Super Remix Best

Super Remix Best
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    Inasaku (稲作) Super Remix Best 1,Boku to Ohiru wo (僕とお昼を) Super Remix Best 2,Boku no Kenkou (My Health),Itsuka Ore datte (Someday I can),Futari de Dekirukoto (Something we two can do),Inasaku ("Rice Crop" or "Rice Cultivation"),Kikaitonchi Hanasaka Ikkyuu,My Health,僕とお昼を 古谷実スーパーリミックスベ2,稲作 スーパーリミックスベスト 1
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In the Super Remix Best series:1) Inasaku2) Boku to Ohiru woOneshot 1: My HealthWhen I pooped one morning...I gave birth to a rabbit.

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