After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback! - C.1964 - : Only Know the Name


Chapter 1964: Only Know the Name

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After the paperwork was done, the doctor went to arrange the special medicine for Gao Ming. In a secluded room, another doctor injected saline into an empty bottle with trembling hands. The label on the empty bottle stated “Special Medicine”.

He was forced into doing it. If he did not do as that person asked, his entire life would be ruined! Those things he did back in the past would be made public! He still had a cute daughter to take care of and he wanted to ensure that his daughter grew up happily and healthily.

That doctor forced himself to look calm as he pushed the medical equipment to Gao Mings ward. After payment was made, Gao Ming was already sent back to the ward.

“Doctor, when will my grandson wake up?” Gao Ming asked the doctor nervously.

“That depends on the condition of the patient’s body as well as his willpower. This poison is very strange. We’re all working hard to save him. The family should continue to raise more money. By the end of next week, the fees will be due again,” the doctor said.

“l understand. Doctor, give my grandson the injection first!” Gao Lin said wearily.

The doctor refilled the “special medicine” into Gao Mings intravenous medicine bottle. The doctor felt very guilty towards Gao Ming and did not stay long in the ward, leaving behind the helpless figures of the grandfather and grandson.

The next morning, the Zhang family was in a mess. Zhang Cheng had lost his temper and smashed up the entire study.

With both Bella and Xia Zhe having made arrangements for people to protect Qiao Mei in Sky City, no matter how powerful the Zhang family was, they still encountered many obstacles during their investigation. Zhang Chengs bodyguards only managed to find out Qiao Mei’s name and nothing else.

“Trash! A bunch of trash! What do I need you for! One night is a lot of time!

You only get me a name! I can know that by looking at the auction guest list!” Zhang Cheng swept everything off the desk angrily and scolded loudly.

“We… we have really tried our best… During the investigation, we met with a lot of intervention and we were even attacked,” the bodyguard said timidly.

“Attack? Who has the guts to attack my people? Do you know who?” Zhang Cheng asked.

“It’s Bella from the casino,” the bodyguard said frankly.

Bella? Why would Bella help this little girl? What kind of charm did this little girl have that Bella would take the initiative to protect her?

Although Zhang Chengs subordinates were well-trained, they were no match for Bella’s assassins. If Bella wanted to completely destroy the Zhang family, Zhang Cheng would not be able to fight back at all.

Zhang Cheng fell into deep thought. His original plan was to find Qiao Mei and snatch the things from her hands, but now it seemed that he had to plan it out more thoroughly.

“Alright, I get it. Go and continue to investigate their whereabouts,” Zhang Cheng said as he waved his hand impatiently.

Liang Jin looked at the disheveled bodyguard and walked into the study pompously. She looked at the piece of paper on the floor and said, “Pu Nan?

This must be the name of the girl from the auction.”

“Why? Do you know her?” Zhang Cheng asked disdainfully.

“I’m Mrs. Zhang after all. I still have some say in the circle of rich wives. I’m going out with Yao Yao. I’ll help you think of a way to get the jewelry,” Liang Jin said.

“Don’t alert the enemy,” Zhang Cheng said.

“Just you wait and see.” After saying that, Liang Jin went out with Zhang Yao. They headed to the mall first to buy clothes and jewelry. During this period of time, Zhang Yao had been cooped up at home all day and needed to get some accessories to dress up.

As she looked at her own dolled up reflection in the mirror, Zhang Yao felt much better. At the thought that she would be able to see Mike in a while, her mood became even better.

“Grandma, you should buy one too. 1 think this necklace suits you a lot,”

Zhang Yao said as she pointed at the jewelry in the cabinet. Just as Liang Jin turned around to look, she caught sight of a familiar figure.

Coincidentally, Qiao Mei and Xia He were also at this shopping mall. When they walked by the jewelry shop, Liang Jin ignored Zhang Yao’s shouts and rushed out of the door to take a closer look at Qiao Mei.

“You… the resemblance… the resemblance is too much…” Liang Jin stood in front of Qiao Mei and muttered to herself.

“Is anything the matter?” Qiao Mei did not immediately recognize the person in front of her.

Zhang Yao hurriedly ran up to Liang Jin and said, “Grandma, why did you run out suddenly? Who is this? Do you know her?”