Survival Methods Of The Cannon Fodder Daughter

Survival Methods Of The Cannon Fodder Daughter
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    Surviving as a Tyrant's Daughter ; Cannon Fodder Girl's Way to Survive ; Hard to Dismantle ; Paohui Guinv De Shengcun Fangshi ; Pàohuī Guīnǚ De Shēngcún Fāngshì ; Renací como la hija del emperador tirano ; Survival Methods of the Cannon Fodder Daughter ; Survival Mode of the Cannon Fodder Maiden ; The Survival Strategies of the Cannon Fodder Girl ; 暴君の嫌われ皇女として生き延びる方法 ; 炮灰闺女的生存方式 ; 폭군의 딸로 살아남기
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Yeyul is the youngest princess who is unloved and neglected. She lives in fear of getting killed by her father, the tyrant emperor. However, she is about to turn her fate around as she is actually a reincarnated soul, with the knowledge of how the story would unfold. Withstanding mean siblings and untrustworthy servants, Yeyul must now strive to survive on her own within the tyrant’s palace.

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