Tales Of Zestiria - Michibiki No Koku

Tales Of Zestiria - Michibiki No Koku
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    テイルズ オブ ゼスティリア 導きの刻 (Japanese); Tales of Zestiria: Michibiki no Koku ; Tales of Zestiria: The Time of Guidance (English); Tales of Zestiria - The Time of Guidance; 热情传说 (Chinese); Câu Chuyện Của Các Vị Thần (Vietnamese - Tiếng Việt - TV)
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Legends tell of a race of divine beings known as Seraphim, whose unseen influence is felt throughout the world. Those with the ability to commune with the Seraphim became known as “Shepherds”, the most pure-hearted of which could even be granted a Seraphim’s power. While some would praise these empowered Shepherds as living paragons, others would fear their strength and call them demons. Sorey is a young human who has spent his entire life in The Divine Forest, a holy place where he lives in harmony with many Seraphim. Enraptured by the legends within an ancient tome, he makes daily excursions into a nearby ruin in the hope of learning more about the Seraphim and their history, along with his Seraphim childhood friend Mikleo. One day, he is trapped by a cave-in alongside his friend and a young knight named Alisha, who is investigating a series of natural disasters that have been plaguing the world. When Sorey discovers that the Seraphim may be involved, he resolves to leave his home alongside Alisha and find the truth.

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