Villain Is Bodyguard of Heroine's Poisonous Stepmother - C.52: Xiao Qingxue: Are you worthy of my father?

Villain Is Bodyguard of Heroine's Poisonous Stepmother

C.52: Xiao Qingxue: Are you worthy of my father?

-After being fooled by Chen Luo, Luo Zixuan left to keep an eye on Ye Chen.

Has this guy really completely believed in what you said in Brother Luo? Xia Lan couldnt help but ask.

I guess not completely convinced, but my words definitely had an effect on him.

If Luo Zixuan believed his words completely here, Chen Luo thought it was unlikely, but whether he believed it or not, he would definitely not stop dealing with Ye Chen.

By this time, Zhao Yingxuan had already walked out of the room. Yesterdays experience had made her understand what it meant to be in pain and happy.

Xiao Qingxue should have woken up, lets go and see Xiao Qingxue.

Zhao Yingxuan was a little excited to see Xiao Qingxue, and especially to see Xiao Qingxues wretched appearance.

Fine, lets go take a look then.

Chen Luo and Zhao Yingxuan arrived in the secret room located in the underground storage, and Xiao Qingxue, who had been tied up, was already awake.

After hearing the commotion, Xiao Qingxue immediately pretended to be asleep.

Tap Tap Tap!!!

The sound of footsteps reached Xiao Qingxues ears, and Xiao Qingxues body tensed up slightly.

Dont pretend if youre awake, your breathing has already betrayed you.

Chen Luos familiar voice came into Xiao Qingxues ears. Xiao Qingxue snapped her eyes open and struggled to look up towards Chen Luo.

Why did you?

Xiao Qingxue did not expect that the person who kidnapped her was Chen Luo, Xiao Qingxue did not have a good impression of Chen Luo at first. but now her impression of Chen Luo was not good, but not bad either.

It was this woman Zhao Yingxuan who instructed you to kidnap me, right?

In an instant, Xiao Qingxue threw the pot on Zhao Yingxuans head. It wasnt a wrong throw, if Zhao Yingxuan hadnt mentioned it and tempted Chen Luo, Chen Luo might not have gone to grab Xiao Qingxue.

At the same time, Chen Luos capturing of Xiao Qingxue was also a kind of test, a test of the power of the main characters halo. f(r)

The result did not disappoint Chen Luo, but it was not particularly optimistic either, dealing with a female protagonist and almost letting her get away.

Moreover, it was still a simple kidnapping, not aiming for her life. If he went with the intention of killing Xiao Qingxue, Im afraid he might not be able to succeed.

It was so troublesome to deal with a female lead, wouldnt it be even more difficult to deal with the main character? fre(e)novelkiss

Thats right, she instructed it.

Chen Luo threw back his hand and let Zhao Yingxuan carry the pot solidly.

Zhao Yingxuan couldnt help but give Chen Luo a blank look, standing in front of Xiao Qingxue and looking at her from a high position.

If you let me go, I will not pursue the matter of your kidnapping me, otherwise you should be able to understand the consequences. Xiao Qingxues expression was cold.

Youre still so cold and arrogant even after youve fallen to this state, I hate your cold and arrogant face.

Zhao Yingxuan slapped Xiao Qingxues face while sneering at her.

(The slap was really loud.)

Clearly visible, five more slap marks appeared on Xiao Qingxues face.


Xiao Qingxues eyes seemed like they were about to burst into flames and burn Zhao Yingxuan to death.

This was the second time in Xiao Qingxues life that she had been slapped. Her father had never hit her. The first person who had hit her was Chen Luo, and the second was Zhao Yingxuan.

Very angry arent you, what do you think would happen if I give you a scar on your face?

Zhao Yingxuan took out a dagger and gestured at Xiao Qingxues face.

I know there are scar removal ointments now, but if I cut off a piece of flesh, the scar removal ointment would be useless, right?

Zhao Yingxuan had a smile on her face, and this smile was as vicious as it could be in Xiao Qingxues eyes.

Not daring to speak anymore means you are really afraid.

The dagger in her hand gently scraped past Xiao Qingxues face. Xiao Qingxue could feel a hint of coolness, but she still held her head high and glared at Zhao Yingxuan.

Dont worry, I wont kill you or ruin your face, if such a beautiful face is ruined, someone wont be happy.

Zhao Yingxuan jealously pinched Xiao Qingxue hard on her face.

This woman was born better than herself, and was also younger than herself, and a little more delicate looking than herself.

Although there was not much difference between the two of their faces, though, Xiao Qingxue was still a little more superior.

If Xiao Qingxues face value could be scored at ninety-nine, then Zhao Yingxuan would be ninety-seven. Of course, Zhao Yingxuan was charming, and her attractiveness was much greater than Xiao Qingxues iceberg.

Xiao Qingxues face was pinched red by Zhao Yingxuan. The big president of the hall was really pitiful.

What exactly do you want?

Xiao Qingxue was tied up on the ground and could hardly move, so she could only raise her head to look at Zhao Yingxuan.

What I want you cant give me.

Slightly lifting up Xiao Qingxues chin, Zhao Yingxuan said indifferently.

She wanted everything from the Xiao family, but of course Xiao Qingxue could not give it to her.

However, it was not bad to grab Xiao Qingxues grip and threaten her in the future. It did not matter if she did not have her grip. Zhao Yingxuan could also create grips.

Zhao Yingxuans words also made Xiao Qingxue understand that she was very ambitious.

In fact, all along, Xiao Qingxue knew that Zhao Yingxuans ambition was great. She had always wanted to interfere with the Yongqiang Group, and even compete with her for the Yongqiang Group.

Xiao Qingxues gaze turned to Chen Luo.

There was no way Zhao Yingxuan would let her go. It was useless to beg, and Xiao Qingxue was not the kind of person who would beg.

Say the price for letting me go!

She knew that Chen Luo loved money, so she wanted to use the money to move Chen Luo and turn him against her.


Zhao Yingxuan couldnt help but laugh delicately, then her entire body pounced into Chen Luos arms and gave him a delicate kiss.

Still want to use money to impress my man?

Xiao Qingxues face turned pale.

Zhao Yingxuan you are shameless, you are a married woman.

In the past, Xiao Qingxue had suspected that there was an affair between Chen Luo and Zhao Yingxuan, and that her father might have been wearing a c**kold hat.

She later dismissed it and never thought that her previous suspicions were right.

Perhaps this will make Luoer happier.

Zhao Yingxuans name calling made Chen Luo a little numb.

If you change your name, those who dont know will think Im your son.

Hearing Chen Luos words, Zhao Yingxuans eyes swished up, Do you want me to play your godmother?

I prefer you to play my goddaughter.

Chen Luo glanced at Zhao Yingxuan.

Yes, Godfather~!!!

This godfather call made Chen Luos heart a little tingly.

Xiao Qingxue, on the other hand, was furious and her face turned red: Zhao Yingxuan you are shameless to the core, how can there be such a shameless woman like you, are you worthy of my father?

Facing Xiao Qingxues angry scolding, Zhao Yingxuans expression was very flat.

Why should I be worthy of your father?

She didnt even have any inkling of affection for Xiao Yongqiang.

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