You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman - C.956 (Who Are You!)


Chapter 956 (Who Are You!)

The matter of Your Majesty being the vinegar king had long been circulating within the team, and the subordinates could understand it. After all, when it comes to men...

The red and green brothers: "..."

Lu Hong and Yi Hong dared not touch it, clearly hesitant. After all, this was the madame, the reverse scale of Your Majesty.

Seeing Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi advancing, Lu Hong and Yi Hong retreated, their faces filled with helplessness. What to do?

"Open the door!" Qing Ya said in a sweet voice.

"Madame, we'll be in deep trouble with Your Majesty," Lu Hong said with a bitter face, while Yi Hong felt that women were all the same. Her own unreasonable tantrums with the purple shirt, blaming herself for not conceiving a child, now making her doubt if she had a male disease.

Donghuang Baizhi said in a low voice, "You don't have to wait for Your Majesty. We are going to deal with you now."

"Open the door, or we'll tell Your Majesty that you two have malicious intentions towards us."

The red and green brothers: "..."

This can't go on unreasonably. Who will save us?

"You two can rest assured. Even if Your Majesty finds out, he won't blame you. Just say you were coerced by us. Open the door quickly!"

With the words spoken to this extent, Lu Hong and Yi Hong had no choice but to obediently open the door.

Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi revealed gentle smiles.

Qing Ya added, "Well done, it's not in vain that Ye Hua found wives for you."


Clearly, we were threatened.

"Madame, after you go in, don't be too surprised. We'll be watching from outside."


This made Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi even more curious. The gossipy hearts of women burned within them.

The two women walked directly into the dark dungeon, and Lu Hong and Yi Hong quickly closed the door, then stood at the entrance pretending nothing happened.

Little did they know, Ye Hua was standing not far away, watching it all, but he didn't refuse his lovely wives from going in.

He even sighed lightly; this melodramatic plot was happening to him. It would be better to have a story like the Calabash Brothers saving their grandfather.

He wondered how they would react upon seeing his younger brother inside. It must be quite shocking.

Following the stairs down, Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi lit candles on both sides of the wall, illuminating the narrow steps.

"This environment is really bad, so gloomy," Donghuang Baizhi whispered, not liking such dungeons.Qing Ya whispered, "It's not too bad; dungeons are usually like this."

"I wonder who Ye Hua has imprisoned here and what troubles him so much."

Suddenly, Qing Ya thought of something, "Could it be a woman?"

"It's possible. He wouldn't let us know," Donghuang Baizhi nodded.

Originally driven by curiosity and gossip, Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi now felt a bit nervous. If it were indeed a woman, should they secretly get rid of her to avoid competition for their man?

Walking slowly to the top of the stairs, below were various prison cells. The entire dungeon was dimly lit, and the candles on the walls couldn't illuminate it properly. However, Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi noticed a figure at the very top.

Indeed, someone was locked up!

Donghuang Baizhi suddenly snapped her fingers, and the ring on her ring finger shimmered. Immediately, the entire cell seemed to bask in sunlight, brightly lit.

The two women finally saw the figure, still with their back turned, but they sighed in relief—it wasn't a woman, but a man.

However, this man... was arrogantly facing away, somewhat audacious.

Trying to be profound.

Ye Juetian had just heard the footsteps of someone entering, and he caught snippets of their conversation—two women.

Having not seen anyone for three days, suddenly, visitors arrived. Ye Juetian's arrogance surged again. He quickly turned his back to them, trying to appear mysterious.

But he was also curious. Who were these two women? Judging by the faint footsteps, they seemed gentle.

Suddenly, Ye Juetian thought of something. Could this be his big brother's woman?

It was normal for his big brother to seek companionship while suffering from amnesia, but...

What about his sister-in-law? What about the pitiful sister-in-law? His big brother's actions were heartbreaking.

For his big brother, she knelt in devotion for a thousand years. Tell me, which woman could do such a thing? None! Absolutely none!

But it's still uncertain. Maybe it's someone else? His big brother had both male and female subordinates; he saw them that day.

As Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi approached, suddenly, he felt a sense of familiarity with this back view.

Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi exchanged glances, and from each other's eyes, they could see sheer astonishment. The back view was identical to Ye Hua's.

Approaching the iron door, the two women frowned, their beautiful eyes filled with confusion.

"Who are you?" Qing Ya asked in a deep voice.

Ye Juetian stood with hands behind his back, slightly tilting his head at a 45° angle.

Such actions left Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi stunned—a pretentious person, just like Ye Hua.

Listening to Ye Juetian's deep voice, he shouted, "The cool breeze carries messages, the autumn moon knows no bounds. A charming man like me, how..."

Ye Juetian turned around while continuing his act, but before he could finish speaking, he froze.

Looking bewildered at Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi, he couldn't believe how beautiful these two women were. They could actually compete with the sister-in-law. Impressive!

However, at this moment, Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi were as if struck by lightning, staring blankly at Ye Juetian's face.

Why did Ye Hua lock himself up? Is he crazy?

No, this isn't Ye Hua!

Although Ye Hua liked to act pretentious, he would never be so frivolous.

Moreover, his tone of speech was too light-hearted. Ye Hua was always composed, even rarely making jokes.

But who is this man, and why does he look so much like Ye Hua?

Is this what bothers Ye Hua, dealing with someone who looks like him?

It seems unlikely.

Both sides stared at each other blankly, one side astonished, the other two confused by the resemblance.

After a while, Donghuang Baizhi asked in a deep voice, "Who are you, and why do you look so much like Ye Hua?"

Ye Juetian came to his senses, put away his frivolous expression, and asked in a low voice, "Who are you?"

If it weren't for the initial frivolity, Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi might have mistaken him for Ye Hua.

"We are Ye Hua's wives. Who are you?" Qing Ya asked in confusion, her mind filled with question marks.

Ye Juetian was still shocked. These two beautiful women were actually his big brother's wives. Oh my God. His speculations turned out to be correct.

What about the sister-in-law?

In the past, his big brother was a very devoted man, claiming that his only woman for this lifetime was the big sister-in-law. But now, it's completely different, and there are two of them.

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