Tales Of The Abyss - Another Story

Tales Of The Abyss - Another Story
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    テイルズ オブ ジ アビス アナザーストーリー 公式外伝集 ; テイルズオブジアビス アナザーストーリー ; 「失いゆくすべて(オリジナルイオン)」 ; 「結びゆく誓い(ピオニーとネフリー)」 ; 「dance!dance!!dance!!!(ディストとアニス)」 ; 「EPISODE00(イオン、アニス、ジェイド)」を1冊にまとめた物。 ; Tales of the Abyss - Anise and Dist Gaiden ; Tales of the Abyss - Asch Gaiden ; Tales of the Abyss - Chapter 00 Gaiden ; Tales of the Abyss - Dance! Dance!! Dance!!! Gaiden ; Tales of the Abyss - Ion Gaiden ; Tales of the Abyss - Peony Gaiden
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> Another Story The story of Asch, born Luke fon Fabre to the Duke and Duchess of Kimlasca. This story shows his trust in Van, the loss of his previous way of life, and the other events that led to him joining the Order of Lorelei as "Asch the Bloody" > Another Story 2A story about the life of the Original Ion. It shows the despaired life he lived as a someone who could tell the future, who could foresee everything, including his own demise. It also shows how the God-General Arietta first became a part of the Order of Lorelei, and how she lived her life as the Original Ion's Fon Master Guardian. > Another Story 3The story of Emperor Peony IX and his love with Nephry and his ascent to the throne of Malkuth.> Another Story 4 The story of how Dist and Anise met within the Order of Lorelei and how a they created a dysfunctional friendship that gave both the ability to move forward and show compassion to others.> Another Story 5In the time before the occurances of Tales of the Abyss, Ion resolves himself to do better as a Fon Master. Accompanied by his Fon Master Guardian, Anse and Colonel Jade Curtiss of Malkuth, the unlikely group heads forward to bring peace between Kimlasca and Malkuth.> Part of the Tales series( http://www.batoto.net/search?name=Tales%20of&name_cond=c&artist_name=Bandai%20Namco%20Games&artist_name_cond=c )Main Story:> Tales of the Abyss( http://mangapark.com/search?q=tales-of-the-abyss )

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