After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback! - C.1965: Gao Tao Resurrected


Chapter 1965: Gao Tao Resurrected

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All this while, whenever she was free, Qiao Mei would take out the old photos and stare at the people inside. She wanted to remember the faces of all those people who hurt Gao Tao. The moment Qiao Mei saw Zhang Yao, she knew who it was standing in front of her. That was the eldest daughter of the Liang family, Liang Jin. She was the one standing next to Gao Tao in the photo and was the person who had betrayed Gao Tao.

Qiao Mei knew very well why Liang Jin was in such a state now. Although Qiao

Mei resembled Li Gui, she also looked like Gao Tao. Even Qiao Qiang said that Qiao Mei’s temperament and disposition reminded him of Gao Tao from back then.

Qiao Mei smiled at Liang Jin in the same way that Gao Tao smiled in the photo, making her feel as if Gao Tao was looking at her. In the end, Liang Jin fainted before managing to speak.

“Grandma! Grandma, what’s wrong! Someone! Help! What did you do! Why did my grandmother faint after seeing you?” Zhang Yao said furiously.

“Me? I’m still curious about why your grandmother suddenly blocked my way,” Qiao Mei said.

Xia He grabbed Qiao Mei and wanted to leave, but Zhang Yao held on to Qiao

Mei and questioned her. “You can’t leave! What’s your name!”

“Pu Nan. But shouldn’t your priority be to bring your grandmother to the hospital first?” Qiao Mei said with a smile.

Zhang Yao let go of Qiao Mei’s arm. Not long after, the ambulance arrived to send Liang Jin to the hospital. On the way, Liang Jin woke up. The first thing she said when she opened her eyes was, “Gao Tao! Where’s Gao Tao?”

“Grandma, we’re in the ambulance! Why are you calling Gao Mings grandaunt’s name? Isn’t she already dead?” Zhang Yao asked curiously.

“Let’s go home! I want to go home! I want to get down!” Liang Jin struggled with all her might and the paramedics had to inject her with some sedatives. At the hospital, they did a full-body checkup for Liang Jin to make sure that she was fine before letting her leave.

Once Liang Jin reached home, she rushed into Zhang Chengs bedroom. At this moment, Zhang Cheng was saying sweet nothings to his mistress. Usually, Liang Jin would not disturb them at this hour.

“You crazy woman, what’s wrong with you? Why are you barging in at this hour!” Zhang Cheng roared.

Liang Jin grabbed Zhang Chengs arm tightly and said, “Gao Tao! Gao Tao is back! ”

“Nonsense! Gao Tao died a long time ago!” Zhang Cheng said fearfully.

Although they would always mention Gao Tao’s name in front of the Gao family so as to make the Gao family feel closer to them, the two of them would never talk about Gao Tao in private. This name could ruin everything for them.

“l saw her! I really saw her! That person looks too much like her! Moreover, Yao Yao told me that the person’s name is Pu Nan! It’s that girl from the auction yesterday!” Liang Jin said agitatedly.

Everything made sense now. No wonder Gao Lin was willing to sell the jewelry to Qiao Mei and no wonder that girl would bid against him so uncharacteristically . She was Gao Tao’s descendant!

However, Gao Tao died in that incident, did she not? Could it be that Gao Tao had escaped from the fire back then and gone somewhere else to get married and have children.

“l hear you. We’ll talk about this later,” Zhang Cheng said.

“What are you waiting for! Hurry up and get her!” Liang Jin shouted.

“Do you think 1 don’t want to get her? Do you know who’s protecting her now! If I harm her, our entire family will die!” Zhang Cheng said.

“Then… then what should we do… She definitely knows what happened back then. Gao Tao must have told her everything. She’s here to take revenge! She’s here to look for us! The fact that she chased us all the way here from our home country means that she’s not that simple! What should we do! Hurry up and think of a way!” Liang Jin said.

Zhang Cheng told his bodyguards to go and keep an eye on Gao Lin and Gao

Ming and to report back immediately if there was any sign of trouble. If Qiao

Mei was really Gao Tao’s descendant, she definitely would not stand by if Gao Lin ran into any difficulties. She would definitely find an opportunity to acknowledge Gao Lin.

Qiao Mei and Xia He did not stay in the shopping mall for too long. They bought some daily necessities and went home. After Xia He reached home, she started to pace around the house, unable to feel calm.

“Elder Sister, stop walking around in circles. You’re making me dizzy,” Qiao Mei said.

“l still think that this place is not safe. Why don’t we go back to the small town? At least we are surrounded by our own people there! There’s also Luo Yu and Luo Hui to protect us,” Xia He said.

“It’s going to be the same wherever we go. Don’t worry, I have my own plans,”

Qiao Mei said calmly..