Surviving In A School Bully

Surviving In A School Bully
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    Delinquent Comics Survival; Surviving a School Gangster Comic; Surviving at Iljin Comics; Surviving in a School Bully Webtoon; Surviving in an Delinquent Manhwa; Surviving in the Delinquent Manhwa; 일진만화에서 살아남기; School Gangster Comic Survival
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The author of the number one-ranked school bully webtoon, Noh Cheolmin, has been trapped in the world he created! And as the world's weakest character!His assistant, who ran away halfway into production, is in the body of the world's strongest, the Protagonist'?!Can this chaotic duo, an author with a broken personality and his runaway assistant, survive in the harsh world of A School Bully Webtoon?

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