Villain Is Bodyguard of Heroine's Poisonous Stepmother - C.56: Xiao Yongqiang wants Ye Chen to be his son-in-law

Villain Is Bodyguard of Heroine's Poisonous Stepmother

C.56: Xiao Yongqiang wants Ye Chen to be his son-in-law




Xiao Yongqiang, who almost died of anger, was sent to the Magic City Hospital to be rescued. Fortunately, he was transported in time. Otherwise he might have really died of anger.

Chairman Xiao, let me remind you that your body has deteriorated again and there are problems with your heart, try not to get angry and strain yourself in the future, in addition emotions can also affect your condition, dont get too excited in the future.

The attending physician said seriously to Xiao Yongqiang.

I understand.

Xiao Yongqiang had already calmed down by now, his emotions had stabilized, those two dogs were still too disgusting to kill him, he was a man who had single-handedly built up the Yongqiang Group by his own ability.

Although he still felt angry when he thought about it, he had tried his best to restrain his emotions.

Uncle Xiao, whats going on? Did Chen Luo do something to you?

Ye Chen asked as he turned towards Xiao Yongqiang.

At this moment, Ye Chens whole body was wrapped in bandages, just like a mummy, and his injuries were not light, if it was a normal person with such heavy injuries he would have already died.

Ye Chen was the main character. He was not a normal person, so he was still alive and kicking right now.

When he heard Ye Chen mention Chen Luo, Xiao Yongqiangs breathing increased and his hand squeezed the sheet so tightly that he scratched it.

Xiao Yongqiangs appearance, coupled with the swollen slap marks on his face, made Ye Chen even more certain that Chen Luo had beaten him up. That bastard Chen Luo had such nerve to even dare to strike at Xiao Yongqiang.

Is there any information on Qingxues whereabouts?

The reason he came over was not because he was concerned about Xiao Yongqiang, but about Xiao Qingxue.

Xiao Qingxue had already been captured for more than a day, and during the past day or so, he didnt know what Chen Luo had done to Xiao Qingxue, but Ye Chen always had bad thoughts in his heart.

He had a feeling in his heart that if he didnt find Xiao Qingxue quickly, something would definitely happen.

No, Luo Zixuan searched the villa where Chen Luo lives, but didnt find anything. Xiao Yongqiang glanced at Ye Chen and spoke.

Looking at Ye Chen, Xiao Yongqiang knew that Ye Chen also had his heart set on his daughter, but it seemed good to set up his daughter and Ye Chen.

Xiao Yongqiang did not need to look at Ye Chens family background. He needed a son-in-law who could help Xiao Qingxue continue to support the Yongqiang Group.

Luo Zixuan definitely wouldnt work, even if he was infatuated with his daughter.

If Xiao Qingxue and Luo Zixuan were allowed to get together, the Yongqiang Group would definitely end up becoming part of the Luo family, and he could not let the group he had fought for all his life fall into someone elses hands.

It was also absolutely impossible for Luo Zixuan to join the Xiao family, while the same could not be said for Ye Chen.

Although he had no business acumen and few contacts, his daughter had all of these.

What Xiao Yongqiang valued most was Ye Chens strength. Although he had repeatedly suffered defeat at the hands of Chen Luo and had been beaten by him, could anyone say that Ye Chens strength was weak?

Ye Chens strength was the same as that of an inhumane when compared to an ordinary person. freewe

It was not bad to let Ye Chen join the family and let him protect Qingxue for the rest of his life by her side.

As long as he could get rid of the two biggest threats, Chen Luo and Zhao Yingxuan, before he died, they would definitely be able to go smoothly in the future.

At this moment, Xiao Yongqiang made up his mind.

To be able to make Xiao Yongqiang make up his mind to make such a choice, in fact, Ye Chens protagonists halo had also played an effect.

Otherwise, even if Ye Chen was his savior, Xiao Yongqiang would not have considered making Ye Chen his son-in-law, as he was not worthy.

In Xiao Yongqiangs eyes, Ye Chen was just someone who could fight a little, and he did not know Ye Chens background, nor did he know that Ye Chen was the boss of a mercenary group.

