Super Robot Taisen Og - The Inspector - Record Of Atx

Super Robot Taisen Og - The Inspector - Record Of Atx


It's been 6 months since the L5 Campaign, the conflict that pitted humanity vs aliens with the whole earth sphere at stake; even thought at that time humanity joined forces as a whole and fought valiantly for it's survival, now that the true threat is gone the remains from old conflicts that have kept discord among people from even before the aliens arrived have started to resurface and thus the fight is far from over....The ATX Team, one of teams that probed pivotal in the L5 Campaign have been "living their usual" being at the mercy of the chain of command and taking part in cleaning up the remainders from the DC war---- but little do they know that again some extraordinary events are brewing up; with the arrival of a strange lady named Lamia Loveless, who seeks help from the team and seems to know more about them than what she should, the path has been set, headed towards a chain of events that might bring forth an even greater conflict that the one from 6 months ago.... Can Kyosuke Nanbu and his team break through all of the opposing forces, yet again?

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