You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman - C.975 (Long Live Supreme Overlord!)

You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

C.975 (Long Live Supreme Overlord!)

Chapter 975 (Long Live Supreme Overlord!)

"No! He's not my big brother anymore. I, Ye Juetian, don't have such a heartless big brother! Mother is in imminent danger, but he doesn't care at all! Ye Hua! You're just a coward, a timid ghost!" Ye Juetian roared in anger, thinking of his helpless mother, his heart aching. The only one who could help his mother now was his big brother!

But his big brother wouldn't come out! He preferred to hide in the imperial palace, acting like a coward!


A crisp sound echoed on Ye Juetian's face. It wasn't very heavy, but it was loud.

Ye Juetian covered his cheek in disbelief!

Even Yuqing, standing beside him, showed amazement!

Ye Hua actually slapped his brother?

Getting slapped twice in one day – first by his father and now by his big brother!

Ye Juetian was furious. "Ye Hua! If you have the guts, come out and slap me in the face! What kind of man hides behind like this?"


Ye Juetian received another slap on his face.

But Ye Hua's voice echoed in the air, "It's not your place to interfere in this deity's matters!"

This voice... Yuqing couldn't forget it. It was Ye Hua's voice!

Ye Hua finally spoke!

But Ye Juetian was further angered. "Ye Hua! If you have the guts, come out and slap me in the face! What kind of man hides behind like this?"


Ye Juetian received another slap on his face.

Again, Ye Hua's voice echoed in the air, "It's not your place to interfere in this deity's matters!"

This infuriated Ye Juetian even more.

"You heartless scoundrel!"


Ye Juetian was slapped again.

Getting lectured by his big brother again, Ye Juetian suddenly burst into laughter, as if he had gone mad.

"Big brother! Go ahead, hit me! If you have the courage, beat me to death today! You ungrateful wretch! Mother and sister-in-law pray for you every day, and in return, you treat them with such heartlessness. I find it all worthless on their behalf!"

After saying this, Ye Juetian waited to be slapped again, but it didn't come.

"Why aren't you hitting anymore? Keep hitting! Let me tell you, Ye Hua, you owe our mother too much! You won't be able to repay it in your lifetime!"

The air carried Ye Hua's cold snort, "There's nothing in this world that this deity can't repay!"

"Alright, then repay the rent owed to mother! Can you afford it?"

"Rent? When did this deity owe any rent?"

"You lived in Mother's belly for ten months; can't that be considered rent? If you have the ability, repay it!" Ye Juetian roared.

The voice in the air fell silent.

"Little Tian, enough. Stop it!" Yuqing said softly.

"Sister-in-law, do you think I want to say this? He's just an unfilial son! Marrying Huang Yun is still better than marrying him!"

Yuqing's face turned cold. "Enough, Little Tian!"

Hearing his sister-in-law's stern voice, Ye Juetian calmed down a bit.

The voice in the air remained silent.

Yuqing and Ye Juetian stood there, not saying a word.

The sky gradually darkened. Yuqing sighed slightly, as if she had made a decision.

"Ye Hua, I must go. Your mother is still waiting for me to go back and save her." Yuqing felt helpless. Waiting here was a waste of time, and doing something more practical was better.

Ye Juetian nodded without saying much. Going back now was the best outcome. Waiting here was just a waste of time.

However, after waiting for a long time, there was still no sign of Ye Hua's concern or advice. Yuqing was disappointed. With a sigh, the two soared into the sky and disappeared from the spot.

At this moment, Ye Hua sat in the children's palace. He could sense that Yuqing and Ye Juetian had left.

Ye Juetian's words lingered in his mind. This kind of rent was indeed beyond repayment!

What about Yuqing marrying Huang Yun? What was going on?

At this moment, a faint sound of footsteps approached.

The person who came was Qing Ya.

Qing Ya sat beside Ye Hua, not saying anything, just quietly accompanying him.

After a long time, Qing Ya spoke, "I wonder how the children are doing now. I really miss them."

Ye Hua looked at the training platform outside the palace. He used to often see Ye Shen and Ye Liu sparring there.

And Ah Li would accompany him and talk. How could he not miss his children? That was impossible, after all, they were his flesh and blood.

"They should be fine," Ye Hua said indifferently.

Qing Ya reached out and held Ye Hua's large hand, saying tenderly, "Ye Hua, as parents, for me, you and the children are everything. I hope you all are well."

Ye Hua didn't say anything after hearing this.

"Ye Hua, being a mother is really not easy. When Ye Liu was born, you should remember, I almost died, but I still wanted to give birth to him. You should understand what I mean." Qing Ya wanted to tell Ye Hua that for the sake of children, mothers are willing to do anything.

Ye Hua still remained silent.

Qing Ya didn't want to continue persuading. She patted Ye Hua's back of the hand and then turned and left.

She had said what needed to be said, and whether it would be effective depended on Ye Hua himself.

After Qing Ya walked out of the palace, Donghuang Baizhi, who was waiting outside, curiously asked, "How did it go?"

"Don't know."

"Why is Ye Hua so stubborn? I just can't understand." Donghuang Baizhi whispered.

However, as the two were complaining about Ye Hua being stubborn, they suddenly felt a surge of aura soaring into the sky.

Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi looked up at the night sky, a satisfied smile appearing on their faces. This was their man!

This was the Supreme Overlord!

It was not just Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi who witnessed it. All the subordinates felt it, and they all rushed to the door, looking at the dark night.

Then they all bowed down and shouted, "All Hail the Supreme Overlord!"

The Supreme Overlord had finally made up his mind. The subordinates finally felt relieved. This was their leader! Unafraid of anything!

Not only the group of subordinates, but all the soldiers in the Empire also bowed down, shouting, "Long Live our Emperor!"

The common people didn't know what had happened, but they also knelt and shouted, "Long Live our Emperor!"

In the end, Ye Hua chose to face the past and decided to settle things with the past. This time, when he went to the Spirit City, Ye Hua didn't bring anyone with him. It was a relaxed journey, exploring the path and preparing for the future.

In the Spirit City in the Thousand Palace!

Yuqing had already returned and changed into clean clothes.

As for Ye Juetian, he had already gone back. He directly took the Spirit Spring from his father because Yuqing had been brought back by him!

"Yuqing, where have you been these days? Father was worried sick about you. Look at the Ninth Prince; he has also been concerned about you, trying to find you everywhere," Yuqing's father Yuqing stood aside, speaking with concern.

Huang Yun sat opposite Yuqing, his complexion now much milder than before; he had been nearly frantic earlier.

In the end, it was Ye Juetian who knew where Yuqing was. Fortunately, she was brought back!

Yuqing whispered, "I went to Phoenix Mountain for a few days. Sorry for making Father and the Ninth Prince worry."

Huang Yun frowned slightly after hearing this.

With a smile, Qian Yi said, "Yuqing, if you want to go to Phoenix Mountain, you should call the Ninth Prince too."

"Father, Yuqing just wants some time alone," Yuqing said softly.

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