Triple Blessings: Mr. Fu’s Passionate Pursuit - C.373 - 369: Meeting the Parents

Triple Blessings: Mr. Fu’s Passionate Pursuit

C.373 - 369: Meeting the Parents

Chapter 373: Chapter 369: Meeting the Parents

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Richelle responded with a “Huh? What do you mean?”

Roy Lewis remembered that after it was revealed that Richelle Dunn was the chief designer of Lewis Technology Building, she had talked about her ambitions with him once.

She had said that when she first chose her major, she planned to travel all over the world after graduation, trying to see as many magnificent buildings from different countries and eras as possible.

Then, she would design her ideal Garden of Eden.

“If you don’t know how to bring it up, I can help you.”

With Roy, Richelle didn’t need to bear too much responsibility. She had already suffered too much pain and torture in her twenties.

Now that he was here, he hoped that she could live as her heart desires.

Just like she wished for their children to live without constraints and to follow their dreams.

Richelle looked at Roy seriously and quickly understood his meaning.

But she shook her head.

“No need, I’ve already decided to make my current career my lifelong profession.”

Roy was a little surprised, “Hmm? Didn’t you reject the idea of your master helping you get promoted recently?”

Richelle nodded, “I didn’t want that promotion for now. I’ll think about that kind of position when I’m as old as my master. At my age, I should focus on doing more practical things, just like my original desire to travel every corner of the world.”

These two fields obviously had no connection.

And Roy knew nothing about these areas, but he could understand what Richelle was trying to express.

“Alright, since this is your decision, I support you!”

And in his heart, he made a secret decision.

After a brainstorming conversation, they returned to the topic of the banquet for their elders tomorrow.

“Roy, what do your uncle and aunt prefer? I’ll make some snacks with the kids tomorrow, to serve as appetizers.”

It was only at this moment that Roy noticed Richelle’s subtle nervousness.

“Baby, don’t worry, they really like you.”

Richelle doubted his confidence, “You talk like they share your preferences.”

Roy nodded, “Of course, there’s no reason for them not to like someone I like.”

At first, Richelle thought she wasn’t nervous, but after Roy brought it up, she realized that she was indeed a little anxious.

“Oh, you’d better tell me if there’s something they particularly don’t like. I don’t need them to like me that much, but at least, I don’t want to step on any landmines.”

Roy seemed confident, “You really don’t need to worry about it. You’re like a perfect daughter-in-law model for my aunt’s dream.”

Richelle couldn’t get any useful information from Roy, and initially thought of asking Nathan Caroule, but after thinking about it, Nathan’s attitude was probably similar to Roy’s.

In the end, she opened Denise Munni’s WhatsApp.

“Denise, Roy’s uncle and aunt are coming over tomorrow. Is there anything I should pay attention to?”

As a best friend, Denise replied almost immediately.

However, her reply was almost the same as Roy’s words, with no reference value.

“Mr. Green and Mrs. Green are very kind. Don’t worry, someone like you is absolutely Mrs. Green’s ideal daughter-in-law.”

Well, they were all flatterers.

Since she couldn’t get any useful suggestions from others, Richelle could only try her best to get the small details right to avoid any unnecessary deductions.

By this time, Richelle became more and more certain that Roy’s position in her heart had unconsciously become very, very important.

Because it was so important that she cared about his elders’ opinions of her.

At five in the afternoon, the security at the gate informed her that Mr. Green’s family had arrived.

Roy was originally going to stay at home to receive them together, but who would have expected an unexpected accident at the company in the afternoon? Roy had no choice but to go back to deal with it.

Before leaving, he hugged Richelle apologetically and promised to come back as soon as possible.

But at five o’clock, Roy hadn’t come back, and Mr. and Mrs. Green arrived.

Richelle had been living in Roy’s house with Timothy and Tifanny for some time. However, both Mr. and Mrs. Green and Roy and Richelle were incredibly busy.

So although they had always said they wanted to meet, the meeting time had been postponed again and again, until today.

Richelle stood with the three children on the flat ground of the house as the black car drove in. Timmy tugged her hand to remind her.

“Mimi, Uncle and Auntie are here.”

Richelle hummed in response, and when the car stopped, she took the children to greet them.

Seeing her nervousness, Timmy said, “Mimi, don’t be afraid, I’m here for you!”

After saying that, he took the lead in running over, opened the car door, and helped the people inside get out.

Richelle looked up and saw him assisting an elegant young woman who seemed to be in her thirties or forties.

Richelle knew that most women nowadays took good care of their appearance, but for a moment, she wasn’t quite sure if the woman was Roy’s aunt.

Regardless, whoever this person was, she was still younger than her.

She stepped forward, slightly nervously, and introduced herself with a smile to the young woman.

“Hello, I’m Roy’s girlfriend, Richelle Dunn..”

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