Young Noble Be Monster Slaying - C.157: Im Afraid I wont Perform Well

Young Noble Be Monster Slaying

C.157: Im Afraid I wont Perform Well

This was quite embarrassing.

Chu Liang smiled and said, "This is the main material for the formation of the Heavenly Golden Core of Lesser Yang. I plan to search for it."

Naturally, Lin Bei already knew about this medicine.

There were many disciples of Jade Sword Peak, including Senior Brother Xu Ziyang who formed the Heavenly Golden Core of Lesser Yang.

So, he had already known early on about the purpose of this precious medicine, which was why he took the initiative to submit this information to the Hall of Alchemy.

And so, when Chu Liang mentioned the name of this precious medicine, his heart skipped a beat as he thought of a possibility..

"Have you reached the pinnacle of the Spiritual Awareness Realm?" Lin Bei asked with a trembling voice.

"I accidentally broke through," Chu Liang said as he smiled with shyness. "Actually, I haven't cultivated much..."

That was indeed the truth.

"You've also consumed the Fiery Lingzhi?" Lin Bei exclaimed in disbelief.

"No..." Chu Liang tried to explain, "But it might be due to some good luck. I've been making relatively quick progress recently."

Lin Bei scratched his head.

Normally, it would take much longer to progress from the later stage to the pinnacle of the Spiritual Awareness Realm than it would from the middle stage to the later stage.

It seemed to be the complete opposite for Chu Liang.

He advanced to the later stage faster than to the middle stage, and to the pinnacle faster than to the later stage... How could he be progressing faster and faster?

If Lin Bei knew that Chu Liang had already reached the pinnacle of the Spiritual Awareness Realm several days ago, he might feel even more confused. After all, although Lin Bei's own aptitude did not grow, the Large-Headed Doll owned by Chu Liang was constantly improving in the way it cultivated.

If the Large-Headed Doll worked even harder, Chu Liang himself would naturally become better than before.

"It is impossible for you to reach the pinnacle of the Spiritual Awareness Realm before me, but if you work hard, you might be able to attain Core Formation before me," Chu Liang comforted.

Lin Bei waved his hand and spoke with an extremely calm tone, "It's okay. You don't have to give me a chance either."

He sighed lightly. He had accepted reality.

When he first met Chu Liang, they were both in the beginning stage of the Spiritual Awareness Realm. Back then, he was slightly ahead of Chu Liang in terms of cultivation. And so, he mistakenly thought that Chu Liang's aptitude was on a similar level to his own.

During the past period, he would be at the beginning stage when Chu Liang reached the middle stage and he would be at the middle stage when Chu Liang reached the later stage. He would be at the later stage when Chu Liang reached the pinnacle of Spiritual Awareness Realm.

In the meantime, despite the supplementation of rare treasures and resources, he still lagged behind. This could only imply that the two of them were unevenly matched opponents from the start.

Would he compare himself to his Eldest Senior Brother? Or would he compare himself to Senior Sister Jiang?

He wouldn't. If so, why would he compare himself to Chu Liang?

"The more powerful my brother becomes, the happier I am. Strive for success in forming your core, and become a high-level cultivator at the Golden Core Realm as soon as possible," Lin Bei said as a smile slowly spread across his face.

"If someone else were to ask me about the information on that Sword-Leaf Dark Sunflower, I would only provide a rough direction at best. But since you're the one in need, I'll personally accompany you to retrieve it!" he mused, "After all, it's a bit dangerous there, and having a companion will offer mutual support."

"Is it dangerous..."

Chu Liang rubbed his chin, contemplating if he should ask his Esteemed Teacher to help him again with obtaining the materials for the formation of the Golden Core.

After all, her assistance during his journey of cultivation wasn't substantial, so it shouldn't be unreasonable for him to have her occasionally act as a henchman. This was particularly evident recently, as he realized the convenience of having the Esteemed Teacher accompany him on various endeavors.

Upon further reflection, he had a change of heart. The quest for the medicine was, in itself, a form of cultivation. Even if he had succeeded in forming the Golden Core with the help of the Esteemed Teacher, he would still have been a waste of a cultivator.


He cast his gaze outside the window, where the Big Head was busy digging and playing with the soil.

Bringing this fellow along wouldn't be a bad idea.

Seriously speaking, it can handle fights much better than I can. It was definitely a guarantee in dangerous situations.

While Chu Liang was contemplating, he was surprised by a sudden tremor in his arms.

The Soul Subjugator Token?


