Talented Baby Squirrel

Talented Baby Squirrel


Talented baby squirrel manhwa, Beatty, the frail squirrel was born into a family of lions. So, she had to live in abusive situations at her aunt's house.The second prince is her only friend and fiance. The moment she said she was leaving to achieve her dream"Ritter, you bastard!"She died from his fangs.When she opened her eyes again, she discovered that she had returned to the past. The time before getting involved with the second prince.What do you need most at times like these? That's right, speed. Immediately, she pulled herself out and jumped into her father's domain.Even though she's not welcome, but if she let this shocking secret out, she wouldn't be kicked out"Welcome miss!""My God! You've grown to this extent""Young lady is walking with cute little feet!"Huh, how is it possible to receive such a warm welcome? Ah, isn't that statue me? Baby Squirrel Is Good at Everything

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