You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman - C.982 (This Feeling Feels Good)

You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

C.982 (This Feeling Feels Good)

Chapter 982 (This Feeling Feels Good)

However, Ye Juetian just wanted to be a hero like his big brother; he didn't want to be low-key. Unfortunately, his talent was insufficient, and he still couldn't catch up with Ye Hua's footsteps.

"Ye Hua is already dead! He is not Ye Hua!" Ye Shen's voice trembled, and he had no idea what he was thinking.

Perhaps Ye Shen was thinking that if this person was Ye Hua, then disaster would befall the Ye family because the royal family would not spare Ye Hua! The one who took action back then must have been the royal family!

"No! He is my son! I am a hundred percent sure!" After saying this, Le Jing slowly turned around, raising her head slightly to look at Ye Hua.

This gaze, separated by a thousand years, was something Le Jing had dreamed of seeing. Although Ye Hua and Ye Juetian looked exactly the same, Le Jing could distinguish that cold aura between Ye Hua's brows. This was her Ye Hua, her son!

And it was also the first time Ye Hua saw his mother!

It was different from what he had imagined.

His mother was, after all, a deity should live in luxury. Yet, looking at the woman in front of him...

She was slender, dressed modestly, with naturally scattered black hair. There were even a few white strands at her temples, and her overall demeanour was quite different.

However, those eyes filled with indulgence were something Ye Hua had never seen before. Even Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi never looked at him with such eyes. The feeling was indescribable, but it made him feel warm, like bathing in the sun on a winter day.

Seeing his mother reaching out towards his cheek, Ye Hua had two choices in his heart.

One was to stop her.

The other was to allow it.

But if he stopped her, would it make her sad? Even if he wasn't her son, at least he could make her happy for a moment. Besides, he was still her son, even if from the past.

Just a past version of Ye Hua.

It seemed Ye Hua guessed right about the past Ye Hua's way of life. He must have been quite weak.

He decided to allow it. His mother's hand was different from Qing Ya and the others.

Qing Ya's hands were delicate and smooth, the hands of a woman who had not suffered much hardship and was well-preserved.

His mother's hands were different. The palms were rough, but the warmth in the palm was comforting.

This made Ye Hua feel a new emotion.

Today, the original Ye Hua was quite happy. This was indeed a good feeling, the feeling of family love. It was really nice! Very comfortable!

"Le Jing, get away from him! He is here to harm our entire family!" Ye Shen's figure flashed like the wind.

However fast someone is, can they be faster than Ye Hua?

Ye Hua slowly raised his right hand.


This was one of the techniques Ye Hua often used, mainly because it worked, so he used it frequently.

Just like now, a red, unidentified gas enveloped the air!

Ye Shen's body gradually appeared, seemingly trapped in the red unidentified gas. No matter how he struggled, there was no effect whatsoever.

Ye Juetian was dumbfounded!

Overlord power was divided into lower, middle, upper, and peak!

His father's Overlord power reached the middle-grade level, but in the hands of his big brother, it was like playing with a monkey. How strong was his big brother?

Could it be that his big brother had already reached the upper-grade Overlord level? Or has he already reached the peak Overlord level?

Nonsense, Ye Hua is clearly above peak Overlord.

After all, he was the strongest.

Le Jing didn't even look at Ye Shen. Her eyes were tightly fixed on her son, gently caressing his face with both hands, tears slowly falling.

Meanwhile, Ye Hua looked at his mother in front of him, gently shaking his right hand.

Ye Shen, the father, was tossed back and forth by his son.

Continuous roars echoed from the Ye family, and all the buildings in the Ye family were shattered by Ye Shen's collisions.

While Ye Hua continued to wave his fingers, seemingly using this method to wash away years of grievances for his mother.

Ye Chen and the others didn't know what to do. Big brother's changes frightened them. Before, they dared to boast because big brother wouldn't do anything to them.

But now, dare they boast?

Would they also become like father, played with by big brother's fingers?

It's terrifying...

Perhaps because the disturbance caused by the Ye family was significant, many people in the Spirit City were awakened, especially those living in neighbouring large households.

Clearly audible, the Ye family's side was filled with the sound of rumbling.

Was this the demolition of a house?

Ye family made a big move.

Qian Yuqing couldn't stand still. What exactly happened to the Ye family? Could it be that something happened to Ye Juetian?

"Yuqing." Just when Qian Yuqing was about to move, the voice of Qian Yi suddenly sounded.

Qian Yuqing lowered her head slightly. "Father."

"Yuqing, you've done a lot for the Ye family. You should have your own life, understand, my child!" Qian Yi knew very well what her daughter had compromised for the Lingquan.

But this was good too. At least there was something that could make her daughter compromise.

Qian Yuqing nodded as she heard the continuous sounds in the distance. "I understand."

"All right, go back and rest peacefully." Qian Yi rubbed her daughter's head with an affectionate smile.

Qian Yuqing turned and walked into the house, but she didn't go to sleep. She glanced at the secret passage nearby.

But looking at the shadows outside, if her father came in and couldn't find anyone, he would definitely know about this secret passage.

Better not to use it.

But she was really worried about the Ye family. What exactly happened?

Qian Yi stood outside the house, looking in the direction of the Ye family, not intending to join the commotion.

In the Spirit City, if you're not sure, it's better not to get involved in other things, especially such a fight!

The whole Spirit City knew what happened in the Ye family, but no one came to watch the excitement because everyone's thoughts were the same as Qian Yi's.

It's fine to listen, but never go watch. If you see something you shouldn't know, it's not good.

The waters in this Spirit City are really deep!

In the Ye family, if you looked down, almost half of the buildings had collapsed. Ye Shen was like a giant iron ball, crashing around.

Suddenly, Ye Hua put down his hand and looked up at the night sky.

A warrior wearing golden armour appeared!

This was, of course, the arrival of Cheng Tian.

Cheng Tian stood in the void, looking at the entire Ye family with a strange expression. What on earth were they doing?

Aren't those the Ye family brothers?

What is the Ye family up to?

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