Unrivaled Martial Emperor - C.279 - I’ll Go Kill Him

Unrivaled Martial Emperor

C.279 - I’ll Go Kill Him

The winds stirred, and the heavens and earth rumbled as Luo Hun unleashed a swift palm strike, showcasing his seasoned and cunning skills.

The dantian served as the foundation for martial arts practitioners. If shattered, their cultivation would be wasted, becoming a cripple, an existence lower than an ant.

The attack rushed through space. The air exploded everywhere, trying to shake up Chen Fan’s qi and blood. However, Chen Fan was completely unaffected, standing firm as a rock.

It would be ludicrous if a cultivator of the sixth level, like Chen Fan, had his qi and blood shaken by someone in the fourth level.

Advancing confidently, Chen Fan unleashed his cultivation, and it resonated intensely. With Chen Fan in the center, an invisible qi wave spread out, brimming with power. It collided with the force from Luo Hun's palm strike.


The space exploded. Immediately, a white wave of qi rolled out like a dragon. A strong gale blew wildly, sweeping out in all directions.

Luo Hun ignored that qi storm. He came flying like a huge bird and swooped down at Chen Fan. His fingers curled like hooks, his qi surged, and he attacked like an eagle preying on a wolf.

Seeing this move, the crowd immediately thought Chen Fan was in a bad situation.

Luo Hun's technique, known as Five Plum Petals Blossom, was a lethal move that made his fingers blossom with five streaks of qi weapons. It was highly taxing on his primeval force, but the move was mysterious and troublesome, making it challenging for anyone to evade.


However, Chen Fan raised his arm and shot out a fierce sword light. The attack precisely struck the opening in Luo Hun’s attack, shocking the crowd.


Luo Hun's Five Plum Petals Blossom disintegrated. To evade the lethal sword light, Luo Hun contorted himself in mid-air.

Luo Hun’s combat skills were indeed very rich.

Despite having his signature move broken and being pushed into a dangerous situation by Chen Fan, he remained composed. Like a snake, he calmly twisted himself, displaying remarkable flexibility.

After dodging the deadly sword light, Luo Hun swooped down like an eagle soaring.

A surge of qi pressed down on Chen Fan, who stood firm like a reef at the seabed, steadfast against the relentless undercurrents.

Chen Fan skillfully flicked the Autumn Slay at a strange angle, resembling a shark hunting for prey, jumping high up from the seabed and attacking with an astonishing speed.

Luo Hun’s stoic expression finally wavered; there was now a hint of shock on his face.

With a swish, a streak of sword light flew past his face. A strand of hair drifted down while he landed on the ground with a stagger, his face covered in cold sweat. He looked at Chen Fan with a grim expression.

He realized he had underestimated Chen Fan.

They had only exchanged a few moves so far, yet Chen Fan had found the flaw in his attack and dismantled it with a single attack every time.

Luo Hun had spent years on the edge of life and death, accumulating plenty of methods and experience. And that was precisely why he didn’t die at Chen Fan’s very first attack. Countless thoughts went through his mind.

Meanwhile, Chen Fan expressionlessly held Autumn Slay; however, he was actually hiding his exhaustion.

Being at the sixth level, he could fearlessly fight someone at the eighth level. However, he had to act weak in the battle palace and put on a show with Luo Hun and the others.

He had intended to showcase a small portion of his strength to reassure Nangong Wan’er. However, all this pretending made him exhausted.

He decided to stop fighting after taking care of Luo Hun.

Ah, forget it, I’ll end it quickly!

A fierce light suddenly shone in Chen Fan’s eyes. He shot forward as if launched by a catapult. A cold sword light streaked through space, slashing directly at Luo Hun.

There would be no mercy for Luo Hun.

Firstly, Zhao Yuan had sent him to deal with Chen Fan. Secondly, Luo Hun tried to destroy his dantian right from the start. Chen Fan might have been in dire straits if he hadn't been strong enough.

Swish, swish, swish, swish, swish...

Immediately, streaks of sword light blanketed the skies, tearing through the air with a piercing sound that left the onlookers' scalps tingling.

“Good! This guy is finally displaying his true strength!”

