Unrivaled Martial Emperor - C.274 - Fighting Continuously

Unrivaled Martial Emperor

C.274 - Fighting Continuously

The menacing atmosphere intensified as Baldy Qiang closed in on Chen Fan.

Chen Fan narrowed his eyes slightly.

Baldy Qiang possessed formidable strength from birth, having a natural advantage. Additionally, he honed his physique further through a body cultivation technique.

His physique, qi, and blood were nearly on par with Chen Fan when he had reached the peak of the sixth layer in the Myriad Elephants Divine Art.

“Kid, arrogance doesn't serve well in this arena. I've seen youngsters more arrogant than you; ultimately, they all end up begging for mercy. After a few slaps, they look so miserable that even their mothers don’t recognize them.

"But don't worry, I'm a fair man, and we have no grudges. I won't kill you, but you'll experience great physical pain. Consider it a lesson in humility."

A strong wind blew over as Baldy Qiang’s voice resounded like a huge bell in Chen Fan’s eardrums. He came charging like a wild bull, his every step shaking the ground.

“Baldy Qiang was born with immense strength. Although he is only at the middle stage of the fourth level, he has both great attack and defense. He can even contend against peak fourth-level realm experts if he goes all out. This kid is sure to lose.”

"It's just his luck to face Baldy Qiang in his fifth match."

Chu Xuan'er's face creased with worry upon hearing the crowd's discussion.

Although she admired Chen Fan, she had also heard of Baldy Qiang.

She knew he was a very troublesome opponent. In the battle palace, even some experts at the peak of the fourth level didn’t want to fight him.

“Roar!” Baldy Qiang let out a roar. His bones emitted crackling noises, and his arms bulged as if they were made of steel, concealing immense strength under his skin, waiting to erupt.

“Iron Sand Palm!”

Baldy Qiang thrust his palm toward Chen Fan's head; his palms had a metallic gleam. A qi wave immediately surged, storming toward Chen Fan as if to send him flying.

“Good timing!”

Everyone thought Chen Fan would surely try his hardest to dodge. However, he instead threw out a palm strike of his own, meeting Baldy Qiang’s attack head-on.

“Heavens, is he crazy?”

“Legend has it that Baldy Qiang endured excruciating pain to master the Iron Sand Palm. He stuck his hands in hot iron sand, rubbing them continuously without relying on primeval force. It turned his bare palms into formidable weapons, capable of shaping iron like clay."

“This guy is too young and proud. He’ll pay a heavy price for his recklessness. His hand will be ruined.”

“This young man... He really doesn’t know his limits...”


The audience in the stands shook their heads, convinced that Chen Fan's attempt to confront Baldy Qiang's attack directly was a foolish move.

Yet, the next moment, those skeptics felt their faces heat up as if they'd been slapped.

Chen Fan's palm collided with Baldy Qiang's iron palm, resulting in a resounding clash. It sounded like metal had hit metal.

The crowd had already imagined Chen Fan’s palms getting crippled, but that did not happen.

Instead, Baldy Qiang’s iron palms—the ones he had trained to be impervious to weapons—tore open under the impact, fresh blood flowing out of them.


“Is that for real? That kid is fine, but Baldy Qiang’s iron palm is not?”

“Heavens, could it be that this kid’s physique is even tougher than Baldy Qiang’s?”

“How is that possible? People practicing body cultivation might not all be as robust as Baldy Qiang, but they certainly won't be delicate, pretty boys like this kid."

“Look at his palm, you guys; it looks so tender. How are those the palms of someone practicing body cultivation?”

“But he clearly didn’t use any primeval force earlier. It was pure physical strength..."


Astonished, the crowd wore dumbfounded expressions on every face.

They were very well aware of Baldy Qiang’s strength and his iron palms' power.

Yet, the tall and lean Chen Fan, seemingly a twig compared to Baldy Qiang, had managed to injure him with just his physical strength.

This was too shocking and too dramatic. It was simply unimaginable.

Baldy Qiang wore a look of disbelief, too.

He knew best how powerful his iron palms were.

He never expected they would tear open one day, bleeding like some ordinary pair of palms.

In the imperial city, many had physiques stronger than him, but Chen Fan wasn't one of them!

Baldy Qiang stared fixedly at Chen Fan and said in a low voice, “I underestimated you, kid. So, you also train your body. Your body cultivation technique doesn’t seem simple, either. You tore open my iron palms. Impressive.”

“You’re not half bad yourself. Although you are nowhere near as strong as me, you are powerful,” said Chen Fan, expressing his honest thoughts.

His physique underwent initial tempering and strengthening through lightning. Next, he had strengthened it further with Myriad Elephants Divine Art, followed by recasting his body with dragon blood. The resilience of Chen Fan's physique was on a level incomparable to Baldy Qiang.

Comparing their physique was comparing heaven and earth or cloud and mud.

Yet, when spoken aloud, his words seemed somewhat arrogant.

“Kid, you’re even more arrogant than I thought. But in the end, it'll be you who loses!"

Chen Fan's straightforward words angered Baldy Qiang. He no longer held anything back and attacked with full force.


His cultivation surged, and a golden light enveloped him. He seemed coated in a layer of gold.

Baldy Qiang's consecutive palm strikes made the air roll and churn, generating a fierce hurricane in the fighting arena with whirring noises.

“Baldy Qiang is going all out. The Iron Shirt covers defense, while the Iron Sand Palm handles attack. With both offense and defense, the result is clear at a glance.”

The crowd regained their confidence in Baldy Qiang, seeing him bringing forth his full strength.

“Haha, you can’t stop me, big guy!”

Chen Fan showed no signs of fear. He kicked off the ground and threw a flurry of punches. The formidable attacks bombarded Baldy Qiang like cannonballs.

Bang, bang, bang...

In no time, a terrifying hurricane engulfed the entire fighting arena.

Chen Fan and Baldy Qiang were locked in a relentless exchange of moves.

“It’s time to end this, big guy!”

Suddenly, Chen Fan broke apart the layers of wind and appeared in front of Baldy Qiang. His immaculate white palm flew out gently like catkins, but Baldy Qiang's expression immediately shifted.

He raised his arms before his chest and roared, “Iron Ropes Across the River!”

As he finished roaring, the palm struck him, and he was thrown into the air, drawing a parabola and flying backward.

He crashed heavily onto the ground with a thud, and his qi and blood churned.

He was seeing stars.

Chen Fan's strike had landed on his chest, leaving him struggling to catch his breath. Staring at Chen Fan, he failed to comprehend what had just occurred.

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