Taboo Temptations

Taboo Temptations
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    Dangereux beau-frère; Dangerous Brother in Law; EM TRAI VỢ THẬT NGUY HIỂM; Mi cuñado es un peligro; Un Cuñado Peligroso; Опасный шурин; 僕と義弟の危うい関係〜お義兄さんずっと前から好きでした〜; 위험한 처남;
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After Five years, his brother-in-law Yoo-ha appears in front of Hyun-seo, who has been living alone since his wife passed away due to an illness.After his sister's death, Yoo-ha, who left with his family abroad, asks Hyun-seo to take care of him until he finds a house in Korea.The two start living together, and Hyeon-seo receives a strange feeling from Yoo-ha, who has grown up into a completely different form than before.Even though he is embarrassed by Yoo-ha, who is approaching him too close, he gradually leans on him physically and mentally. But... Is it okay to do this with my family...!?+

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