Tales Of Hearts

Tales Of Hearts


Based on the Nintendo DS game of the same title.Inside every living thing is "Spiria", the core of each soul. Recently, there is a disease that contaminates people's Spiria, known as "Despir Disease". Despir Disease turns out to be due to the presence of Zeroms, the dream eating demons that are believed to only exist in fairy tale, inside a person's Spiria. The way to cure this disease is to link into their Spiria, called Spir Link, get pass the Spir Maze, the labyrinth created by the Spiria and defeat the Zerom before it consume all of that person's Spiria. This can only be accomplished by using Soma, the weapon which allow the person with strong Spiria to link into other people's Spiria and defeat Zeroms.The story focuses on a young man, Shing Meteoryte. After his grandfather leave the quiet village where they lived in, Shing went down to the nearby beach, only to find two people lying unconscious ashore. Those two people turn out to be Kohak Hearts and her brother, Hisui Hearts. The meeting of Shing and Kohak sparks the start of his first adventure out of quiet village to the world . . .

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