Surviving As An Obsessive Servant

Surviving As An Obsessive Servant


I’ve died of the same rare disease 3 times in the world of a BL novel.I can’t die like this anymore.So I took special measures.‘Let’s just put a spoon on the well-prepared medicine table!’Young master, I won’t miss a single drop of medicine or even a breath!I disguised myself as a servant to serve the sick young master.Even the spirit power from his breath would heal me, so what could be better than this!But serving the said individual was not easy…“Get out! I said get out! I’ve had enough of this!!! …Wait. What are you doing on your knees right now?”“Young master, if you’re going to throw it away, please throw it in my mouth.”I told him in a panic while pulling his arm back to stop him from throwing the vial.“I don’t care if you spray it on my face…”For a moment, his pupils dilated wildly.***I’m a do-if-you-must kind of girl.While I was at it, I took good care of my master, who was my lifesaver.As well as serving him, I hugged him, carried him, and became his legs.I wonder if he recognized my true value as the heir of a prestigious dukedom.The young master would occasionally glare at me, but he didn’t kick me out.Now, I have recovered and repaid my gratitude. It was time to figure out my escape plan…But something was off about the young master.“You said you liked me so much, so where are you trying to run off to?”“...”“You said you’d die without me.”Gradually, he began to have the look of a hungry predator.

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