Yuan's Ascension - C.262: The Eve of the Decisive Battle (2)

Yuan's Ascension

C.262: The Eve of the Decisive Battle (2)

The world’s number one expert.

Many of the Heavenly Rankers felt their emotions stir as they listened. However, they couldn't contest the statement. Not even Jin Ji, Zhao Xing, Hai Feizhang, and other influential cultivators who were at odds with Wu Yuan could contest it. It was simply an objective fact. After all, who else could boast a battle record as distinguished as his?

Wu Yuan was undoubtedly the foremost expert in the Middle Land after the Martial King who lived over 3000 years ago.

On top of that, he was only 21 years old!

Just 21, and he can already suppress the majority of opponents at the ninth-stage Qi Sea or Communion phase, and even slay Spiritual Body devil soldiers. The Heavenly Rankers couldn't help but wonder how far he would go.

"Daoist Wu Yuan," Jin Ji spoke for the first time, turning towards Wu Yuan at the host seat. "Regarding the lightning you unleashed, was it a high-grade talisman?"

In an instant, the Conference Hall fell silent and every Heavenly Ranker stared at Wu Yuan, unable to hide their curiosity.

Jin Ji wasn’t the only one who had questions about it, but asking about someone's trump cards was an unspoken taboo. With Wu Yuan's impressive display of power just moments ago, nobody wanted to provoke him.

In the end, it was Jin Ji who asked the question on everyone’s minds.

"Indeed, it was a talisman," Wu Yuan said, choosing not to conceal the truth. "This talisman, a destruction-type treasure, was a gift from my master. Originally, I had planned to activate it only after we entered the devil's lair, but the three Spiritual Body devil soldiers proved too powerful. Although I successfully withstood their relentless attacks, I was unable to defeat them with my own abilities."

Everyone instantly understood. So, this talisman was a gift from Senior Wan Liu.

Suddenly, Daoist Wan Xing asked, "Do you have more of such talismans?"

Wu Yuan shook his head. "Unfortunately, I do not. These talismans are extremely valuable, and even though my master has no use for them, he only brought one with him." Without hesitation, he pushed all responsibility to Wan Liu.

Hearing this, the Heavenly Rankers exchanged furtive glances. The raw power displayed by this talisman could instantly vanquish a second-stage Spiritual Body devil soldier. And yet, it was of no use to Wan Liu?

Just how powerful was Wan Liu? Of course, none of them actually asked this question out loud.

Jin Ji's voice broke the silence. "Daoist Wu Yuan, we all saw that black flying snake that accompanied you, but none of us could identify it. Would you care to enlighten us?"

The Conference Hall fell silent again.

Wu Yuan calmly responded, "Daoist Jin Ji, don’t you think your question is inappropriate? I will share what is necessary, so let's not go too far."

“Haha,” Jin Ji chuckled, completely disregarding Wu Yuan's cold attitude. "Daoist Wu Yuan, revealing these details will help us understand your abilities and allow us to coordinate with you better in the decisive battle!"

"Mm, that statement is valid," replied Wu Yuan nonchalantly. "But now I have a question for Daoist Jin Ji. In this battle that will determine the fate of the Middle Land, Jin Quan, the one who claims to be the guardian of Great Jin, refuses to fight. Can you explain this to me?"

Jin Ji’s face turned red from embarrassment, and he lowered his head reflexively.

"Hmph!" Wu Yuan scoffed, no longer paying attention to him.

Observing this, the other Heavenly Rankers no longer dared to enquire further.

The current Wu Yuan no longer needed anyone's support. His incredible achievements during the battle at North Huang City had established him as the most powerful expert in the Middle Land.


Soon, Emperor Dong Pan, Daoist Wan Xing, Qiong Sea King, the Arctic King, Fang Xia, and Wu Yuan convened for a brief meeting.

"Daoist Wu Yuan, could you kindly share your abilities? This will allow us to prepare for the critical moment of attack," asked Daoist Wan Xing.

Wu Yuan gave it some thought, then replied, "At my peak state, I can contest a third-stage Spiritual Body devil soldier. But I can only maintain my ether art for a limited time. In general, I can only match a first-stage Spiritual Body devil soldier."

The strength of an eldritch warrior experienced a dramatic increase when their ether art was activated.

Their opponents were devil soldiers. If their opponents were true cultivators in the Spiritual Body or Golden Core phase, Wu Yuan understood that victory would be far from guaranteed, even with his full power unleashed.

Upon hearing Wu Yuan's words, everyone's faces lit up with joy.

