Triple Blessings: Mr. Fu’s Passionate Pursuit - C.371 - 367: What good can come out of that despicable person?

Triple Blessings: Mr. Fu’s Passionate Pursuit

C.371 - 367: What good can come out of that despicable person?

Chapter 371: Chapter 367: What good can come out of that despicable person?

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Abbey University, a junior academy, admitted thirty students in its first recruitment.

The Lewis alone owned one-tenth of the seats.

This news soon spread throughout the upper class society.

You need to understand, there are countless rich people in the Federation.

But, in these rich families, children who squander family wealth are particularly abundant.

Therefore, the news that the Lewis had produced three prodigious children all at once quickly became the talk of all the aristocratic and wealthy families.

Even the Dunns in Lordon learned about this news in no time.

It had been some days since Marcus Zadra had called off the engagement right on the spot.

During these days, Kiara Dunn had been living a life being pointed at and cursed at every day.

Though, she had tried her best not to go anywhere, staying home every day.

But in this era of information, she had to surf the internet and needed to get some information about the outside world on social platforms.

It was on these social platforms that she learned about the news that the Lewis’ three prodigious darlings were admitted to prestigious institutes.

“Mom, why didn’t you tell me about that bitch Richelle Dunn’s children?”

Kiara Dunn was cooped up at home, and Megan Linwood, being a mother, afraid that she would have an accident again, stayed at home with her during this period.

Moreover, due to the embarrassing incidents Kiara Dunn caused, that made Megan Linwood too face criticism when she went out.

Megan Linwood had been in Lordon for so many years, when has she ever been treated this way?

Therefore, she simply didn’t go anywhere, stayed at home taking care of her daughter, thinking about making a comeback after the storm was over and those old things were almost forgotten by people.

As for the matter about the three children of the Lewis, Megan Linwood knew it at the first moment from Jayden Dunn.

But she knew in her heart that whether it was Richelle Dunn or her three bastards, they were all taboo topics in front of her daughter.

Seeing her daughter recalling Richelle and her children with teeth-gritting hatred, she quickly tried to calm her down.

“Why bother mentioning this? The whole Federation’s upper circle is talking about it, there can’t be so many geniuses, surely Roy Lewis bought those university spots for his children with money.”

Kiara Dunn changed from worry to joy.

“Yes, even if it’s not money, it must be the result of wielding power. What good can come from that woman?”

Megan Linwood, seeing her daughter’s softened face, agreed.

“Let’s see how long they can keep up this false prestige!”

Kiara Dunn was looking at the gossip news on her phone screen. After a while, she looked up at Megan Linwood and asked.

“Mom, I want to take a look at the detailed profile of that bastard Timmy Lewis.”

Megan Linwood didn’t know what she was thinking, and tried to persuade her with a worried look.

“Darling, I let you read those materials before because I didn’t want you to reveal yourself in front of Roy Lewis. Now, there’s no need for it, let’s not dig them out!”

But Kiara insisted, “Mom, just give them to me. I just want to have a look. Anyway, I’m so bored now, I’ll use it to pass the time.”

Megan Linwood couldn’t dissuade her, so she had to go back to her bedroom to look for them, finally finding the booklet that recorded Timmy Lewis’s various hobbies, interests and some details among a pile of old books and materials that were about to be cleaned up.

Fearing the booklet might contain something that would upset her daughter, Megan Linwood even carefully flipped through it to make sure there was nothing special inside before taking it to Kiara.

“Darling, there’s nothing interesting in this booklet, I just went through it a bit, tired my eyes. If you find it boring, just throw it away.”

Kiara took it over, didn’t say anything, and began to flip through it..

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