Unrivaled Martial Emperor - C.267 - Setting Up a Diversion

Unrivaled Martial Emperor

C.267 - Setting Up a Diversion

Chen Fan's muscles twitched, unleashing a burst of strength. It seemed like an ancient beast was waking up. His aura was fiendish, making them feel suffocated. And just when the attack was about to hit him, he moved.


Chen Fan channeled his strength, and the force pressing toward him immediately dissipated.

Next, he disappeared from his spot; as if the earth had shrunk, Chen Fan instantly arrived before the Zhao Clan’s higher-ups and struck out with his spear.

Each step he took resembled an ancient wild dragon-elephant trampling, shaking the world violently. The land quivered, reminiscent of a natural disaster.

Zhao Hong, the Zhao Clan patriarch, grimaced when he saw the spear. He seemed to have turned into a puff of green smoke as he disappeared from his spot; simultaneously, he roared, “Zhao Feng, quickly dodge!”

Even without the reminder, Zhao Feng could feel the aura of death enveloping him, leaving him profoundly shocked.

Chen Fan's Heaven Piercing Spear seemed to draw his soul in, revealing a vast hell and tragic scenes. Cold sweat formed on Zhao Feng's forehead as Chen Fan's devastating strike immobilized him.

Shackled in place, he could only witness his impending demise with a single thought flashing across his mind.

This is too scary!

However, he was at the seventh level, so his psyche was only momentarily affected by the spear’s overwhelming killing force. He came to his senses almost instantly and revolved his cultivation to the limit. His primeval force flowed out and enveloped him like a curtain of water.

“Iron Falcon Wings!” Zhao Feng roared angrily, revolving his cultivation fiercely. His primeval force flowed like water.

Behind him manifested a remarkably handsome and divinely powerful iron-winged falcon, its wings spanning thirty feet. Swiftly, the feathered wings, seemingly crafted from steel, closed around Zhao Feng, producing clanging noises and sparks as they collided.

This was his strongest defensive skill!

In the face of Chen Fan’s powerful stab, Zhao Feng couldn’t even dodge and could only drive his qi to raise his defense to the limits.

Chen Fan did not care about it at all, however. Dragon-elephants hissed within him. His strength concentrated on the spear like a mountain torrent, erupting with unstoppable force.


Upon the spear's impact, clangs resonated, and sparks flew as a terrifying rebounding force threatened to tear Chen Fan's arm apart. Yet, he only had to channel a bit of his strength to neutralize this rebounding force.


The torrential strength gushed out of the Heaven Piercing Spear as if it would kill even deities or buddhas in its way.

Zhao Feng’s defensive martial art was certainly incredibly tough, capable of withstanding an attack from someone at the eighth level. However, the Heaven Piercing Spear was the most powerful offensive art in the world. There was nothing it could not destroy.

Chen Fan had poured all his strength into this attack, even revolving the five illusory primeval vessels, making it even more devastating. The power contained in this spear was enough to kill an eighth-level Yuanfu realm powerhouse.

Immediately, countless cracks spread on the iron wings as if it was made of glass.

It shattered into countless pieces with a bang in the blink of an eye.

With no further obstacles in the Heaven Piercing Spear’s way, it was poised to reap Zhao Feng’s life.


All Zhao Feng felt now was that he was before the grim reaper from hell. He could not resist the grim reaper’s scythe that would soon rob him of his life.

“You dare!” exclaimed Zhao Hong as he materialized in the air behind Zhao Feng.

Brandishing a pitch-black, heavy blade resonant with the countless souls it had claimed, he swung it down at Chen Fan.

Zhao Hong had unleashed all his strength as a ninth-level powerhouse in this attack. It could easily kill someone at the eighth level.

If Chen Fan insisted on killing Zhao Feng, then he would have to receive this blade.

A life for a life!

Terrifying deathly blade intent instantly shrouded Chen Fan, and his heart sank.

However, he did not withdraw from his attack.

As the Heaven Piercing Spear continued on its path, Chen Fan simultaneously executed Undefeated King’s Fist and rushed forward.

The space churned like a tide as layer upon layer of palm seals emerged, forming a mountain-like defense against Zhao Hong’s descending blade.

The Heaven Piercing Spear grew larger in Zhao Feng's vision, and he instinctively reached for it to stop it, his veins and his muscles bulging.

“Stop for me!”

Alas, the force in Chen Fan’s throw was immense. It was simply like the charge of ten thousand horses. Immediately, Zhao Feng’s palm bled profusely from the friction against the Heaven Piercing Spear, feeling unbearable pain.

However, he ignored all of it. He only had one thought in mind: grab hold of the spear. He couldn’t let the Heaven Piercing Spear continue in its path.

However, the force contained in the Heaven Piercing Spear was too terrifying. Despite Zhao Feng’s best efforts to grab it, the spear continued whistling forth as if it would never stop until it pierced Zhao Feng’s forehead.

Chen Fan no longer paid any attention to Zhao Feng. Facing Zhao Hong’s terrifying blade, he channeled Undefeated King’s Fist to the limit. With three heads and six arms, he struck out layers of palm seals that formed a mountain.

However, the countless palm seals were like paper before Zhao Hong’s blade. A ripping noise rang out as if the blade was cleaving space itself; his palm seals crumbled into nothingness.

The powerful blade qi descended upon Chen Fan. Even though his flesh was as tough as an excellent Grade-2 treasure, it was torn open all the same; he began oozing blood.

Chen Fan did not feel any of it, however. He used the force of the impact to retreat as his six arms continued striking out, unleashing a barrage of terrifying palm seals that stirred countless whirlwinds.

Meanwhile, having executed a singular attack, Zhao Hong did not press further.

He grabbed fiercely with his hand, and the force pierced through the void to grab the Heaven Piercing Spear that Zhao Feng struggled to hold back. His priority was to save Zhao Feng.

“Where do you think you’re going!” A thunderous roar rang out. A few more higher-ups of the Zhao Clan joined the frat. They also made their moves when Zhao Hong struck.

However, their cultivation levels were lower than Zhao Hong's, only at the seventh or eighth level, and they were also slower than him.

Only after Zhao Hong had pushed Chen Fan back with his blade and grabbed at the air to stop the Heaven Piercing Spear to save Zhao Feng did their attacks reach Chen Fan.

Seeing Chen Fan borrowing the force to retreat, these people immediately pounced on him like ravenous wolves, tigers, and leopards.

With Zhao Hong making a move, they did not have to worry about Zhao Feng getting killed. So, they aimed to capture Chen Fan.

Otherwise, if word of what happened tonight spread, their Zhao Clan would become the laughingstock of the imperial city.

A prestigious clan of the imperial city had let someone sneak in undetected; moreover, the intruder had nearly killed Zhao Feng in the presence of several experts. If they could not capture the perpetrator, they would become a joke!

Seeing these people coming at him like an inescapable net of heaven and earth, Chen Fan retreated even quicker. In a flash, he appeared on the walls of Zhao Clan's mansion.

“Haha, you can’t stop me if I want to leave.” Chen Fan’s laughter echoed in the space; his figure had already disappeared from the Zhao Clan mansion.

As for the Heaven Piercing Spear, formed from his primeval force, it would dissipate at his will.

With a ninth-level Yuanfu realm powerhouse like Zhao Hong making a move, he knew it was impossible to kill Zhao Feng.

Moreover, his objective for coming here was to use Zhao Ru’s corpse to divert the Zhao Clan’s attention from investigating things and tracing it back to the Chen Clan.

The current Chen Clan was no match for the Zhao Clan.

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