Suzunone ~Wakaokami? Funtouki~

Suzunone ~Wakaokami? Funtouki~
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    Suzunone - Wakaokami? Funtouki ,Suzunone: Wakaokami? Funtouki,Suzunone: An Inn Hostess? A Record of His Struggles,Suzu no Ne ~Wakaokami? Funtouki~,Su-zu-no-ne,Suzunone,すずのね 〜若女将?奮闘記〜,新装版 すずのね 〜若女将?奮闘記〜,新装版 すずのね~若女将?奮闘記~
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Due to his sister's refusal to come home to work in the family inn, a boy is forced to cross dress by his mother. As time goes by, he comes to rather enjoy it.

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