Triple Blessings: Mr. Fu’s Passionate Pursuit - C.391: 387: A shrew checks on duty, surprise or shock?

Triple Blessings: Mr. Fu’s Passionate Pursuit

C.391: 387: A shrew checks on duty, surprise or shock?

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Richelle didn’t mention Darren Moss to Denise.

She had long outgrown the age of easily trusting a stranger.

When she returned to Kindur, Richelle had originally planned to go home. However, Denise insisted on going to the Lewis Group to surprise her beloved. With a scoff, Richelle said, “More like a sudden check-up rather than a surprise. You’re just a shrew keeping tabs on her husband.”

It’s said that best friends are there to share burdens during tough times and verbally hurt each other during the good times.

Upon hearing this, Denise got angry and threw a flurry of punches at Richelle. “Richelle, not only are you a shrew, but you’ve also got three kids!”

Richelle stuck her tongue out, “But I’m not married yet. Technically, all I need to do is say ‘Bye-bye’ to Roy Lewis, and I’d be a happy single woman!”

Denise smirked and pointed at her, “Alright, Richelle, I’ll tell Master Lewis that you want to say ‘Bye-bye’ to him!”

Richelle clucked her tongue, “Go ahead, I’ll have the accounting department dock Nathan’s bonus.”

Denise laughed heartily, “Go on, dock it! Our Nathan now has a mansion, a car, and a wife; he doesn’t care about the small money!”

The seaside villa that Roy Lewis gave to Nathan Caroule had indeed taken the couple by surprise. They remained pleased whenever they talked about it, even though they had received the keys a while ago.


Richelle looked at her friend, who was basking in her happiness, and didn’t make any sarcastic remarks this time.

After a while, Denise encouraged Richelle again.

“Why not just tell Master Lewis that you want a seaside house near ours? That way, we could be neighbors!”

Richelle had considered this, but their current home wasn’t far from the children’s school and the Lewis Group’s office.

If they were to move to the seaside, their daily commute would take almost two hours.

“Forget it. We’re a large family. It’s more suitable for us to vacation there occasionally; doing it every day would be a waste of time and resources.” Denise thought about it and agreed.

“Alright, then we’ll save the sea-view master bedroom on the third floor for you guys. When you feel like it, come and stay a few days as a vacation.” Richelle nodded with a smile.

“You two really don’t plan on having a wedding? The other day, Roy’s aunt talked to me about it, saying that it’s a rare happy occasion that the family should celebrate.”

Denise shook her head firmly, “Nathan and I have discussed it. Instead of spending a large sum of money on a wedding, we think it’s more meaningful to donate that money to children in need.”

Startled, Richelle smiled and hugged her.

“I’ll accurately convey your wishes. Follow your heart.”

Some people like the fleeting brilliance of fireworks, even if they only last a moment.

But others prefer having something real in their hands, even if it’s an ordinary, unassuming steamed bun.

Laughing and chatting, the two friends arrived at the Lewis Group unknowingly.

Since Richelle had brought the young master and his sister to the company, her face had become well-known, just like Master Lewis’.

So as Richelle and Denise reached the top of the stairs, the security guard greeted them at the entrance.

“Hello, Ms. Dunn!”

“Welcome, Ms. Dunn!”

Richelle rolled her eyes, wondering what had compelled her to come to the office and assert her authority.

She refused to admit that jealousy had made her lose her senses at the time. “See, having the CEO’s wife as a best friend certainly has its perks,” Denise said. Richelle elbowed her, “If they knew you were Nathan’s wife, they’d still treat you with equal respect.”

Denise sighed, “Being the wife of an assistant isn’t as interesting as being the

CEO’s wife. But it’s okay, my Nathan is quite useful.”

Richelle’s goosebumps rose as she heard Denise’s nickname for Nathan. With a shake of her hand, she abandoned Denise and hurried into the elevator.

Entering the lobby on the top floor, the two remaining secretaries greeting them. Richelle handed them milk tea and snacks, thanked them for their hard work, and without a word, pushed open the door to Roy Lewis’s office.

Roy Lewis and Nathan Caroule were discussing something and looked up as the door opened.

Originally, both men had a serious expression. Upon seeing Richelle and

Denise, they both broke into smiles.

They greeted the ladies in unison.

“What brings you here?”

Roy Lewis took Richelle’s bag and led her to the couch to sit down.

Richelle pointed at Denise, “She said she came for inspection!”

Nathan busily massaged Denise’s shoulders and arms, looking sycophantic.

“Denise, you don’t trust me with Roy?”

Denise shot Richelle a glare, “Don’t listen to her nonsense; I came to bring a surprise!”

Richelle smirked at Nathan, “Surprise? More like a shock!”

Nathan hastily bowed to Richelle with a pleading look.

“Dr. Dunn, please show mercy!”

Puzzled, Richelle looked at Roy Lewis with questioning eyes.

Roy Lewis smiled, touching her face.

“It’s just young people’s matters; don’t worry about it!”

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