Wayfarer - C.350: Ambassador to Taiwu


C.350: Ambassador to Taiwu

A few days later, within a hall of the Xiao manor, Xiao Nanfeng had convened the hundred officials of court for a meeting. Suddenly, a cheer came from outside the hall.

"King Xiao, I bear word from the Zi forces! They have defeated the Tianshu forces and taken down the hundred cities of the former Marquis Zi's territory. The commander of the Zi forces has sent detailed reports regarding the battle at each city. Congratulations, King Xiao!" a soldier reported, travel-worn and still saddled with dust and dirt.

"Very good!" Xiao Nanfeng replied, laughing.

""King Xiao, I bear word from the Cui forces! They have defeated the Tianshu forces and taken down the hundred and twenty cities of the former Marquis Cui's territory. The commander of the Cui forces has sent detailed reports regarding the battle at each city. Congratulations, King Xiao!" Another travel-worn soldier rushed into the hall.

"Very good!" Xiao Nanfeng replied again.

"Congratulations are in order, King Xiao! The kingdom of Dazheng has repelled incursions into its territory and expanded its borders. The might of Dazheng cannot be deterred!"

"Victory to Dazheng!" the officials shouted.

"A month later, in the imperial palace of Dazheng, we shall perform sacrificial rites to heaven and earth, gather the amassed fortune of Dazheng, and elevate this kingdom into an empire. All officials shall be promoted to imperial officers at that point," Xiao Nanfeng commanded.

"Understood!" all the courtly officials shouted in excitement.

The largest difference between a kingdom and an empire, as far as the officials were concerned, was in salary. A kingdom's salary was solely in gold and treasure, whereas an empire's salary also included a measure of fortune. All knew what fortune could do, and they strove to work as hard as they could in order to stand out at the end of the month and receive a bonus allotment of fortune.

At the same time, by a mountain peak outside Yongding, Xiao Nanfeng's main body and Blue Lantern were looking toward a towering palace that was currently being built.

"This is a palace of abnormal size. You really are ambitious, aren't you?" Blue Lantern joked.

"I have just declared that, a month later, we'll be performing sacrificial rites to heaven and earth right here. We'll gather the amassed fortune of Dazheng and elevate this kingdom into an empire."

"In just a month? That urgently?" Blue Lantern gaped.

"A month is more than enough for you to help me guide a draconic vein over, and for the common people to relax, live their lives, and start generating fortune. It's a little rushed, but all conditions for the imperial ascension will be met," Xiao Nanfeng said.

"I heard that the Tianshu and Taiwu Empires are both eyeing you. They're particularly strong. Would they allow you to succeed? You're the weakest of the three major forces on the world stage at the moment."

"I'm aware, but we still have a month left. I intend to deal with both empires during that time and prevent them from having the opportunity to take us on. At the very least, the imperial ascension shall continue unhindered. Xiao Nanfeng turned to Blue Lantern. "Blue Lantern, I specifically recruited your help because I needed your talent with formations."


"I intend to use myself as bait to lure the Immortals of both empires to me, then to slaughter them all in one fell swoop."

"To slaughter a group of Immortals? I've regained a fair bit of strength, but that's still beyond me," Blue Lantern said, smiling wryly.

"You won't have to face them. I alone will suffice. I simply need you to help me set up a disorienting formation that will trap the Immortals with me for a short period of time. Once everything's over, if I'm exhausted, please bring me away."

"You? You alone? Just how many Immortals would you be able to withstand?" Blue Lantern asked.

"I'll kill everyone who comes my way," Xiao Nanfeng replied.

Blue Lantern was silent for a moment. He couldn't help but feel as though Xiao Nanfeng was bragging.

"And if Nalan Qiankun and Xiang Shaoyang arrive themselves?" Blue Lantern asked, frowning.

"As I said, I'll kill everyone who comes my way. As long as your formation can trap them with me, I guarantee they'll die."

Blue Lantern: ...

He didn't believe Xiao Nanfeng at all; he felt as though Xiao Nanfeng was becoming more and more of a braggart.

Within the imperial palace's study in the Tianshu capital, Nalan Qiankun was reviewing a report as Cui Haitang kneaded his shoulders.

"Husband, apparently, in a month's time, Xiao Nanfeng intends to perform sacrificial rites to heaven and earth to have his kingdom ascend into an empire," Cui Haitang said, frowning.

"In just a month? He thinks far too highly of himself." Nalan Qiankun scoffed.

"The Xiang clan has been eyeing us and our conflict with Dazheng during this period of time, and they've been lying in ambush along our borders. If our Immortals didn't have to be wary of the Xiang Immortals' raids, they wouldn't have allowed Dazheng to claim the territory they did. Xiao Nanfeng really has taken advantage!" Cui Haitang cried out.

"It matters not. They won't be alive for much longer," Nalan Qiankun replied confidently.

"When will you strike, Husband? Xiao Nanfeng's been growing stronger all this time!" Cui Haitang exclaimed.

Nalan Qiankun was silent for a moment. He asked, "How's Father-in-Law doing?"

"My father is clear-headed on occasion, but he's frequently beholden to his demonic vices. Fortunately, he still remembers me and is aware that his three grandsons have been killed. He's willing to take revenge for me. He has to consume cultivators daily, and only the Pestilence Sage's left division leader's token is able to suppress his demonic tendencies. Otherwise, he would long since have raided our cities and slaughtered the common people." Cui Haitang frowned.

"In other words, he's uncontrollable? Without the left division leader's token to suppress him, he'd slaughter all around him indiscriminately?" Nalan Qiankun frowned.

"Indeed. I intend to bring him to Yongding and release him there to have him kill Xiao Nanfeng." Cui Haitang's eyes glimmered with madness.

"That's unnecessary," Nalan Qiankun replied.

"Oh?" Cui Haitang seemed perplexed.

"The Immortals of the Dazheng kingdom have yet to return to Yongding, and there aren't any priority targets there. If Father-in-Law were to unleash carnage at Yongding, Xiao Nanfeng might yet escape—and reveal Father-in-Law to the entire world."

"Isn't Xiao Nanfeng at Yongding?" Cui Haitang asked.

"Just now, a spy sent word that the Xiang clan has received a missive from Xiao Nanfeng. Xiao Nanfeng will be headed to the main city of the Xiang clan as an ambassador in three days' time," Nalan Qiankun said.

"Xiao Nanfeng, an ambassador to the Taiwu Empire?" Cui Haitang exclaimed.

"The information is unlikely to be mistaken. Xiao Nanfeng might even already be on his way. Xiao Nanfeng is unlikely to be in Yongding at the moment. Why not attempt to intercept him mid-journey? Of course, to prevent any trickery, we'll have to observe the situation carefully first."

Cui Haitang smiled in excitement. "Husband, are you finally ready to make a move?"

Nalan Qiankun palmed Cui Haitang's hand and said gently, "How could I fail to avenge my sons' death? I simply hadn't found the right opportunity to do so."

"Husband, I was wrong about you," Cui Haitang admitted guiltily.

"You are my consort, my wife. No misunderstandings would strain our relationship. I intend to let you attune to the Hundred-Beast Flaming Dome. Changkong tried and failed to kill Xiao Nanfeng using this treasure. Now, you'll attune to it and kill Xiao Nanfeng with it yourself, avenging Changkong."

"As you will, my husband," Cui Haitang replied in a gentle tone.

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