You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman - C.960 (Sister-in-law)


Chapter 960 (Sister-in-law)

Ye Juetian directly opened the Cyan Yuan Vessel, which was already empty inside.

Le Jing smiled gently, as if comforting her son.

But seeing his mother's smile, Ye Juetian seemed on the verge of tears, hating himself for being insufficient. If only he had half of his elder brother's talent, they wouldn't have ended up in this situation.

"Mother, I'll go ask Father for it." Ye Juetian held the Cyan Yuan Vessel tightly, speaking in a deep voice.

Le Jing grabbed her son's sleeve, shaking her head gently, "Little Tian, forget about it. Don't go asking. He would have to plead with others too, and Mother doesn't want to burden you."

"Mother, rest assured, I'll find a solution. There will be one, I promise." Ye Juetian spoke in a heavy tone, looking at his mother's somewhat pale face, feeling a deep ache in his heart.

Le Jing firmly held onto her son, speaking softly, "Little Tian, you know about Mother's illness. Pleading once means there will be a next time, and then another. It's an endless cycle."

"Then, I'll go find sister-in-law." In fact, Ye Juetian wanted to say that Sister-in-law provides more, and Father seldom goes to her anymore. It seems like Father has abandoned Mother.

"Little Tian, Yuqing has done enough. Mother doesn't want to see you all suffer like this."

After all these years since Ye Hua disappeared, the Ye family declined. The marriage proposal with the Qian family was cancelled. Everyone knows Ye Hua and Qian Yuqing only had the wedding ceremony, no wedding night, and then they were called to war and never returned. Even if they had the wedding night, many wouldn't care. After all, Qian Yuqing's appearance is enchanting, and such a woman is worth having.

The declining Ye family had no choice but to agree to the Qian family's proposal. Originally living in the Ye family, Qian Yuqing was taken away. On that day, the world echoed with Qian Yuqing's desolate cries, and many people heard it. Even the heavens seemed to weep.

Regarding the affection between Ye Hua and Qian Yuqing, it spread throughout the streets and alleys of Spirit City, a moving and sorrowful story.

However, in recent years, the royal family, or rather the prince, wanted to marry Qian Yuqing.

According to tradition, royal family members can't marry someone who has been married before.

But this prince is different; his talent and strength are comparable to Ye Hua's in his prime, and the emperor approved, after all, the son liked her.

But Qian Yuqing refused to agree, claiming that she belongs to Ye Hua for life. Even if she dies, she'll still belong to Ye Hua!

This is tantamount to offending the royal family, not just the Qian family but also Ye Hua!

Even after a thousand years, people still gossip about Ye Hua. This displeases the royal family, and the Ye family indirectly offends the royal family.

The Spirit Spring that Le Jing needs comes from the royal family, and they can cut it off whenever they want and grant it whenever they want.

Knowing this, Le Jing doesn't want them to go begging. If she dies, the entire Ye family will be at ease, no need for compromises.

"Sister-in-law won't agree." Ye Juetian spoke in a low voice, holding the Cyan Yuan Vessel tightly in his hand. He was also contemplating whether to tell his mother the truth. His elder brother is still alive!

But it's useless!

Le Jing tightly held her son's hand, saying in a low voice, "Little Tian, just say Mother needs Spirit Spring, and Yuqing will understand."

"Mother! How could you do this? Are you pushing sister-in-law away?" Ye Juetian exclaimed, instantly understanding his mother's intention.

Sister-in-law married into the royal family for Spirit Spring.

Le Jing sighed lightly, "Do you want to see Qian Yuqing become like me? Some things need to be let go. Qian Yuqing is still young, with a beautiful future ahead. I've heard about Huang Yun; he's a person who can match Ye Hua. I'm relieved to see Yuqing marrying someone like him."

"Mother! Actually..."

"Enough, don't say anything more. Do as Mother says; this matter needs closure."

Ye Juetian wanted to speak out, but once again, he was interrupted by his mother.

Nevertheless, now he had to go ask sister-in-law for some Spirit Spring; his mother's condition seemed worse.

"Mother, rest well. I'll be back soon." Ye Juetian nodded and said in a low voice.

Le Jing showed a relieved smile, reached out with her cold hand, and caressed Ye Juetian's cheek, "The happiest thing in Mother's life is giving birth to you two. No regrets at all."

"Mother, you won't have regrets. Trust me, big brother must still be alive."

"Ye Hua has always lived in Mother's heart," Le Jing said with endless yearning, looking at her younger son, as if seeing Ye Hua again. The resemblance between the two brothers was striking.

Ye Juetian took a deep breath, "Mother, wait for my return."

After saying that, Ye Juetian hurried out of the room, closing the door. Looking at the deserted courtyard, his heart felt cold.

Just now, his mother seemed like she was bequeathing her last words. This feeling was really unpleasant.

How could he bring his big brother back to see their mother, even if just for a glance?


It seems I can only rely on sister-in-law now. Back then, big brother also listened to sister-in-law very much.

But if sister-in-law really goes to find big brother, and it angers the royal family, the consequences will be severe.

What if no one knows? That might be a good solution.

It's only possible with sister-in-law's intervention, erasing the demons in big brother's heart, making him return to his former self.

I wonder what expression sister-in-law will have upon hearing the news that big brother is still alive. She should be shocked.'

Ye Juetian quickly went to find his sister-in-law. At this time, she must be praying in the temple, but now she's confined to her home.

Now they need the secret passage.

'It's said that sister-in-law dug this secret passage herself, directly leading to big brother's room. It's truly admirable for her courage.

But it's also cute that sister-in-law would go to such lengths to peek at big brother bathing.'

Arriving at big brother's room, it was already covered in dust, a reflection of the vicissitudes of life.

Ye Juetian walked to the flower screen, opened the floor, revealing a passage that led directly to the Qian family.

After all, he couldn't openly go to sister-in-law now. The Qian family and the Ye family had long severed ties and stopped communicating.

Soon, Ye Juetian arrived at the top and gently tapped. He waited for a response.

Before long, footsteps approached from above, and a gentle tap responded.

Now Ye Juetian was reassured. He moved away the rigid cover overhead.

A face, breathtakingly beautiful, appeared before him. Though dressed in simple attire, it couldn't conceal her stunning beauty. Her eyebrows resembled a faint crescent moon, her eyes sparkled like cold stars. The deep black eyes held a layer of misty allure. The slight upward curve at the corner of her mouth was akin to bathing in springwater. However, Ye Juetian knew sister-in-law was deceiving him.

Perhaps only through such deception could sister-in-law reveal that curvature at the corner of her mouth. After all, such curvature was rarely seen.

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