The supporting character's harem is very normal - C.365 I am the strongest genius here

The supporting character's harem is very normal

C.365 I am the strongest genius here

Everyone was surprised to hear what Arine said. The young man suddenly felt uncomfortable, so he tried to interrupt her: "Holy Maiden, I find it very difficult to understand."

"You are the Holy Maiden; why do you come into contact with this kind of trash? If I were you, I would have broken his teeth long ago and thrown him out like a dog."

Arine pouted: "What are you talking about? To me, everyone is equal, everyone has the right to love and feel love."

"I do not discriminate against anyone or any race. To me, no matter what kind of person he is, he still deserves to receive love from God."

"Besides… don't you think he's pitiful? He was followed by a Dark-Elf, perhaps… He had no other choice."

"His behaviour may make you angry, but… have you considered his feelings? Did he want to say those words?"

"Maybe… it's all because of that Dark-Elf girl."

Iritellis was startled when she heard that; however, Arine looked at her with so much contempt that it was like she was looking at a dirty cockroach in a sewer.

"Holy Maiden, you are so holy and tolerant. Such a person is not worthy of your tolerance."

"That's right. Holy Maiden, you are in the church, protected by everyone, so you don't know how dirty the outside world is."

"Holy Maiden is too honest, however, he does not deserve your honesty."

"I think it's best to let death free those two bastards."

"I will strike very quickly, you guys stay away."

"Huh! Killing two rats doesn't require a sword, just call the royal army to execute them."

Arine saw everyone using the most unpleasant and dirtiest words to disparage Lathel. So she immediately turned her head to look at him and asked in confusion: "Aren't you angry?"

Lathel shrugged.

"Heh?! You are really interesting, Lathel." Arine laughed and said: "If it were anyone else, they would have been angry and out of control."

Lathel just forced a smile, knowing that he came from Earth. When he lived on Earth, it was a time when everyone owned a smart phone.

It was an era where even two people halfway around the world could still talk to each other as if they were standing across from each other.

That was also the era when many 'keyboard warriors' appeared. The words used by 'keyboard warriors were even more damaging than what the people here just said.

The words 'keyboard warriors' used could even push people to commit suicide.

That's why, to him, the words of the Geniuses here were still very gentle and polite.

"Wow!" Arine suddenly smiled and said: "Lathel, you are so tolerant. Even though they despise you, criticise you, and even want to kill you, you just smile."

"Your tolerance makes me feel extremely happy. Someone like you should be a member of the Lumiere Church."

"Lathel, do you want to…"

"Holy Maiden." Suddenly, Ikarys spoke up, interrupting Arine's words.

"Heh?! Holy Son? Do you want to say something?" Arine tilted her head to look at him, feeling extremely confused.

"Holy Maiden…" Ikarys frowned and said: "I really appreciate your honesty and tolerance. However, our church is not a place where even a dog or a mouse can enter."

"Especially those manipulated by followers of the Goddess of Lust. Am I right, Holy Maiden."

"This…" Arine tilted her head and replied: "However, I feel like I should give him a chance. Anyway, he is very pitiful; maybe he was enchanted by the followers of the Goddess of Lust because he has been lonely for too long."

Suddenly, Arine looked towards Lathel and stretched out her pearly white hand towards him: "Lathel, take my hand; I will help you get out of that dirty mud puddle."

Lathel: "…" ( ;  ̄ Д  ̄ )

'Does this crazy person have cognitive problems?' He silently cursed in his heart, however, of course he didn't say it out loud.

Lathel sighed and said: "Thank you for your kindness, however, I don't need salvation or anything from you. Just stop dancing in front of me..."

"Very troublesome."

"Heh?!" Arine was startled when she heard what Lathel had just said.

Rumble! Rumble!

Suddenly, the air vibrated violently, and a murderous aura poured out of Ikarys's body like a wave, spreading around.

"It seems… there are people who don't deserve to exist in this world." Although Ikarys's face did not show any emotion, his terrifying murderous intent coupled with his cold voice made everyone tremble.

"Is this the Holy Son's power? Awful."

"We are both Geniuses; why is the gap between us and him so big?"

"It seems... This 'Genius Congress' doesn't need to be held; the results have already been announced, and the champion position cannot go to anyone other than the Holy Son."

"That's right. The murderous aura is terrible, even though I have magic to protect me, I still feel scared, like there is a huge mountain pressing on my back."

"It's scary, it seems… Even though the Holy Son is very friendly, he's also extremely scary when he's angry."

"Back away a bit; don't let the Holy Son's magic spread to us."

"That's right, I guarantee that idiot can only hold out for about a minute at most."

