated and looked at Gao Long and Gao Ming sadly. Looking at Gao Mings current condition, he would only be able to stay alive for another month at most. Was the Gao family’s younger generation going to die before the older generation?

“Gao Ming can still be saved!” Qiao Mei said quickly.

“Little girl, is that true? Can Gao Ming still be saved?” Gao Lin asked agitatedly.

Qiao Mei walked over to take a look at Gao Ming. Although his breathing was quite shallow by now, it was still not too late to save him. Qiao Mei thought for a moment and then said, “Back home, I met an old man fortuitously. He is a brilliant physician and I’ve managed to pick up some skills from him. Gao

Ming can definitely be saved..”

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