Sweet Little Cutie

Sweet Little Cutie


Five years ago, she was betrayed by her family and lost her significant other. Nevertheless, she was fortunate enough to be blessed with a genius baby. Ye Mengxi was determined to start afresh for her son unbeknownst by Huo Tingchen... "Huo Tingchen, we are not acquainted!" yelled Ye Mengxi. "You threw yourself at me! You stole my previous seed and now you are denying it?" said Huo Tingchen. It wasn't exactly her fault. She was in fact betrayed by her own father. Xiao Bao bore a striking resemblance to Huo Tingchen. It was undeniable that he was his son. Xiao Bao curled up into a ball and cried, "Mommy, Daddy is trying to break in and I can't stop him…"

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