"One minute? Are you kidding? I think 30 seconds is the maximum."

"15 seconds."

"5 seconds is the maximum; the Holy Son's gaze is enough to kill him."

Arine pouted, her expression extremely uncomfortable: "Holy Son, what are you doing? We are representatives of the Lumiere Church, coming here to spread love and help everyone understand it."

"We're not here to kill people, do you understand?"

"This…" The Holy Son was startled; he didn't think Arine would say that. In the end… he could only sigh and say: "Holy Maiden, then I hope you can stay away from him. I feel like he is dirtying you."

"You have great prejudice against others. I don't understand why they chose you as the Holy Son." Arine crossed her arms across her chest as she spoke, her expression extremely adorable.

"Holy Maiden, I was chosen to become the Holy Son because, in addition to my strength and talent, I also have a huge love for you." Ikarys said, smiling.

The surrounding people were not surprised; after all, in their minds, only the Holy Son was worthy to stand next to the Holy Maiden.

"Heh?! Really?" Arine was a bit surprised; she tilted her head and asked.

"Of course." Ikarys smiled and replied: "Holy Maiden, we came here to participate in the genius convention; there is no need to interact with people like trash."

"Hm…" Arine pouted; she turned her head, looked at Lathel, and said: "Sorry, I can't talk to you much. However… After the Genius Congress is over, let's go for a walk together."

"I don't want to; I don't have time." Lathel replied back simply.

"Hehehehe… You don't want it, but I want it. Okay, see you again after the Genius Congress ends." Without waiting for Lathel to answer, Arine quickly went to another place, sitting next to an artificial stream to rest.

Lathel frowned then glanced at Ikarys…

Ikarys also looked at him; both of them looked at each other, however, his eyes only carried a bit of confusion and wariness.

As for Ikarys, his eyes were as sharp as those of a predator, a wild monster.

Suddenly, a thought appeared in Lathel's heart: 'Could it be that... that idiot is a villain?'

'It's very possible that he is a villain. Anyway, most of the villains have huge backgrounds, and are geniuses that people should fear.'

'It seems… he really is a villain. If I defeat him, the system probably won't warn or punish me.'

'Uhm! With that decision, I will defeat him. Anyway, in this Genius Congress, I will definitely win the championship.'

Lathel sighed. He once again opened the system information panel, looking at the new function that the system was installing. Right now, it shows 96%, but he doesn't know when this process will be completed.

Suddenly, he shivered when he felt people looking at him.

Lathel turned his head and saw Arine waving her legs and playing with the water, but her eyes were still looking at him. Those eyes carried a bit of fascination and a little nostalgia.

The other look came from Ikarys; he stared at Lathel murderously as if saying: 'You will definitely die.'

Lathel sighed. He felt like, whether it was his previous life or this life, trouble always found him.

'However… This time is different from the previous times. You guys aren't the main characters; do you think I'm scared?'

He only glanced at Ikarys and Arine, then sat down next to Iritellis. Anyway, today he must definitely get the championship prize and kill Alec; otherwise, he will be the one who dies.

What about Ikarys and Arine? He doesn't care. If they want to cause trouble with him, he wouldn't hesitate to help them realise that this world is not as simple as they think.

'Wait!' Lathel suddenly thought of something: 'Arine is the Holy Maiden, and the Holy Son is the villain, so... Alec is the main character; he will definitely be flexing here today.'

'Tsk! It looks like... that young man is definitely Alec. It's fine; my trip fulfils two purposes. I'll win the championship to discuss establishing a church with Catheryne while killing Alec in this genius congress.'

Lathel glanced at Alec, startling him.

'What the hell?' Alec thought to himself: 'Has that bastard discovered me? It's impossible, I hid very carefully; I didn't show my face.'

'Huh! Even if I am exposed, you will die. This genius congress is your grave.'

Alec looked fearlessly at Lathel.

Suddenly, a group of royal soldiers entered the area, led by a brown-haired girl wearing light armour.

Lathel saw the girl and was startled: "Heh?! Laura?"

Laura looked around, and when she saw Lathel, she winked at him, surprising everyone.

Lathel: "…"

'Oy! Haven't I suffered enough yet? If you want to trouble me, please get out!'

Laura smiled and said contemptuously: "Genius? Among you, who can confidently say, 'I am the strongest genius'?"

The crowd was silent, and Ikarys was also a little surprised that Laura was here.

But when he saw Laura winking at Lathel, he became even angrier. The Sword of Justice, the woman he craved even in his dreams, was winking at another man, making him confused.

Ikarys walked to face Laura, smiled, and said: "I have the confidence to say that... I am the strongest genius here."

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