Yuan's Ascension - C.258: Engage! Going All Out! (2)

Yuan's Ascension

C.258: Engage! Going All Out! (2)

As the mind confusion array over North Huang City shattered, the faint white fog that had shrouded the city dissipated.

The battleground was now fully visible to the countless citizens in the distance. First-rate Adepts and Savant experts could see everything in 100 li if they positioned themselves at a high enough vantage point.

"Devilish beasts are really assaulting the city!"

"So many devilish beasts."

"That devilish beast must be several hundred meters in length! Heavens!" The citizens of North Huang City were instantly overcome with hopelessness and despair.

Previously, they were unable to see the creatures and could find some solace in their ignorance. But now, everything changed as they watched the three Spiritual Body devil soldiers overwhelming Qiong Sea King and Mountain Devil King on the outskirts of North Huang City.

"All citizens, please remain calm!" A voice that seemed to echo from the heavens resounded throughout the city. "Heavenly Rankers from all corners of the Middle Land have arrived to aid North Huang City."

"This battle is a war for the entire Middle Land! We will not forsake you." Sang Gu's voice rang out via the array as he strived to maintain order and prevent further turmoil.

"That’s true!"

"So many Heavenly Rankers."

The sight of numerous deity-like figures standing resolutely in the sky stirred their hearts.

Heavenly Rankers were the stuff of myth and legend in the Middle Land. In the minds of ordinary citizens, they were nigh invincible, thus given the title ‘land deity’.

Yet at this moment, the gazes of nearly all Heavenly Rankers, martial artists, and citizens in the south of the city were drawn to a figure racing through the sky with remarkable speed.

"He’s heading into battle!"

"That jiaolong must be the legendary Qiong Sea King, who reigns over the vast South Ocean. But even he seems to be unable to withstand the attacks. Who is this newcomer? Can he win?" Several of the relatively more knowledgeable martial artists wondered.

The light screen in the Middle Land Immortal Hall showed Wu Yuan nearing the part of the battlefield where the fighting was most intense.

The devil soldier with four blood-red wings swiftly turned its attention towards the approaching Wu Yuan, its beady eyes locking onto him with a chilling intensity.

Then, the creature let loose a bone-chilling roar, a sound that seemed to shake the very foundation of the earth. It resonated with an eerie power, commanding attention like a decree. Before the sound faded, a chorus of roars echoed in response as hundreds of Communion devil soldiers previously encircling North Huang City plunged into battle.

"Engage! Block the devil soldiers!" The dozens of Heavenly Rankers in the sky flew forth to meet the enemy. They had no other choice. The mind confusion array had been shattered, and whatever was left of it was no match for the combined assault of the devil soldiers.

The winds howled as Qiong Sea King and Mountain Devil King fought three enormous devil soldiers their size, barely holding their positions with their vitality and sturdy defenses. In just five breaths, they were forced into a precarious state.

Then, like a mighty roc, Wu Yuan flew toward them, saber raised to strike. His cold gaze locked onto the most powerful devil soldier.

To bring them down, aim for their strongest! Wu Yuan lunged forward.

The crimson-winged devil soldier tilted back its head and let loose a primal roar, then fixed its eyes on Wu Yuan. They had crossed paths just one day ago, with the devil soldier relentlessly pursuing Wu Yuan, only to fail to catch its target and retreat in disappointment.

With a flurry of motion, the crimson-winged devil soldier over 330 meters long charged towards Wu Yuan.

As the two began their battle, razor-sharp wings and brilliant blade rays collided in the sky. The difference in the size of the two combatants was like David versus Goliath.

Monstrous shockwaves erupted in all directions, causing the houses and city walls hundreds of meters below to collapse.

Its tail lashed out, connected with Wu Yuan’s body, and sent him flying several li into the distance. Soon after, a massive talon obscured the sky, claws flashing like three massive sabers. Once again, it propelled Wu Yuan backward.

"Damn it!" Wu Yuan gritted his teeth.

The crimson-winged devil soldier had grown significantly stronger in speed and power since the previous day. It was now at the second-stage Spiritual Body phase. This was the nature of these devil soldiers – through consuming their own kind, their strength increased rapidly without impediment.

Although I have reached the fifth-stage Communion phase, I am still far from matching the power of a second-stage Spiritual Body devil soldier. He was four stages short.

Breaking through from the ninth-stage Communion phase to the first-stage Spiritual Body phase seemed like a single increase in stage, but the gap between the two phases was equivalent to six stages. The difference of four stages was indeed significant.

Relying on the eldritch armor, spirit saber, and superior skills, I can hold my ground. Wu Yuan peered into the distance. But what I need now is not just to keep up, but to emerge victorious!

If this battle was lost, countless Heavenly Rankers and innocent civilians would be slaughtered. By the time the final decisive battle arrived, any hope for victory would be even slimmer.

But if they won and killed this massive horde of devil soldiers, their chances of victory in the final battle would increase substantially.

"Die!" The crimson-winged devil soldier glared menacingly at Wu Yuan, swiping at him with its claws and wings.

Wu Yuan was forced to retreat. Having reached the Spiritual Body phase, this devil soldier possessed intelligence and aptly recognized Wu Yuan as a significant threat. After all, in merely a day, his power had increased remarkably.

"Kill him! Kill him!" Invisible waves fluctuated deep within the mind of the crimson-winged devil soldier as the worm devil gave its orders.


Within the Middle Land Immortal Hall.


"Wu Yuan actually managed to block the crimson-winged devil soldier? His strength seems to have undergone a tremendous enhancement." Daoist Wan Xing and Emperor Dong Pan were astounded.

Such rapid growth was completely beyond comprehension. In the previous skirmish within the devil zone, Wu Yuan was slightly weaker than Qiong Sea King.

But now? He could stand on equal footing, if not surpass Qiong Sea King in strength.

"Wu Yuan is indeed strong, but it’s not enough!”

"He won’t be able to stop them. The devil soldiers still far surpass us in strength. We are ill-equipped to face the three Spiritual Body devil soldiers, and there’s still the threat of the surrounding devil soldiers!" The Conference Hall buzzed with discussion.

Many Heavenly Rankers were locked in fierce battles against the horde of Communion devil soldiers.

"Look!" The Arctic King suddenly pointed at the light screen in shock, drawing the attention of the majority of Heavenly Rankers.

On the projection, Wu Yuan unleashed a burst of brilliant earthy yellow light that enveloped his entire body. In an instant, he underwent an astounding transformation, growing to a staggering height of five zhangs.

His aura surged with an overwhelming intensity, causing Daoist Wan Xing’s eyes to widen in disbelief. "Ether art? It’s a body refiner’s strongest move!" His astonishment was palpable. "This must be the legendary Form of Heaven and Earth! Rumor has it that once a body refiner reaches a certain level, their body expands to become as vast as a world, possessing boundless power. It’s a great mystical art on the same level as a qi refiner's void refining ability!"

The Heavenly Rankers watched with bated breath, their nerves on edge. Qiong Sea King and the Mountain Devil King both watched with fervent expressions. Ether art? Neither of them had ever obtained an ether art.

Boom! As Wu Yuan unleashed the might of his ether art. A snake appeared beside him, its black wings spanning over 100 meters in length, exuding a frighteningly powerful aura.

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