After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback! - C.1956 - : The Yang Family’s Villa

After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

C.1956 - : The Yang Family’s Villa

Chapter 1956: The Yang Family’s Villa

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“Then I won’t stand on ceremony with you!” Xia He said excitedly.

Most of the people there had already taken their seats. It was soon time for the auction to start and the bidding exercise officially commenced.

The auction house would usually start with a few small items as a form of warmup and entertainment. Many rich ladies bidded enthusiastically to fire up the atmosphere. Xia He looked at the jewelry being presented without any interest and even yawned at some point.

In the photos attached to the auction list, the jewelry looked so bright and beautiful, but they did not look as nice in real life. Xia He was quite disgruntled about this.

“I don’t think this whole thing is impressive at all. Are you lying to me about all this?” Xia He complained.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg. They’re just fooling around now. The good stuff will only appear later. Don’t fall asleep yet,” Qiao Mei informed her in a low voice.

“I’ll believe you one more time!” Xia He said as she tried her best to keep her eyes open.

After the warmup session ended, it was time for the midpoint auction. This time, the auctioneer did not bring anything onto the stage. Instead, he switched on the television in front of him. The image which appeared on the screen was that of the Yang family’s villa.

Qiao Mei’s eyes lit up. This was the house she wanted!

On that day, before Qiao Mei left, she had buried many treasures underground.

The value of those things far exceeded the value of this piece of land. As long as Qiao Mei could get this piece of land, it would be like living on a pile of money in the future!

“What exactly is this auction house doing! Why are you putting up such a lousy house for auction! Aren’t you just wasting our time?” a woman sitting in the second row yelled out. Qiao Mei turned around and looked at her. She seemed to have met this person before. This was Young Master Shen’s female companion from yesterday. Her name seemed to be… Amy?

“How jinxed! Remove it and move on to the next item!” the other people also shouted.

“Everyone, don’t be so anxious. Let me introduce this item. This is item number A7346, a villa in the suburbs. We’re auctioning the land and the house on it today. The starting price is 50,000 dollars and each bid is for 5,000 dollars! Let’s start now!” the auctioneer said.

Everyone fell silent. Everyone knew about the incident of the Yang family’s villa being burned down. Although this matter had been quickly swept under the carpet, they heard that more than 30 corpses had been removed from the place during that time! Since so many people had died here, this place was so inauspicious! Moreover, the house had already burned down and it would cost a lot of money to rebuild it.

Moreover, the location of one’s house was always an indication of status. That area used to be a desirable location only because of the Yang family. Now that such a thing had happened and all the rich businessmen living nearby had moved away, this place was just a haunted house! Even if the price was 10,000 dollars, no one would want to buy it!

“I offer 55,000 dollars!” Qiao Mei said as she raised the sign in her hand. “Miss A03 has bid 55,000 dollars for our item number A7346! Is there anyone else who wants to bid! 55,000 dollars going once! 55,000 dollars going twice, 55,000 dollars going thrice! Congratulations to Miss A03 for successfully winning item number A7346 for 55,000 dollars!” the auctioneer shouted excitedly.

If not for the fact that each bid was 5,000 dollars, Qiao Mei would have bought it at the base price. She could not bear to spend even a single cent more!

Amy looked at Qiao Mei and snorted coldly before saying, “What a fool. I wonder how such a fool manages to defeat Young Master Shen.”

“Sister Amy, don’t be angry- The next item is more interesting!” Tina, the woman beside Amy, said.

The next item was a set of loose pigeon blood rubies. There were three uncut gems of various sizes on the tray. When Xia He saw the items, she immediately became more awake. This was the item she liked. They were all about the same size as the ruby which Qiao Mei gave her. If she could get these three, she could make a headdress with them!

“This is item number A7347, a set of beautiful pigeon blood rubies. Without further ado, let me announce the base price! 100,000 dollars and each bid at 10,000 dollars! Let’s start now!” The moment the auctioneer finished his sentence, many rich women scrambled to raise the signs in their hands.

Very quickly, the price of this set of pigeon blood rubies had already reached 360,000 dollars. Xia He only set aside a budget of 200,000 dollars. She could not bear to pay too high a price.

“It’s alright, just bid if you like them. They’re worth it,” Qiao Mei reminded her softly.

Xia He raised the sign in her hand excitedly and shouted, “400,000 dollars!”

There was a moment of silence.. Suddenly, Amy raised her sign and shouted, “450,000!”

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