Chu Liang had already Lin Bei on his way, as the matter had already been discussed. The time for setting out to locate the medicine could be discussed later on. Immediately, he opened the Soul Subjugator Token.

[Eastern-Route Guider]: "Are the three of you still safe?"

After the Fiend's death, we became the only three left in this interdimensional soul domain. When did another member enter? It's another Guider?! Chu Liang thought to himself.

The Violet Gold Marquess controlled every strand of soul flame. Obviously, the Violet Gold Marquess had intervened and reorganized this interdimensional soul domain.

He added the Eastern-Route Guider into this domain.

[Fifty-Ninth]: "Honorable Guider? Is it really a Guider? Is it actually a living Guider? My goodness, a Guider has actually joined us. Are we going to be promoted? Am I going to become a Fiend?"

[Sixtieth]: "Good day."

As usual, Chu Liang waited for a while. He only spoke after Pushan and Luo Yao had both responded.

He aimed to convey to the newcomer that everyone within this interdimensional soul realm was extraordinary. By speaking after Pushan and Luo Yao, he hoped to leave a favorable impression on the Guider.

[Fifty-Eighth]: "Many thanks for the Guider's concern. This subordinate is doing well."

The Eastern-Route Guider responded immediately .

[Eastern-Route Guider]: "The forces on the Southern-Route and the Southwest have been nearly obliterated, leaving only the three of you. The marquess is already aware of this and deeply grieved by the loss."

[Eastern-Route Guider]: "As a reward for your survival, the Marquis has decided to bestow upon each of you a treasure of nature. When the time comes for you to reach the pinnacle of the Golden Core Realm, you can use this treasure to swiftly break through to the Realm of the Five Elements."

[Eastern-Route Guider]: "Provide the location of the nearest Taotie Pavilion to you, and I will ensure the item is promptly delivered to you."

"Hmm?" Upon seeing this message, the three individuals froze in front of the Soul Subjugator Token.

Could there be such benefits?

The mission was ruined. All their teammates died. Yet, as the sole survivors, they faced no punishment. Instead, they were being rewarded? It seemed unusually lenient in the unforgiving realm of the diabolical sect.

If they were true disciples of the Dark King Sect, these three sentences would be enough to fill their hearts with warmth for the entire day.

Unfortunately, this Guider ran into a few hooligans.

Almost immediately, one after another, they reported the location of the nearest Taotie Pavilion without any hesitation. Only after that did they express their gratitude.

[Fifty-Ninth]: "I can never thank the Marquess enough for all the kindness! This subordinate truly looks up to you, like a constant and immense river of admiration..."

[Sixtieth]: "Grateful to the Marquess."

[Fifty-Eighth]: "Thank you."

After a pause, the Eastern-Route Guider replied.

[Eastern-Route Guider]: " There's no need for excessive thanks; it is just a reward from the marquess. As long as you continue to remain loyal to the marquess, the marquess will undoubtedly reward you generously!"

[Eastern-Route Guider]: "Even those who failed him were generously rewarded by the marquess. Just imagine the magnitude of the reward awaiting those who succeed!"

[Fifty-Ninth]: "I am willing to go through hell for the marquess! No matter the cost!"

Something's wrong! Chu Liang thought to himself.

With the way this Eastern-Router Guider was talking, Chu Liang immediately realized that something was definitely off.

Indeed, the true motives of the Eastern-Route Guider were then revealed and Chu Liang couldn't help but sneer.

[Eastern-Route Guider]: "That's excellent. Now, there's a challenging task that I need you to undertake on behalf of the marquess. Are you prepared to accept it?"

[Fifty-Eighth]: "What's the task about?"

[Eastern-Route Guider]: "The marquess wants to send you into the White-Bone Hall as spies!"

[Sixtieth]: "White-Bone Hall?"

[Eastern-Route Guider]: "Exactly. Over time, the Four Halls of Darkness have been steadily eroding the Marquess's forces. The Marquess is tasking you to infiltrate their ranks directly and act as spies for a future counterattack upon his return."

[Fifty-Ninth]: "Spies? This is quite thrilling. Are our cultivation levels high enough for such a task?"

[Fifty-Eighth]: "Yeah, I'm worried that I might not perform well..."

[Eastern-Route Guider]: "Don't fret. The marquess believes in your abilities and is certain you can fulfill this task."

[Eastern-Route Guider]: "For now, be patient. Keep a low profile and await the opportune moment. I'll notify you when it's time to proceed."

[Sixtieth]: "Understood!"

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