After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback! - C.1957 - : The Last Item


Chapter 1957: The Last Item

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Xia He turned around to look at Amy, only to see Amy looking back at her mockingly and saying, “Hmph, you’re just so-so. Here I am, thinking that you people are flushed with cash.”

Qiao Mei did not turn around. She looked at the item on the stage and shouted, “600,000 dollars.’

Amy instantly looked at Qiao Mei in surprise and said, “Stop joking! How can these three lousy stones be worth 600,000 dollars? Besides, do you even have that much money? Don’t tell me you’re using your winnings from yesterday to buy these stones?”

“What does it have to do with you whether we have money or not? The people from the auction house will naturally check on such issues later. If you are so rich, then continue bidding! Don’t spout nonsense here if you don’t want to buy it! Are you unable to afford it? If you can’t afford it, then why are you mocking others? You’re like a clown, playing to the gallery,” Xia He said as she looked at Amy in disdain.

Her voice was not loud, but it could still be heard by everyone around her. The look which everyone gave Amy gradually changed. The dignified Second Young Master Shen’s lover did not even have 600,000 dollars to spend. If so, it meant that Amy was not the Second Young Master Shen’s favorite lover. Amy looked at Xia He and Qiao Mei with annoyance.

Amy wanted to raise the sign in her hand again, but Tina quickly grabbed Amy’s hand and whispered, “Elder Sister, if we bid for this, we won’t be able to buy anything else. Young Master Shen said that we must get the next item…”

“Don’t stop me! It’s not like 1 can’t afford it! 650,000 dollars!” Amy raised the sign in her hand and shouted.

“Congratulations to Miss A49 for bidding 650,000 dollars for item number A7347! Is there anyone else who wants to bid for item number A7347?” the auctioneer asked.

“Go on!” Amy said as she looked at Xia He and Qiao Mei smugly.

Unexpectedly, Qiao Mei turned to look at Amy and said with a smile, “I’ll let you have it.”

“You!” Only then did Amy realize that Qiao Mei was playing a trick on her!

Qiao Mei had deliberately raised the price to make her buy it! Neither she nor Young Master Shen could escape the trap Qiao Mei set for them.

“Congratulations, Miss A49 m ” Xia He said happily.

“Elder Sister, what should we do now… We don’t have enough money…” Tina

said fearfully.

“Shut up! Why didn’t you say anything just now! Why do you open your mouth only now!” Amy said angrily. She vented all her frustration on Tina. After tonight, Second Young Master Shen would have a different female companion by his side the next time he appeared.

The next items were all very exquisite and Xia He successfully bidded for a few sets of jewelry. Gradually, all the items on the list were sold and everyone prepared to leave.

“Please wait a moment! We still have the last item of the day!” the auctioneer shouted.

Generally speaking, the last item in the auction was always something priceless. Everyone here was always on the lookout for such treasures. The previous item, a piece of imperial green jade, was sold at a high price of 860,000 dollars and was already the most expensive item in the entire auction. What kind of treasure could be more valuable than the previous item?

Everyone looked at the auctioneer expectantly, but they did not expect him to bring out something quite disappointing.

The tray was filled with many miscellaneous items. Most of them were worn-out jewelry and gold accessories.

“What’s going on with this auction house today! What kind of junk is this! Are you trying to insult us?”

“You can buy such things at any jewelry shop!’

“The admission ticket is so expensive, yet you show me this type of trash!

Does this auction house still want to continue operating in Sky City!”

The rich ladies at the last few rows were all very angry but the auctioneer did not dare to refute anything. This auction item was from a friend of the auction house’s owner. Their boss seemed to owe this person a huge favor.

The auctioneer was just an employee. He could not decide on the items being put up for auction today, nor could he decide which items could be auctioned or not. He could only brace himself and introduce the last item.

“This is item number B73. The starting price of the entire set of jewelry is 20,000 dollars. Every bid is 1,000 dollars! Let’s start now!” The auctioneer did not introduce the items on the tray in detail and just started the bidding session..

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