You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman - C.962 (His Majesty Used to be a Simple Man)

You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

C.962 (His Majesty Used to be a Simple Man)

Chapter 962 (His Majesty Used to be a Simple Man)

Qian Yuqing said firmly, "No matter what, Ye Hua is my man. Even if I have to die, I want to die in front of him!"

Ye Juetian nodded, "Sister-in-law, the news that Big Brother is still alive must be kept confidential. This time, it needs to be arranged secretly."

"I know," Qian Yuqing whispered. When Ye Hua disappeared suddenly, declared dead without a body being found, there were doubts. Perhaps he was framed, so the news of Ye Hua being alive must not be discovered.

If certain people found out, it would undoubtedly be detrimental to Ye Hua. At least, that's what Qian Yuqing thought. However, Ye Hua seemed to want someone to be against him.

Ye Juetian whispered, "Sister-in-law, I can't accompany you down there. After all, the two of us can't disappear at the same time."

"Alright, where is Ye Hua now?" freewebno m

"He's in a place called the Voidless Empire on the Sapphire Continent. He is the emperor."

Upon hearing Ye Juetian's words, Qian Yuqing chuckled lightly. She had always felt that Ye Hua was not cut out to be a general; he seemed more like an emperor.

Just as the two were preparing, a shadow appeared at the door. Someone had come!

Ye Juetian's heart sank. They couldn't move forcibly at this moment, or they would be discovered.

"Yuqing, are you there?" A unique male voice sounded at the door.

Qian Yuqing's face darkened. Why did Huang Yun suddenly come over?

Ye Juetian looked at Qian Yuqing. He dared not move now; Huang Yun might sense it.

Qian Yuqing sighed and spoke, "I'm here. What's the matter?"

"Yuqing, can I come in?" Huang Yun's tone was gentle, but compared to his status, it appeared understated. After all, Huang Yun was currently a highly sought-after figure in the Spirit Realm, comparable to Ye Hua.

Qian Yuqing hurriedly said, "I'm not convenient right now."

"I have something I'd like to discuss with you. I'll wait for you outside." Huang Yun said with a patient smile.

Over the years, Huang Yun had always spoken to Qian Yuqing with this tone. He was indeed a very persistent man. If it were another man trying for centuries without success, he might have given up long ago. After all, Huang Yun's identity was there. freeweb

He was another prodigy after Ye Hua, much younger than Qian Yuqing. He was born after Ye Hua disappeared. Even when Huang Yun was born, the imperial palace experienced a rare phenomenon with hundreds of birds circling overhead. Just for this, Huang Yun was extraordinary.

Back then, some even said that Ye Hua had reincarnated!

During Huang Yun's childhood, he always heard this, even though he didn't know the person named Ye Hua. He found it annoying...Feeling like living in the shadow of others, I checked and found that this Ye Hua is indeed very powerful, to an absurd extent. I definitely cannot be weaker than him!

Huang Yun's talent is indeed strong enough, at least in the cultivation aspect, he progresses faster than the former Ye Hua, as if he's been boosted.

At a banquet, Huang Yun saw Qian Yuqing and instantly became captivated by her. He was determined to marry her.

Later, he found out that even the woman was that Ye Hua's. This made Huang Yun even more annoyed.

'In terms of cultivation, I can surpass him, and in other aspects, I won't be weaker. If you can be good to others, I, Huang Yun, can too! It must be said that Huang Yun has been competing with a "dead person" since birth and never gave up.'

Qian Yuqing knew that if she didn't go out today, Huang Yun would definitely not leave. She signalled for Ye Juetian to hide inside the table, and he nodded, giving a cautious look.

Qian Yuqing was somewhat reassured; Huang Yun was indeed formidable but relatively good-hearted, not forcing others to do unwilling things.

Qian Yuqing stood up, adjusted her appearance, and, no matter what, Huang Yun was a good person. The spiritual springs were all provided by him, or else, where would she find Spirit Spring?

And Huang Yun knew that this was to prolong the life of Ye Hua's mother.

If she hadn't already set her heart on someone else, she might really have been moved.

Qian Yuqing opened the door and saw Huang Yun standing at the entrance. Compared to Ye Hua, he lacked astonishing handsomeness but belonged to the standard warm-hearted type, especially the smile on his lips, with a hint of dimples, resembling a hesitant big boy next door.

A royal robe covered up that tender aura, making him appear mature and restrained, with a head of jet-black long hair, adorned with an exquisite crown.

Ye Hua used to have the same hairstyle, looking exceptionally charming, but their personalities were clearly different.

"Yuqing." Huang Yun saw the woman he had feelings for coming out and immediately showed a happy smile on his face, not bothering to check the situation inside the room.

Qian Yuqing nodded, closed the door, and walked towards the garden outside.

Inside the room, Ye Juetian breathed a sigh of relief and quickly slipped away through the secret passage.

In the garden outside, Qian Yuqing walked slightly ahead, and Huang Yun followed behind with small steps.

Although it was just a way of walking, it represented Huang Yun's thoughts. To let a woman walk in front of him, except for his mother, that would be Qian Yuqing.

It was a kind of thought to protect her or willingly let this woman lead her own life.

"Were you praying just now?" Huang Yun asked in a low voice, knowing very well what Qian Yuqing did most of the day was praying.

Qian Yuqing didn't deny it and nodded slightly, "Is there something today?"

Huang Yun tightened his brows slightly but then relaxed, smiling lightly, "Phoenix Mountain is beautiful this season. I want to go and see it with you."

Qian Yuqing, of course, knew that Phoenix Mountain was beautiful. She had been there with Ye Hua. That day, she confessed to Ye Hua, shocking the fool, and she could still vividly remember his astonished expression, seemingly a bit at a loss.

Don't be fooled by Ye Hua's usual cold demeanour; in reality, he's like a big boy, just not good at expressing it.

The guy even played dumb, saying, "Phoenix Mountain looks beautiful today."

I almost got my nose crooked. She confessed to you, and you talk about the beauty of the mountain? No wonder you'll be single forever.

Then, I got angry and said, "If you don't want me, I'll marry someone else."

When Ye Hua heard that, his face changed immediately, and he directly said, "I forbid it."

Upon hearing those three words, I had no reason to be angry anymore. My heart felt all warm.

Then, I made a bold move, facing Ye Hua, slightly tilting my head, closing my eyes. My heartbeat reached an unimaginable level.

The silly guy actually asked what I was doing.

Qian Yuqing still finds it funny now; she has never seen someone so silly. So, she said, "When a girl closes her eyes, it means she wants you to kiss her."

He got even more clueless.

Ye Hua said, "There are too many people here; it's not appropriate."

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