You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman - C.977 (Showdown!)


Chapter 977 (Showdown!)

The three brothers walked out of the Ye family, and Ye Juetian became even more curious about where they were going. They even left Spirit City.

"Old Six, relax. We are brothers; we won't kill you," Ye Liangcai said casually. Under the moonlight, the smile on his face appeared quite sinister.

Soon, the three brothers arrived at a dilapidated house. Inside, a bonfire illuminated two figures.

It seemed there were others besides the third brother. Ye Juetian recognized the back of Ye Chen and was surprised to see another person.

Unexpectedly, it was the Ninth Prince, Huang Yun! How come he was with the third brother?

"Ninth Prince, Third Brother, Old six is here," Ye Zhe said, solemnly bowing, and then he and Ye Liangcai stood by the door.

Never did he expect it to be the Ninth Prince! How did he end up with the Third Brother?

"Ninth Prince, Third Brother, may I ask what brings you here in the middle of the night?" Ye Juetian asked, bowing respectfully. Regardless, both of them had higher seniority, and proper etiquette had to be maintained.

While Huang Yun remained silent, Ye Chen turned around and asked in a stern tone, "Old Six, where did you find Qian Yuqing when she went missing this time?"

"At Phoenix Mountain." Ye Juetian had long agreed on a fabricated alibi with Qian Yuqing; Phoenix Mountain was a convenient excuse.

Huang Yun's expression changed.

Sensing it, Ye Chen asked again, "Old Six! The Ninth Prince is here! Don't lie!"

"Third Brother, I really didn't lie. I found Qian Yuqing at Phoenix Mountain," Ye Juetian insisted on sticking to his fabricated story. He couldn't afford to be exposed.

Ye Chen's face grew cold, and he shouted, "Old Six! Be honest! The Ninth Prince's men have already searched Phoenix Mountain thoroughly! There's no sign of Qian Yuqing at all!"

Ye Chen was right. Huang Yun knew that Qian Yuqing liked going to Phoenix Mountain, and he now understood why.

It was because of her past lover!

So, this time, they didn't spare Phoenix Mountain. However, they found no trace of Qian Yuqing.

Although he initially didn't want to ask, he felt that Qian Yuqing had changed a lot this time and even lied to him!

Where did she really go?

Huang Yun was curious! Where did she go?

However, Ye Juetian must know! He must be keeping it a secret, and it seemed the place he went to was very secretive!

Ye Juetian's expression remained unchanged. He calmly said, "Ninth Prince, Qian Yuqing is indeed the one I found at Phoenix Mountain."

Ye Chen was baffled. Why wouldn't he tell the truth?

Didn't he realise that the Ye family now depended on the Ninth Prince? Why be so stubborn?

They had already searched the entire area!

Huang Yun asked in a low voice, "Ye Juetian, Qian Yuqing is my fiancée. I want to know where she has been these past few days. You should understand, right?"

This was a warning.

Ye Chen and the others also understood.

"Old Six, answer the Ninth Prince honestly!" Ye Chen warned, urging Ye Juetian not to make up lies. It wasn't beneficial for either of them.

With just a word from the Ninth Prince, they could secure high positions, and even their father could be reinstated.

Although Ye Hua had disciplined Ye Juetian before, in Ye Juetian's heart, his older brother was still his older brother. The amnesia was a factor, and the bond between brothers wouldn't change.

"Third Brother, I didn't lie," Ye Juetian insisted.

However, Huang Yun's suspicions grew the more Ye Juetian spoke. If Ye Juetian refused to say, it meant he couldn't disclose the information.

"Ye Chen, your brother, you make him speak up," Huang Yun said calmly. Today, he had to find out where Qian Yuqing had gone.

Could Ye Chen refuse? He knew he couldn't.

"Old Six, I'll give you one last chance to speak up!" Ye Chen demanded sternly, holding a purple rope that appeared again.

Ye Juetian was a man of integrity, and he couldn't reveal his older brother's whereabouts; otherwise, his older brother would be in danger.

"Third Brother, I didn't lie," Ye Juetian insisted.

In Huang Yun's mind, the more Ye Juetian insisted, the more suspicious he became.

As Ye Juetian hesitated, Huang Yun said, "Ye Chen, your brother, make him speak up."

"Ye Chen, your brother, I'll give you one last chance to speak up!" Ye Chen demanded sternly, holding a purple rope that appeared again.

Ye Juetian, understanding the situation, eventually said, "She was at Phoenix Mountain."

Ye Zhe swiftly swung the purple rope, binding Ye Juetian tightly. It was an efficient Asian-style binding.

Ye Juetian didn't resist, as he knew there was no chance of winning.

"Third Brother, are you not afraid of family law by doing this?" Ye Juetian questioned, as sibling conflict was a grave offence.

Ye Chen calmly replied, "If I say that Father approved it, would you believe me?"

"I believe you, of course," Ye Juetian smiled, but there was a hint of bitterness in his smile. The Ye family now seemed to be under Huang Yun's control, with him dictating their actions.

Ye Chen glanced at his two younger brothers.

Ye Liangcai and Ye Zhe approached, each wielding a red whip in their hands, introducing a combination of Asian-style binding and whipping.

But this wasn't an ordinary whip, after all, the resilience of the Overlord's body was incomparable.

This was a whip capable of striking the soul, somewhat similar to Qing Ya's weapon.

The only difference was that this whip was a weakened version.

Even if it wasn't very effective, it could still make Ye Juetian endure a lot.

Ye Juetian felt a sense of sorrow. For the sake of an outsider, they were beating their own brother! The Ye family was really like a crappy clan. If it weren't for their mother, he would have left home long ago; he didn't want to live here for even a moment.

"Ye Juetian, speak up, and you won't need to endure the whip!" Ye Zhe shouted, of course, he didn't want to resort to whipping, but there was no other way; it was related to the future of the Ye family.

Ye Juetian calmly said, "I've already said it, I found her at Phoenix Mountain."


The whip, emitting a red glow, fiercely struck Ye Juetian's back, making a loud cracking sound.

Ye Juetian, after being hit like this, felt like he could hardly stand.


Ye Liangcai also gave him a slap, causing Ye Juetian's eyes to roll back in pain.

It felt like his soul was about to shatter.

Ye Zhe sternly asked, "Ye Juetian, why persist in silence? What does it matter if you speak up?"


Ye Liangcai and Ye Zhe continued the frenzied beating, but their brows were tightly furrowed, occasionally glancing at Ye Chen.

However, at this moment, Ye Juetian had already collapsed on the ground. Cold sweat appeared on his forehead, and his face was unusually pale, clearly indicating severe trauma to his soul.

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