Triple Blessings: Mr. Fu’s Passionate Pursuit - C.366 - 362: Yes, Madam Wife!


Chapter 366: Chapter 362: Yes, Madam Wife!

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Richelle Dunn tilted her head and gave him a light kiss, smiling charmingly. “Master Lewis, I’m just like you, having my own things. It’s a sin for others to take a glance!”

Especially, a woman like Sherrina Kingston with such impure thoughts.

Richelle, with her back to Sherrina, did not know that the person she was talking about was not far behind her.

Roy Lewis nodded, “Great minds think alike!”

After he finished speaking, pretending not to see Sherrina’s unhappy expression, he gently touched Richelle’s face with his own. He then let go of her, and bent down to pick up Tiffany.

“My darlings, let’s go upstairs for dinner.”

After saying that, he looked down at his two sons.

“Can you guys carry the food boxes?”

Timmy and Timothy nodded together. Timothy proudly said, “We brought them in just now.”

Roy Lewis sent his sons a rewarding smile and ruffled their hair.

“Good boys!”

Richelle glanced at Tiffany who was comfortably lying in Roy Lewis’s arms, and couldn’t help but tease.

“Daughters are really nice, always the treasures in daddy’s hands.”

Roy Lewis glanced at her and teased back.

“Are you jealous? How about I let Tiffany walk, and I carry you instead?”

Richelle discovered that nowadays, Roy Lewis’s jokes and playful antics had reached a masterful level.

Richelle shook her head seriously, “Forget it, I’m afraid everyone in Lewis Group will know by tomorrow.”

Roy Lewis was always a bit slow to keep up with Richelle’s thoughts, “Know what?”

Richelle couldn’t help but chuckled.

“Know that Master Lewis’s girlfriend has some leg problems…”

Roy Lewis was also amused by her, and his handsome face turned even more charming because of the laughter.

So, the photo of Roy Lewis holding Tiffany and hugging Richelle was quickly shared in the staff group.

“Wow, a man in love is indeed the most handsome! Our Master Lewis is handsome enough in normal times, but now, as a happy and loving father, he’s even more handsome!”

“Yeah, I used to think that men holding children looked a bit effeminate. But now, I want to scream, Master Lewis holding a baby is so handsome!”

“As they say, love conquers all. We used to say that Master Lewis kept his distance from women, but it turns out that those women just weren’t beautiful enough!”

“Yes, I feel the same way. Our madam is so beautiful! I’m at a loss for words!” “How could someone who gave birth to such handsome and beautiful little masters and misses not be beautiful!”

In the staff group, there were unanimous praises for Richelle and Roy Lewis. Unaware of this, the couple walked into the top-floor office hall with their children.

The secretaries, who had seen Richelle and the little masters and misses in the group, all craned their necks to see the real person.

Soon, photos of the president’s office secretary were shared.

“Wow, they’re so much more beautiful in person than in the pictures!”

“The little master, too. He’s so much more handsome and cute in person. The little miss is even cuter, lying on Master Lewis’s chest, soft and squishy. I want to pinch her!”

Just as everyone was enthusiastically discussing, a message suddenly popped up in the staff group chat, “Nathan invites Roy Lewis to join the group chat!” The whole group immediately went silent.

Roy Lewis: “Extra meals for everyone today, my treat! Also, double pay for everyone this month!”

The group was silent for a few seconds, then someone sent a message. “Congratulations, Master Lewis! Wishing you and Madam a lifelong love!” Then, the group was flooded with messages, “Congratulations, Master Lewis! Wishing you and Madam a lifelong love!”

Roy Lewis looked at the scrolling but uniform blessings on his phone screen, and the corner of his lips curled up.

“What are you looking at, that makes you so happy?”

As Richelle was getting the food ready, she saw Roy Lewis’s smile and couldn’t help but be curious.

She thought that Roy Lewis would only show such a smile when looking at information or content related to her or their children.

Roy Lewis didn’t say anything but just handed her the phone with the screen on.

“See for yourself!”

Richelle thought it was something good, but when she looked, all the messages said, “Congratulations, Master Lewis! Wishing you and Madam a lifelong love!”

She glanced at Roy Lewis and asked, “What did you post in the group?”

Roy Lewis’s smile receded and he casually replied.

“Nothing. Just treating everyone to lunch today and giving them double pay this month.”

Richelle burst out laughing and said to their three children.

“Darlings, our little trip here has made this lunch quite expensive!”

Timmy had been with Roy Lewis since he was a child and was used to his extravagant generosity.

“Mommy, don’t worry, Daddy has plenty of money!”

Richelle shrugged her shoulders, “Then maybe we should come less often!”

Roy Lewis put his arm around her shoulders, “No problem, come anytime.

Timmy is right, I might not have much, but I have plenty of money.”

Richelle glanced at him, “Master Lewis, don’t forget that you are the father of three children. You have to prepare wedding houses and cars for your two sons, and decent dowries for your daughter. Be careful when spending money, okay?”


Roy Lewis nodded and agreed, then added with a smile, “Madam!”

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