“So, this is what a sword cultivator is like. What powerful sword intent, such fierce sword qi!”

“It’s a battle between ferocious beasts!”


The crowd’s eyes lit up.

Luo Hun watched as Chen Fan came at him with his sword. The surrounding space instantly turned into a sword domain. The air became razor-sharp sword qi, striking his steel armor and generating a muffled ringing.

With narrowed eyes, Luo Hun clenched his fists, unleashing his cultivation and delivering a palm strike.

A sharp qi burst forth, forming the silhouette of a blade in the air that cut through the space and aimed at Chen Fan.

“Mad Demon Qi Blade!”

Luo Hun’s Mad Demon Cultivation Technique specialized in its might and ferocity. Empowered by the Mad Demon's force, it was like a crazy blade demon slashing wildly and violently. The crazed aura on the blade's edge could captivate the minds of those lacking mental fortitude; just looking at it could induce fear in them.

“Nice! Amazing! A bladesman versus a sword cultivator, each refusing to yield an inch. What a great battle!”

“That’s right. In Luo Hun's former mercenary group, the Mad Demon Mercenary Group, everyone practiced the Mad Demon Cultivation Technique. When they fought, it looked like a couple of strong lunatics were fighting. Their combat strength and ferocity were unrivaled.”

“A bladesman’s moves are wide and wild to begin with. It complements the Mad Demon Cultivation Technique and multiplies his strength. Let’s see if the blade is stronger or the sword is sharper.”


The crowd erupted in applause and cheers as Luo Hun unleashed his cultivation, materializing his primeval force into weapons as he became the Mad Demon Bladesman.

In the past, Luo Hun was renowned as the Mad Demon Bladesman. Following the incident that led to the annihilation of the mercenary group and his subsequent rescue by the Zhao Clan, he abandoned the blade.

Zhao Yuan had brought him here to deal with Chen Fan, but the latter suppressed him. Finally, he unleashed his true power. Although he did not have an actual blade in hand, the power of the sword condensed from primeval force couldn’t be underestimated.

Chen Fan remained indifferent to the powers of the mad demon that could affect one’s mind.

His arm swung wildly, sending out streaks of sword light, tearing everything apart. They constantly clashed with Luo Hun’s qi blade and produced noises of steel clashing, along with lots of sparks.

The blade qi and the sword qi swept across the arena. It was incomparably violent; even the air had turned sharp.

Ten moves.

Thirty moves.

Fifty moves.

A hundred moves.

Two hundred moves.

The two went back and forth in the fighting arena. Blade qi and sword qi flew everywhere, sweeping and cutting in all directions.

It’s about time.

Chen Fan’s eyes flickered. His moves suddenly changed, becoming incomparably swift and fierce.

If it was akin to moderate rain earlier, it had transformed into a storm, pelting relentlessly everywhere.

Luo Hun had been depleting his primeval force at an already high rate. With Chen Fan suddenly altering his moves, he failed to hold on, having exhausted his primeval force. He was repeatedly pushed back, his steel armor ringing loudly from the strikes, sparks flying in all directions.


Chen Fan suddenly burst forth. His sword pierced through the air, piercing Luo Hun’s throat before he could react to the attack.

Immediately, the sword qi and the blade qi in the arena died down. Everything returned to a calm state.

Chen Fan put away his sword. He purposefully let out a long, turbid breath and wiped away the sweat on his forehead.


“The match is over! Luo Hun has actually... lost!”

“Heavens, ten in a row, he won ten matches consecutively!”

“Awesome, this is amazing! It’s my first time seeing someone winning ten matches in a row!”


The entire battle palace erupted into discussions, excitement buzzing everywhere. The fate of Luo Hun seemed inconsequential, overshadowed by the crowd's jubilation.

On the viewing stand, Zhao Yuan's expression soured. He struck the railings fiercely and cursed, "Useless trash!"

Chu Xuan’er jumped in joy. “He won! Big Brother Dongfan actually won!”

Nangong Wan’er was also in disbelief. “He’s so strong!”

“This little bastard has some strength!” Nangong Fengyun's expression was cold, caught off guard by the fight’s outcome.

Muye Xiao’s expression turned grim. He said icily, “I’ll go kill him!”

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