Tadashii Ace No Kouryakuhou

Tadashii Ace No Kouryakuhou


A collection of stories:1-3. Tadashii Ace no Kouryakuhoua.) Hiroto Fujiki is the ace on his high-school baseball team. He takes an interest in one of his groupies, only to find out that "she" is not who "she" appears to be.b.) Ayumu Tsumori is acting as the manager of his school's baseball team, and he borrows a book from his sister to help improve their chances in an upcoming match. Following the book's instructions, Ayumu starts cross-dressing for the team.c.) Masaki Mizuhara fills in on his sister's baseball team, and catches the eye of the team's ace pitcher Hirona Fujiki, the sister to Hiroto from the first oneshot.4. Hypnotism TrickWhen Touri Hirahara is hanging out with his two friends Kashiwagi and Kunieda, Kashiwagi says he can use hypnosis, so Touri decides to fake being hypnotized. However, things get out of hand when Kashiwagi "hypnotizes" him into believing he's a girl.5. Ani TsuraKazuki Hasegawa started drifting apart from his younger brother Kazuomi after he started getting interested in anime, specifically a certain magical girl anime he's particularly obsessed with. Kazuomi has been doing bad on his tests, so Kazuki agrees to dress up as Kazumi from the magical girl anime so that he'll put more effort into studying.6. Khaki P to Sumire-himeRei Kawasumi is the vocalist of his high school band Violets, but they're not very popular, so Rei goes to ask the advice of Haruhiko Tsuchiya, a popular composer who posts his songs online under the name Khaki P. Tsuchiya tells Rei that to gain popularity, he has to not only cross-dress, but also sound and act like a girl.7. Moshi BareRin Aihara transfers to a new school, but tries to keep her intense love of baseball a secret.

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