Emperor Dong Pan exclaimed enthusiastically, "With Daoist Wu Yuan on our side, our chances of victory will improve greatly! We have already defeated three Spiritual Body devil soldiers during the battle at North Huang City. My estimation is that the worm devil has no more than five Spiritual Body devil soldiers left."

Wu Yuan shook his head, "Let's not get too optimistic. The clash in North Huang City left me with serious injuries. I estimate it will take me two days to recover."

The injuries, however, were not inflicted on Wu Yuan but the Teng Snake. It would need two days to recover.

"Two days? That should be enough," Daoist Wan Xing chuckled with a smile. "I estimate that within two days, we will be able to completely familiarize ourselves with the array controls."

"Mm," Fang Xia agreed, solemnly nodding. "With the strength of our arrays, along with the assistance of Wu Yuan and Daoist Qiong Hai, our chances of victory are high."

The Arctic King added with a smile, "There's at least a 30% chance now."

“Let's avoid wasting any more time. We must give this our fullest effort," declared Daoist Wan Xing solemnly. "Each of us has witnessed the speed that new devil soldiers spawn. If we continue to delay, their numbers will escalate rapidly."

Everyone nodded in agreement.

"Thus, my proposal is to wage the definitive battle in three days where we will launch an assault on the devil's lair!" Daoist Wan Xing declared.


After setting the time for the decisive battle, the various cultivators went their separate ways.

Wu Yuan was preparing to leave the Middle Land Immortal Hall, but Daoist Wan Xing stopped him.

"Daoist Wan Xing," Wu Yuan turned to the black-robed figure and greeted him with a smile, "How can I help you?"

Wu Yuan had a rather favorable impression of Daoist Wan Xing.

"Daoist Wu Yuan, are you part of the eldritch lineage?" Daoist Wan Xing asked with a smile.

Wu Yuan was taken aback.

"Don’t be surprised. After all, I know a thing or two about the Chu-Jiang Secret Realm." Daoist Wan Xing continued with a smile, "Moreover, I know about the eldritch lineage. At first, I was skeptical, but the flying snake by your side and the seamless harmony between you two have confirmed my suspicions."

Wu Yuan couldn't help but smile. All body refiners cultivated lifebound treasures, but those who chose lifebound divine beasts were often always eldritch warriors, a unique characteristic that set them apart.

"Your talent is truly exceptional, a rarity in this world. It is evident that you are destined to rule the Middle Land in the future." Daoist Wan Xing's tone was filled with admiration.

"Daoist Wan Xing has overpraised me," Wu Yuan replied humbly.

The thought of ruling the Middle Land had naturally crossed Wu Yuan's mind in the past, but now was not the time for such discussions.

"Don't worry," Wan Xing said, a smile on his lips. "On the road to immortality, the strongest reign. Your strength already surpasses ours despite your age. Your aptitude and talent are far superior to ours. It's only natural that you'll rule over Middle Land in the years to come."

"And not only that," Wan Xing added with an intriguing tone, "Do you know why Dong Pan and I teamed up against Great Jin?"

Wu Yuan stayed silent, looking intently at Wan Xing as he awaited an explanation.

"Firstly," Wan Xing began, "Jin Quan is not sufficiently powerful. His strength is inadequate to force us to surrender."

Wu Yuan acknowledged with a nod.

"Secondly," Wan Xing continued, "Jin Quan is only motivated by personal gain. He is a coward when it comes to making sacrifices. I saw this firsthand when we explored the Xin Continent together," Wan Xing shook his head. "But I never expected him to refuse to join the battle against the worm devil."

Wu Yuan listened intently. He didn’t know much about Jin Quan apart from the historical accounts recorded in the annals.

"Daoist Wu Yuan," Wan Xing looked at Wu Yuan sincerely. "The reason I’ve said all this is that I have already come to terms with the possibility of death in the upcoming battle against the worm devil."

Wu Yuan's pupils contracted at the mention of death. One could speak about death easily, but who would willingly embrace it?

"As a powerful body refiner, your chances of survival are high," Wan Xing spoke calmly with a faint smile. "I have already passed on instructions that if I fall in this battle, the Starcom Consortium will accept you as their leader and offer their assistance as you unify the world."

"And one more thing,” Wan Xing's voice turned urgent, "Daoist Wu Yuan, I implore you to do everything within your power to prevent Jin Quan from uniting the Middle Land."

"I believe Jin Quan is trying to break through to the Golden Core phase."

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