Unrivaled Martial Emperor - C.270 - Martial Market Arena

Unrivaled Martial Emperor

C.270 - Martial Market Arena

The Martial Market Arena, run by the Martial Market, held a rich history and embodied the martial prowess of its participants. It served as an excellent venue for gaining fame.

If one were confident in their strength, they would come to the Martial Market Arena to prove it.

Achieving ten consecutive victories in the arena came with substantial rewards, particularly in primeval stones. Additionally, victors could secure a spot on the Martial Market's ranking leaderboard, ensuring widespread recognition across the empire.

Even other empires and imperial courts would take notice of those with exceptional combat skills and a high ranking.

The Martial Market Arena maintained three leaderboards: Mortal, Earth, and Heaven.

With Martial Market Arenas spanning the globe and a robust information agency, the leaderboards were meticulously crafted. They not only analyzed arena performances but also gathered and organized additional information about martial artists.

Thus, the three leaderboards of the Martial Market Arena were extremely accurate.

Of course, one had to fight, and fight well, in their arena to enter the leaderboard. Given the vastness of the world and the number of martial artists in it, the Martial Market Arena couldn't establish rankings without this criterion.

Chu Xuan’er and Nangong Wan’er's explanations helped Chen Fan gain a clear understanding of the arena. He was somewhat tempted inside and said, “It’s my first time in this city, and I have never been to the Martial Market Arena before. Why don’t we go there and take a look?”

Nangong Wan’er thought for a moment before she nodded. “Sure, let’s go together.”

She wanted to witness Chen Fan’s strength firsthand.

Although Chu Xuan’er had spoken highly of Chen Fan, seeing was believing. When they were at the Martial Market Arena, Chen Fan would most likely try his hand at it. She could then witness Chen Fan’s strength, allowing her to make the proper arrangements for the Bloodlines Martial Meet.

Chu Xuan’er also wanted to join in on the fun. She hurriedly raised her hand and said, “Then I’m coming as well.”

The three left the Calm Sun Marquis’ mansion and headed straight to the Martial Market Arena.


The Martial Market was an enormous district.

It housed many shops exclusively dedicated to the martial path. These establishments included stores selling martial art manuals, herbs, elixirs, treasures, weapons, and more.

When the group arrived at the Martial Market, they saw a lively scene with martial artists of high cultivation levels bustling about.

The trio did not stroll around leisurely. Under Nangong Wan’er’s lead, they went deep into the Martial Market; after walking for about half an hour, they finally arrived at the Martial Market Arena.

The Martial Market Arena teemed with people from all walks of life.

Qi Grandmasters were as common as cabbage here. Yuanfu realm experts were also common. Chen Fan spotted two Core Formation realm powerhouses in their short walk here.

Observers with lower cultivation levels lingered at the arena's outskirts, observing and learning from the expert martial artists' techniques.

To enter the Martial Market Arena, each person had to pay ten primeval stones as an entrance fee.

Nangong Wan’er paid thirty primeval stones and entered the arena with Chen Fan and Chu Xuan’er.

“The Martial Market Arena is divided into three main areas. The Mortal Class Battle Palace, the Earth Class Battle Palace, and the Heaven Class Battle Palace,” Nangong Wan’er said as she led the way to the Earth Class Battle Palace, “Yuanfu realm experts fight in the Earth Class Battle Palace. We’re going there directly.”

Chen Fan followed by her side and asked, “How do the battle palaces work? Can anyone step up to fight, regardless of their cultivation level? What would be the point if someone at the first level is matched against someone at the ninth level?”

Nangong Wan’er explained, “It doesn’t work like that. Martial artists have their pride and typically choose opponents with similar cultivation levels. Those with higher cultivation levels also avoid challenging those with lower levels, as winning might brand them as bullies, and losing would be a loss of face.

“However, if someone wins ten matches consecutively, martial artists with higher cultivation may challenge them, recognizing their ability to fight beyond their level.”

Chen Fan nodded and asked a few more questions. Before long, the trio was in front of the Earth Class Battle Palace.

The Earth Class Battle Palace, a grand and ancient ring-shaped building, stood before them. It featured six levels, each equipped with three hundred and sixty viewing stands. From these stands, spectators could watch the battles unfolding in the central fighting arena.

“Big Brother Dongfan, will you participate in a fight later?” Chu Xuan’er asked.

Next to them, Nangong Wan’er interjected, “Oh, right, I forgot to tell you. Martial artists need to sign a life-and-death agreement before going up to fight. The martial artists who go on stage are all lunatics, hoping to become famous in one battle and employ desperate fighting styles. Even a bit of carelessness could lead to heavy injuries or even death.”

Chen Fan did not comment on it. “Let’s go in and have a look first.”

A middle-aged martial artist in his thirties entered the arena.

He wielded a scarlet red spear, emitting a powerful aura, and said, “I’m the number one disciple of the Sky Crane Sect, Nie Yuan. It’s my first time in the imperial city’s Martial Market Arena. I’m at the third level. Is there anyone willing to be my first opponent?”

There were more than a hundred sects in the Great Chu Empire. However, this number included all big and small sects.

The Sky Crane Sect was considered a third-rate small sect within the Great Chu Empire, with their Sect Leader not even reaching the Core Formation realm.

Nie Yuan, the number one disciple, was only at the third level. He would merely be an ordinary elite disciple in a more prominent sect like the Spring Autumn Sect.

Nangong Wan’er swept a glance at Nie Yuan and said, “He should be at the middle to late stage of the third level. I guess he will only win two or three matches in a row at best.”

Chu Xuan’er cheered excitedly and said, “Since that is the case, let’s go place our bets.”

“Sure!" replied Chen Fan. Since they were there, he saw no harm in trying their luck, given his surplus of primeval stones.

The trio walked to the tallest viewing stand in the battle palace and partook in match betting.

Chu Xuan’er was in very high spirits. She took out a hundred primeval stones and threw them over.

“I’ll bet a hundred primeval stones on Nie Yuan winning three matches in a row.”

“I’ll bet a hundred primeval stones on Nie Yuan winning two matches in a row.”



Meanwhile, in the Zhao Clan mansion:

A servant rushed into the courtyard where Zhao Yuan resided to deliver the news he had just received.

“Young Master Yuan, those monitoring the Calm Sun Marquis’ mansion sent news saying that Commandery Princess Xuan’er had gone to the Martial Market Arena with Nangong Wan’er and a young man.”

Zhao Yuan’s gaze turned sinister. His voice was so cold that hatred could be heard in his tone.

“Oh? They went to the Martial Market Arena? Did they see that young man’s face? Are you sure it’s Wang Dongfan, that peasant?”

The servant replied, “Yes, it’s him.”

“That’s good. Go, call Luo Hun over. That little bastard will die fighting on stage!”

An incomparably cold light shot out from Zhao Yuan’s eyes, causing the surrounding temperature to plummet.

That servant shivered and hurriedly said, “I’ll go get him right away.”

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