Triple Blessings: Mr. Fu’s Passionate Pursuit - C.368 - 364: You Are So Good to Me

Triple Blessings: Mr. Fu’s Passionate Pursuit

C.368 - 364: You Are So Good to Me

Chapter 368: Chapter 364: You Are So Good to Me

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Sherrina Kingston’s hand tightly clutched her skirt.

“Roy, do I not have any chance at all?”

Roy Lewis glanced at her indifferently, “Sherrina Kingston, don’t you understand? To me, you have always been just a friend.”

“But…but you’ve been so nice to me…”

Even Nathan Caroule thought the words she said were annoying to hear.

Roy remained calm as always. It could be said that apart from his three children, the only person who could affect his emotions might be Richelle Dunn.

“I’m nice to you because you are Uncle Kingston’s daughter, or perhaps because we are friends. But from now on, to me, you are nothing but Old Brown’s sister.”

Sherrina’s face suddenly changed, “Roy, what do you mean by this?”

Roy chuckles coldly, “What do I mean? I want to ask you the same. What were you trying to do by sending those misleading photos to Richelle? Don’t you know that when you sent them, she had just taken on a dangerous mission? You should be glad that nothing happened to her!”

Only when Nathan heard this did he understand why Roy had put him in such an awkward situation.

As it turns out, it was Sherrina who had tried to deceive and alienate Dr. Dunn first.

“Roy, I didn’t say anything. I just sent some photos…”

Sherrina was still trying to defend herself at this point.

Roy sneered again, “You might as well have said something. It would have been better.”

As Nathan was curious about the photos Sherrina had sent to Richelle, Roy glanced over, seemingly seeing through his thoughts, opened his phone, and forwarded those photos.

Upon looking, Nathan’s face also turned sour.

If his wife, Ms. Munni, were to see this, she would definitely curse Sherrina out.

It could be said that Sherrina got what she deserved.

“You came to me because of the transfer, right?”

Some joy appeared in Sherrina’s eyes, “Roy, I realized my mistake. Just forget about the transfer, I prefer to stay in the marketing department…”

However, Roy didn’t give her any room for choices, “It’s up to you. Either report to Lordon’s branch tomorrow, or submit your resignation letter. This is a special case; I can approve your immediate resignation, and give you a compensation of three months’ salary.”

Resentment appeared in Sherrina’s eyes, “Roy, did she persuade you to transfer me?”

Roy never knew that Sherrina was such a self-righteous person.

“She didn’t say anything. She wouldn’t even pay attention to someone like you. However, I won’t let her face the slightest chance of unhappiness.”

Richelle was not a petty person, and even if Sherrina stayed in the marketing department, she wouldn’t say anything.

However, he was unwilling to keep such a person around, not because he doubted his own determination, but because it was annoying!

Roy did not inform Richelle about transferring Sherrina to the branch office.

It was a few days later when Nathan had a gossip session with Richelle about the matter.

When Richelle heard this, she didn’t say anything, and her expression was just as indifferent as Roy’s back then.

Nathan secretly sighed in his heart, thinking that she was indeed the most compatible with Roy.

“Denise said that if you want to vent, she can help you. She’s good at dealing with mistresses.”

Richelle shook her head, “There’s no need for that, since Roy already transferred her away, let’s just consider the matter settled.”

“Dr. Dunn, you’re so magnanimous.”

Richelle shook her head again, “I’m not magnanimous. She’s already been punished for her mistake. Also, her father’s accident happened because of Roy; on that point alone, I could never be harsh to her.”

Afterward, Nathan went back and relayed her words to his wife.

Although Denise Munni was indignant on her friend’s behalf, she ultimately respected her friend’s wishes and did nothing.

A week quickly passed by like this.

Richelle Dunn had just finished giving Mrs. Camrey acupuncture therapy, and after lingering around Mr. Chapman’s office for a while, decided to leave work early when there was nothing else to do.

She drove her inconspicuous old car out of the parking lot and about ten minutes later, felt like someone was following her from behind.

At first, she thought she was just being paranoid, and after changing lanes and taking a different direction home, the grey car still remained behind her.

Richelle, having been stalked before, skillfully drove into a narrow alley.

After accelerating around several corners, she finally shook off the car that had been following her.

Since she took a long detour, when she returned home, Roy, who had been working in his study, came out to greet her.

“What took you so long?”

There was a hint of worry in his eyes.

Richelle looked at the children in the living room, reading, then pulled him into the study.

Before Roy could ask again, she took the initiative to explain the stalking incident briefly.

Roy’s expression turned solemn, “Did you see the license plate clearly?”

Richelle nodded, “However, I suspect it’s a fake plate.”

She recited the number, and Roy took note of it, then pulled out his phone and dialed a number.

“Mr. Rowen, please look into the owner and information of car A269U7. Then, retrieve the surveillance footage of the car A32P52 leaving Central Hospital about an hour ago..”

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