Ye Chen did not know what Xiao Yongqiang was thinking at the moment, if he knew, he would probably jump up with excitement.

Uncle Xiao, I think if Chen Luo has captured Qing Xue, he definitely wont bring her to where he lives, he must have hidden her somewhere else.

As long as we keep an eye on Chen Luo, we will definitely be able to find Qingxue.

Xiao Yongqiang nodded his head.

Ive already had someone keep an eye on Chen Luo.

Although the hitmen he had raised were wiped out by Chen Luo a number of times, it didnt mean that the ones wiped out by Chen Luo were all of them.

What Ye Chen could think of, he had, of course, thought of long ago, and had already sent people to keep an eye on the movements of Zhao Yingxuans villa.

As long as someone came out, his people would definitely be the first to follow.

But the best way to get Qingxue back is to talk to Chen Luo about the terms.

Earlier, Xiao Yongqiang had gone forward just to talk on terms with Chen Luo, but before he could say anything, he got dunked on by that pair of dogs, and was humiliated.

The slap that Zhao Yingxuan gave him in the face was definitely the biggest humiliation for him.

They may not necessarily do anything to Qingxue by grabbing her, they just want benefits.

Zhao Yingxuan and Chen Luo captured Xiao Qingxue according to Xiao Yongqiangs speculation there were two reasons. One was for revenge. Their own plan to kill them had been discovered by them.

The second was profit, if they paid enough, they should be able to ransom Xiao Qingxue back.

Alright, lets talk to him then, I dont think what he wants is that simple.

Ye Chen sank his face.

When he had initially met Chen Luo, Ye Chen had only treated Chen Luo as a good-looking white face and did not place Chen Luo in his eyes.

Now Ye Chen had taken Chen Luo to heart completely, and increasingly felt that Chen Luo was not simple.

When Qianxue comes back, it will be the death of their pair of dogs.

A cold light flashed in Xiao Yongqiangs eyes.

Seeing Xiao Yongqiangs hatred towards Chen Luo and Zhao Yingxuan, Ye Chen was happy to see this scene. freew(e)bnove(l)

In the country, if he wanted to deal with Chen Luo, he would still need to use Xiao Yongqiangs power.

After all, his previous forces were all abroad, and it wasnt that easy to get those of his comrades to enter the country.

Ye Chen, there is something I need to tell you, I know that there is a conflict between you and Luo Zixuan, but to find Qingxue, we still need to use Luo Zixuans power.

Xiao Yongqiang said as he turned towards Ye Chen.

This was a reminder to Ye Chen, lest Ye Chen and Luo Zixuan clash again. In the future they would clash. Xiao Yongqiang did not care very much.

But now, there was still a need to use Luo Zixuan, and it was inappropriate to have another conflict with Luo Zixuan.

Ye Chen frowned, was this asking him to be tolerant of Luo Zixuan?

Xiao Yongqiang still did not understand Ye Chens character. He told Ye Chen to put up with Luo Zixuan, which made Ye Chen dissatisfied.

To save Qingxue, I dont think I need Luo Zixuans help.

Subconsciously, Ye Chen rejected Luo Zixuans help because Luo Zixuan was considered his love rival, and that guy also liked Xiao Qingxue, which was considered his big enemy.

Not to mention that they had also broken out into quite a few conflicts before.

Luo Zixuans bodyguard Ah Da had even injured him, and Ye Chen, who was more vindictive, had always kept it in his mind, but he had not yet found the opportunity to take revenge.

Seeing that Ye Chen had rejected Luo Zixuan, Xiao Yongqiang didnt say anything. He planned to contact Chen Luo and discuss with him the terms of sparing Qingxue.

With his mobile phone in hand, it was easy for Xiao Yongqiang to investigate Chen Luos phone number, but when he dialed it, Xiao Yongqiangs hand trembling. It was from anger.

Ye Chen, Cound you go out for a bit.

He was afraid that he wouldnt be able to control his emotions later, so he asked Ye Chen to go out first, lest he would see his humiliating side.

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