Sweets Fortune Telling


Collection of Oneshots! ♥1) Boy of MacaroonColorful Shounen to Monochrome na Atashi by SHIRAISHI YukiNaoki and Kiyo have known each other for a long time because they live in the same apartment complex. One Valentine's Day, Kiyo gave Naoki a chocolate cake, but Naoki threw it away and laughed it off. Because of that, Kiyo doesn't make sweets anymore! Because Naoki's dad is Kiyo's dad's boss and they are going on a trip, Kiyo has to make food for Naoki. Will Kiyo re-live the trauma of the past?- From Intercross(Also included in Bokura no Himitsu o Kyouyuu Shiyou ka)2) Boy of PuddingPuri*Puri by MITSUKI MikoHe's giving headaches to the serious student council president. But they are strangely in tune with each other...!?- From Shoujo-Sense3) Boy of GelatoGelato no Koi - Ai no Chikara by SAKISAKA Mea(Also included in Douzo, Meshiagare)4) Boy of ChocolateUn Chocoholic by YAGAMI RinaI thought we weren't living in the same world but then I had to play the perfect girlfriend for that popular boy?! No wait! Don't be that kind with me!!!5) Boy of Roll cakeKoi Lab by NANAJIMA Kana"I'm in love with him but... he's in love with her." How will this complicated love end?

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