Unrivaled Martial Emperor - C.261 - Lending a Helping Hand

Unrivaled Martial Emperor

C.261 - Lending a Helping Hand

As soon as Scarface struck, his fingers became indestructible like an eagle’s claw, tearing through the air and producing a sharp noise.


“Northern Goshawk Thirteen Claws!”

He unleashed the attack with both hands, channeling primal energy into formidable eagle-like talons that darted menacingly toward Uncle Fu.

“Heavenly Tablet Hands!”

Facing Scarface’s attack, Uncle Fu’s indifferent expression suddenly changed.

He formed a seal with both hands, and his primeval force condensed into a thirty-foot-tall stone tablet. Floating in the air, it crashed toward the eagle claw.

Bang, bang, bang...

The terrifying sharp claws fell onto the heavenly tablets. Banging noises rang out repeatedly. The sound of something cracking rang out; soon, the claws broke Uncle Fu’s tablet.

Boom tch!

Following a dull noise, the thirty-foot large heavenly tablet shattered and exploded mid-air. The shattered pieces flew out in all directions with great force.

Scarface’s figure blurred, and he closed in on Uncle Fu with a savage smile. He executed the Northern Goshawk Thirteen Claws again.

“Die, old man!”


His qi surged, and ethereal claw-like shapes materialized in the air, enveloping Uncle Fu. A look of terror crossed his face as he sensed a sharp pain on his skin.

Uncle Fu had assumed that Scarface and his gang were simple bandits. Even though Scarface was also at the fourth level, his foundation and strength should not be a match for Uncle Fu’s.

However, in the heat of their exchange, Uncle Fu swiftly realized his miscalculation—he was no match for Scarface.


Following a miserable cry, the claws easily penetrated Uncle Fu’s protective primeval force. The sharp claws tore him to shreds, and fresh blood spattered everywhere.

The expressions of Chu Xuan’er, the youth with the paper fan, and the others became pale.

Uncle Fu, the strongest among them, had succumbed effortlessly to Scarface—a horrifying realization.

The teeth of the youth with the paper fan clattered with fear. Still, he said, “You... How dare you kill Uncle Fu!”

Scarface laughed savagely and said, “Pretty boy, you said you wanted to break my limbs, didn’t you?”

The youth’s pupils immediately shrank violently; his earlier bravado was solely because Uncle Fu was with him.

Scarface did not give the youth a chance to speak. Scarface moved, creating a gust of wind as he swiftly appeared in front of the youth. He promptly grabbed the youth's neck.


Horror took hold of the youth’s face. He wanted to unleash his cultivation, but Scarface did not give him an opportunity. He lifted the youth off the ground, clutching his neck.

The youth with the paper fan was at the third level, so he had decent cultivation. He was born in a prestigious clan but was a hedonistic child. He had raised his cultivation relying solely on elixirs, making it worthless.

Scarface had used a single hand to grab the youth’s neck and make him dangle in the air. The youth’s eyes were bulging, and his speech was incoherent.

“You... you...”

“Y-you, what?! Speak clearly!”

Scarface grinned, revealing two rows of white teeth. Then, he waved his free arm, and one of the youth’s arms went flying.

“You wanted to break this granddaddy’s limbs, huh, pretty boy? I’ll break yours first!”

The brutal spectacle left Chu Xuan’er and the other white-clothed youth horrified, their faces drained of color.

“Guard us! Guard us!” The white-clothed youth hurriedly roared.

Their group of guards rushed in, surrounding him and Chu Xuan’er, yet even they trembled at the sight of Scarface.

“Save... save me...”

With one arm gone, the paper fan youth pleaded with Chu Xuan’er and the others. The agony penetrated deep into his soul, pushing him to contemplate biting his tongue to escape the torment.

Children born into privilege like them had never experienced such pain.

“Save you? They can’t even protect themselves, and you’re asking them to save you?” Scarface taunted, laughing. His arm moved again, and one of the youth’s legs went flying, fresh blood spattering. It was a scene of unparalleled misery.

“Ah... ugh...”

With Scarface's grip on his neck, the youth struggled to breathe. Despite the excruciating pain and bulging veins on his forehead, he couldn't even muster a scream.

“You... Do you know who we are? She’s the commandery princess of the Calm Sun, a royal family member! I am a descendant of the imperial city’s Zhao Clan, and he is a descendant of the imperial city’s Lin Clan. How dare you!” yelled Zhao Yuan, the white-clothed youth, with a pale face.

“Oh ho ho. I’m so scared,” mocked Scarface, feigning terror. The other leg of the youth with the paper fan flew away.

“You...” Zhao Yuan's face turned ghostly pale from fear, nearly losing control of his bowels. He had even used his clan’s name, but Scarface still seemed unfazed.

“Haha, we’re so scared...”

“That’s right. He is the young master from the imperial city’s Zhao Clan. I’m so scared I could die.”


The group of bandits also laughed exaggeratedly.

Scarface moved again, ripping apart the youth’s last remaining limb. He said coldly, “I don’t give a damn if you’re a princess or whatnot. Who will know if I killed you people? Little chick, just be good and prepare to be my chieftress. Hahahaha.”

“Run, Young Miss!” pleaded an old woman behind Chu Xuan’er, looking anxious.

She, too, was at the fourth level, comparable in strength to Uncle Fu but no match for Scarface.

Her Young Miss’ status was extraordinary. She was the daughter of the Calm Sun Marquis, a member of the royal family—a true princess.

With this kind of status, she could do as she liked, even in the imperial city.

Alas, her status as a princess could have let her threaten others, but it was useless against these murderous savages.

“Thinking of running? A woman I’ve taken a fancy to wants to run? Brothers, kill them! Pay attention not to hurt my woman, understand?”

Scarface waved his hand. Immediately, the eight hundred bandits behind him charged toward Chu Xuan’er’s group like a flood.

“Quickly run, Young Miss! This old woman will stop him!” roared Granny Rong, Chu Xuan’er’s protector, and unleashed her cultivation. She would fight Scarface alone to buy some time for Chu Xuan’er to escape.

Chu Xuan’er's eyes turned red as she watched Granny Rong sacrifice herself.


“Go, Xuan’er, or we’ll all die here. When we escape from here and return to the clan, I’ll surely bring my clan’s experts to wipe them out!” Zhao Yuan said. Without a second thought, he abandoned Chu Xuan’er and fled.

Zhao Yuan and the youth with the paper fan were Chu Xuan’er’s suitors; in the face of a life-or-death crisis, even she wasn't the top priority.

Amid the chaos, someone rode on a Demon Horse outside Cloudsun Town. "Hmm, there’s a small town ahead. It’s perfect to take a break and have a drink."

Chen Fan, weary from travel, spotted Cloudsun Town and planned to rest there. As he approached, he noticed Zhao Yuan running toward him in sheer terror.

He saw the situation inside Cloudsun Town, and a fierce killing intent immediately surged from him.

Seeing Zhao Yuan fleeing while Granny Rong faced Scarface selflessly, Chu Xuan’er recognized the extreme danger. If she stayed, the sacrifices of Granny Rong and others would be in vain.

Immediately, she wiped away her tears and turned to flee.

Suddenly, a fierce sword light whistled over from outside the town, exploding amid the bandits.

Dozens, if not a hundred, of Qigong realm bandits died. Fresh blood shot out like arrows, and dismembered limbs flew everywhere.

Scarface had smashed the youth’s head with a slap and was about to kill Granny Rong when this streak of sword light surprised him. He stopped, looked around with a fierce gaze, and said coldly, “Who is it? Show yourself!”

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