Triple Blessings: Mr. Fu’s Passionate Pursuit - C.389: 385: Brainwashing Master


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Richelle and Roy were completely unaware of what had happened at the summer camp.

Although they both cared about their child, they understood that children eventually have to leave their parents.

For Richelle, as a mother, this was the second time her child had been separated from her.

It would be a lie to say it didn’t hurt.

However, she was so busy that she didn’t have much time to dwell on her grief.

As the three siblings were having breakfast in the cafeteria, Richelle was on a flight to Lordon with Denise Munni.

“Richelle, I think it’s best if you don’t speak up at the shareholders’ meeting today.”

This was Richelle’s first time attending a Dunn Group shareholders’ meeting, and there were more people present than at the previous board meeting.

“Uh-huh, I won’t say anything. I’m just going there to see how that hypocrite Jayden can fool the shareholders.”

Denise nodded, “His management skills may not be that strong, but his ability to fool people is indeed quite high.”


Richelle seemed to be resting her eyes, “Of course, my parents’ lives were ruined by his deception, how could it not be?”

Her tone was light, but Denise saw Richelle’s hand on her lap clench into a tight fist.

Denise didn’t dare bring up the Dunn matters anymore, fearing Richelle might become too emotional.

Richelle was not as fragile as Denise thought, and after a while, she opened her eyes and asked Denise.

“So, what has Kiara been up to lately?”

Ever since her wedding ended in public humiliation, Kiara had seemingly disappeared from Lordon’s social circle.

“I haven’t heard anything, and I haven’t heard any of the other board members mention her either.”

Richelle also found it strange; she knew Kiara well.

For something like that to happen, she wouldn’t be so quiet unless she had gone mad.

But Richelle had checked the records of various hospitals and found no recent visits from Kiara.

Moreover, there were no recent records of Master Troy, the doctor who treated her before, visiting the Dunns or being in contact with anyone from the family.

“Could it be that she had a major shock and has begun to repent and reform herself?”

Richelle scoffed, “Impossible. That whole family can’t be judged by the standards of normal decency. Most of the time, they’re either doing bad things or plotting them.”

Over the years, Denise had heard many stories about the Dunns from Richelle, and even if she wasn’t familiar with them, she deeply disliked them.

“Nathan seems to have not received any information. Maybe I should try to inquire from other board members.”

Not all of the major shareholders of Dunn Group were on Jayden’s side.

Recently, Denise’s infiltration work had been going well, successfully winning over two or three shareholders.

“Thank you for your help…”

“Come on, do we really need to be polite with each other?”

The two friends chatted all the way, seemingly blink of an eye, and the plane landed.

Richelle and Denise arrived at the shareholders’ meeting with ten minutes to spare before the start.

Unlike Denise, as a major shareholder, Richelle couldn’t sit in a prominent place.

She found an inconspicuous spot and watched Jayden, accompanied by Harris Dunn, take his seat as chairman.

Last quarter, Dunn Group had benefited from United Ventures’ investment, helping it escape the negative news and slump of previous quarters.

Both the stock price and marketing had slowly started to rise.

Richelle didn’t have strong opinions on this; to her, Dunn Group was her parents’ legacy, and even if it wasn’t in her hands, she didn’t want it to be too lost.

Jayden and his son, on the other hand, were delighted with the upward trend and used it to boast about future prospects, reassuring shareholders to hold on to their stakes and continuing to make money.

Richelle listened to their boastful words and yawned from boredom.

A notification from WhatsApp caught her attention. Opening it, she saw it was from Denise.

“I can’t stand it anymore. This quarter’s recovery and gains were clearly brought by United Ventures, but now they’re taking all the credit as if their brilliant leadership made it happen?”

Richelle smiled, “If they praised you at the shareholders’ meeting, wouldn’t they risk other board members switching sides to join us?”

After sending the message, she tilted her head and met Denise’s gaze, who had tilted her head to look at her.

“It’s over; if I keep listening, I’ll be brainwashed by them.”

Richelle raised the corner of her lips, “Don’t worry, I’ll re-brainwash you!”

Jayden’s speech from the chairman’s seat lasted nearly half an hour before he finally, with a fake smile, handed the microphone to Denise.

“Now, let’s have Ms. Munni, our second-largest shareholder from United Ventures, say a few words.”

Denise took the microphone, smiled at Richelle across the dozen people between them, and began to speak slowly.

“I don’t have much to say, really. After all, United Ventures has always had good judgment. So, everyone, just follow Mr. Dunn, be happy, and eat some meat!”

Although Denise hadn’t been a part of Dunn Group for very long, since the beginning, she had been clear that she would make decisions based on the company’s interests, not the whims of Jayden and his son.

However, she hadn’t made any significant moves recently, leading Jayden and his son to start taking her less seriously..

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