Suterare Kishi No Gyakutenki!

Suterare Kishi No Gyakutenki!
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    Suterare Kishi no Gyakutenki! - Megami to Hajimeta Daini no Jinsei wa Densetsukyuu no Eiyuu datta ken ; 捨てられ騎士の逆転記! ; 捨てられ騎士の逆転記! ~女神と始めた第二の人生は伝説級の英雄だった件~ ; 被抛弃的骑士的逆袭记
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Alfred is a middle-aged royal guard knight who has served the kingdom for many years despite being a commoner. However, one day, he was falsely accused of embezzling the Royal Guard's budget. All his property was taken away and he was deported. Alfred is in despair due to the sudden incident, but the one who saves him is... She was the "Goddess of Picking" enshrined in the shrine that he had cared for for many years. Rejuvenated into a teenage boy by the power of the goddess, Alfred's life changed completely after he became the master of legendary weapons and dragons. Collect "throwaways" like yourself and take on the challenge of building your ideal nation!

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