You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman - C.980 (Dare to Challenge Me)

You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

C.980 (Dare to Challenge Me)

Chapter 980 (Dare to Challenge Me)

Ye Hua looked at the man walking out and noticed a resemblance, but it was just that. Compared to himself, they were not in the same league.

From Ye Juetian's words, it seemed that this father wasn't good to their mother, creating an instant dislike and even hostility in Ye Hua's subconscious.

Ye Shen looked at the man in front of him with complex emotions, not daring to believe everything before his eyes! Ye Hua was alive, and he even came back! This was too unbelievable!

Even when he heard it from his third son just now, he felt like they were crazy or maybe hallucinating.

Ye Hua had been dead for a thousand years, how could he still be alive?

But who was this man in front of them?

Was he their eldest son, Ye Hua?

"Who are you?" Ye Shen questioned in a deep voice. This must be a scam! A genuine scam!

Ye Hua looked at the man in front of him without saying a word.

Ye Juetian walked forward respectfully and said, "Father, this is our eldest brother, Ye Hua."

"Did I ask you?" Ye Shen sternly rebuked, his gaze fixed on Ye Hua.

Ye Juetian hesitated for a moment, then stepped aside.

Ye Hua remained silent, still watching.

"I'll ask you again! Who are you?" Ye Shen's aura began to reveal a hint of killing intent, creating a chilling atmosphere.

Ye Hua finally spoke, but he directed the question towards Ye Juetian, "Who is this old man?"

This was clearly intentional. After all, Ye Juetian had just called him father, wasn't it obvious?

However, Ye Hua had no favourable impression of this 'father'. Earlier, Ye Juetian mentioned that this ruthless father took away their mother's medicine just to find Qian Yuqing.

Such scum was not worthy of being called his father. If this news spread out, wouldn't he become a big joke?

"Big brother..." Ye Juetian shouted, not understanding his big brother's intentions.

Is this about challenging the heavens and the earth? Ye Shen could no longer endure it, taking a step forward, a powerful aura emanating from his body, causing Ye Hua's robe to dance wildly.

In the Spirit City, fighting is prohibited. After all, they are all Overlords, and if a fight breaks out, it would result in exaggerated losses.

Ye Shen raised his hand, bringing down a chilling aura.

Is he planning to slap Ye Hua, or perhaps to send him flying?

Ye Hua's gaze turned cold. 'How audacious! Acting recklessly in front of me! I'm only representing my past life here!

From the moment I, the past self, turned into a skeleton, the old Ye Hua died! The current Ye Hua is just an undead being, a Supreme Overlord! How could someone like you even dare to challenge me!'

Ye Shen's slap didn't land, lingering in the air. Ye Hua didn't make a move to stop it but remained still.

Those around were shocked at this moment. What happened? What's going on?

"You've got some nerve!" Ye Hua said coldly.

Ye Shen felt like something was controlling and restraining his hand, rendering it immobile.

Just as Ye Shen was puzzled, a tremendous force struck him. Ye Shen was sent flying, crashing directly into the Ye family residence!

Boom, boom, boom!

If viewed from above, the Ye family's structure seemed to have been perforated.

Ye Juetian was astonished.

Ye Chen was dumbfounded.

Ye Liangcai was bewildered.

Ye Zhe was simply stunned.

As soon as the elder brother returned, he beat up their father! And so ruthlessly!

Even the household guards standing by didn't know what to do.

From a professional perspective, they should intervene in such situations. However, looking at it from a rational standpoint, there was no chance of winning. After all, the family head had been sent flying. If they joined in, they would meet the same fate.

Besides, this was the eldest son of the Ye family. It wasn't appropriate to intervene.

A son beating up his father was only natural, considering that fathers could hit their sons. No problem there.

"Father!" Ye Chen snapped back to reality and hurriedly ran inside.

Ye Liangcai and Ye Zhe exchanged glances, realising that their big brother had changed.

He seemed unreasonable now, resorting to violence at the slightest provocation. This was completely unexpected. In the past, others would bully their big brother, and he wouldn't react. He wouldn't hit people. But look at him now.

Insulting the Ninth Prince and now beating their father so mercilessly.

The guards standing nearby didn't know what to say.

"Big brother, you need to clean up your mess before going home," Ye Juetian whispered. Big brother was offending more and more people. It seemed like he would offend even more in the future.

"What are you afraid of?" Ye Hua said lightly, stepping into the Ye family.

This step marked a separation of a thousand years. The last time he had entered the Ye family was during his wedding, a time when the entire Ye family was filled with joy. However, looking at it now, there was no such atmosphere. Some buildings had even collapsed.

When Ye Hua and Ye Juetian entered the Ye family, a team of cavalry arrived at the gate, all wearing black masks, looking quite intimidating.

"What's happening inside?" the leader asked in a deep voice.

The family guard respectfully arched his hand and said, "Guardian, the Ye family head is disciplining his son, and things got a bit noisy."

The guardian didn't think much and said in a low voice, "If there's a disturbance, take it outside the city."

"Yes, yes, I will report it." The family guard spoke respectfully, showing no signs of resentment. However, it hadn't always been like this before.

Anyone who arrived at the Ye family's gate had to be respectful. These privileges were granted by the former Ye Hua, making the Ye family's reputation resound throughout the Spirit Realm. However, with Ye Hua's fall, this status was slowly fading away.

Soon, the cavalry left without further inquiry. Perhaps the long period of stability made them believe that nothing would happen, making them relax their guard.

Ye Chen quickly found his father in the ruins. At this moment, Ye Shen's face looked somewhat blank, as if he couldn't believe what was happening before his eyes.

Their esteemed Ye family head, actually being directly blasted away, made for such a miserable scene. This was an unprecedented event.

Moreover, it was done by his own son – or was he still his son?

"This unfilial son, today, I will uphold justice!" Ye Shen's anger had reached its peak. Ignoring everything else, he released his imposing aura and flew towards the courtyard where Le Jing resided.

Because he knew why his eldest son had returned.

Ye Chen and the others didn't know what to say. They couldn't comprehend this situation or think about it. To actually beat their father in their own home – this was terrifying.

Ye Hua had already arrived in the courtyard. Ye Juetian was delighted. Finally, his big brother had come to see their mother.

This was a good thing, a really good thing.

Standing at the door, Ye Hua felt a bit nervous, unsure of what to say next. Ye Juetian stood beside him, eagerly waiting.

However, inside the room, Le Jing was tightly clenching her hands, experiencing an inexplicable feeling!

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