Triple Blessings: Mr. Fu’s Passionate Pursuit - C.387 - : 383: The two young masters became the dormitory’s Kings of Kids

Triple Blessings: Mr. Fu’s Passionate Pursuit

C.387 - : 383: The two young masters became the dormitory’s Kings of Kids

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Richelle Dunn and Roy Lewis had been enjoying the sea breeze at the beach for over an hour when Roy asked Richelle on their way back.

“Do you want to find a place to sleep outside?”

Richelle suspected that Roy was going through a midlife crisis, “Master Lewis, you still have to take your medicine today, and it’s already past midnight. As your personal doctor, what should I say?”

Upon hearing Richelle’s tone, Roy realized that fulfilling his wish to sleep in a sea-view room and watch the sunrise tomorrow would be unlikely.

“Alright, next time we’ll come earlier, and most importantly, bring medicine.”

With Richelle, there was no room for negotiation when it came to matters within her professional expertise.

No one understood this better than Roy Lewis.

Upon returning home, the two finished washing up and lay in bed.

Richelle nestled on Roy’s arm, unable to hold back any longer the question she had been wanting to ask all evening. “Roy, do you think the three children are getting used to it?”

The Summer Camp implements a fully closed and militarized management style. Thus, besides video chatting with their parents after arrival to confirm their safety, there was no further contact.


Even someone as resourceful as Roy was unable to receive any special treatment from the school.

Although Roy was also thinking about the three children, his concern paled in comparison to Richelle’s.

He knew his children well; their ability to be independent was far greater than that of many other children their age.

Moreover, the school and the Summer Camp organizers had ample experience, so the chances of accidents were extremely low.

“They’ll be fine. Besides, while other kids are in a completely unfamiliar environment with strangers, our children have each other.”

Richelle felt somewhat reassured, but her worries quickly returned.

“But they have separate accommodations for boys and girls, right? Timmy and Timothy can take care of each other in the same dormitory, but what about little Tifanny? Won’t she sleep all alone at night?”

Roy hadn’t considered this in such detail, but now that Richelle mentioned it, he began to worry as well.

Both Richelle and Roy were well aware that compared to Timmy and Timothy, Tifanny needed far more attention and care.

First, she was a girl and naturally more delicate.

Second, she had been pampered and protected by her mother and brothers since childhood. Master Lewis, Roy, and Timmy had also recently doted on her, making her even more delicate.

Roy, who had been so composed, began to worry about the various situations his precious daughter might face, making it difficult for him to sleep soundly.

“I’ll call and ask.”

The school adhered to strict rules, but the person in charge of managing the Summer Camp was one of Roy’s former subordinates.

Therefore, when he called, the other party politely addressed him as “Mr. Lewis.”

After Roy explained the purpose of his call, the other party said they would look into it and get back to him.

It wasn’t long before the person called back.

“Mr. Lewis, rest assured, the little Miss is even more capable than we thought. Among the six girls in the dormitory, she is the youngest, yet she takes care of herself in eating, washing dishes, bathing, and doing laundry without any help, and she does everything beautifully. Moreover, she helps the instructor teach other girls self-care, and the instructor laughingly refers to her as her little assistant.”

Roy put the call on speakerphone, and Richelle heard the whole conversation, her earlier worries replaced by pride and relief.

“That’s good. What about the other two rascals?”

“Mr. Lewis, you should know your own children best. Both young masters and the little Miss are already the kings of their dormitories.”

Roy couldn’t help but smile, “Then we don’t have to worry too much. Thank you for your help. I’ll treat you to dinner sometime.”

“You’re too polite, Mr. Lewis. Rest assured, I’ll keep an eye on the two young masters and the little Miss. However, considering their performance, it would be unreasonable for them not to graduate with all A’s.”

At this Summer Camp, a series of tasks and goals had been set. According to official language, these children were the future pillars of society picked by the Federation itself.

As such, standards in all areas were extremely strict and even harsh.

However, the Lewis children had been singled out as top priority for cultivation by the school from the beginning. Roy and Richelle, as parents, were simply unaware of this detail.

In the Summer Camp, the three children won A+’s in all categories on their first day, thanks to their outstanding performance.

The next morning, Timmy and Timothy, concerned about their baby sister, quickly found her at the assembly mealtime.

Both brothers, one touching Tifanny’s face and the other inspecting her little hand closely, asked her, “Tifanny, are you alright?”

Tifanny shook her head nonchalantly, “I’m fine, don’t worry about me, brothers!”

After saying this, she even did a smug 36-degree spin on the spot.

“See? I’m doing great.”

However, she spun too vigorously and felt a bit dizzy, so she just leaned against her two brothers and let out a coquettish sigh.

“But Tifanny really misses her brothers, and Daddy and Mommy too….”

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