The Princess's Inner Thoughts Were Overheard by Her Emperor Father - C.37


The court officials were all in a state of shock, scarcely able to believe what they had heard.

The Eminent Cavalry General they had recommended was a co-conspirator of the rebel Liao King?

The officials looked up to see Emperor Xiao Yunzhou's impassive face, gazing at them coldly.

Only the Eunuch Wei Zheng spoke up cheerfully, "Your Majesty is most wise. On the day of the palace banquet, he heard that Zhang Chen and the others were plotting, but did not publicly punish them, instead secretly imprisoning them. This prevented them from arousing suspicion and lulling the faraway Liao King."

"Now, the Lord Liu and Lord Pang Your Majesty dispatched have trapped the Liao King and his co-conspirators, successfully bringing them back to the capital, all thanks to Your Majesty's wisdom!"

"Your Majesty is most brilliant!" Wei Zheng bootlickingly shouted, his face flushed red.

The hearts of the court officials all turned cold.

Especially those who had just recommended Zhang Chen, their bodies trembling as they all kowtowed.

"Your Majesty - we failed to discern this! We did not know... we were not in league with Zhang Chen and the Liao King! May Your Majesty judge us fairly!"

The Eminent Cavalry General they had recommended was actually a co-conspirator of the rebels!

"Hmph, you recommended a co-conspirator of the rebellion to suppress the Liao King." Xiao Yunzhou sitting on the dragon throne clapped mockingly.

"You all are truly my best loyal subjects!"

The officials all kowtowed frantically, their foreheads hitting the ground.

"Your Majesty, forgive us, we were incompetent."

This damned Eminent Cavalry General Zhang Chen, an early dynasty contributor, had actually rebelled - was he insane?

And to plot in the palace banquet, only to be caught red-handed by the Emperor and Lord Liu.

Was his mind broken?

The officials were all greatly harmed by this foolish Zhang Chen, wishing they could curse his ancestors for eight generations.

Especially the first to recommend him, the Imperial Cabinet Lord Fucha and the Minister of War, they truly wanted to faint on the spot.

The Minister of War didn't even dare wipe the blood dripping from his head, only feeling an icy chill throughout his body.

"We have disappointed us greatly."

Xiao Yunzhou's tone was cold.

"Among all the civil and military officials, only Lord Liu could relieve our worries!"

The officials were stunned.

Lord Liu Changgeng, merely a fourth-rank official just promoted from the Imperial Academy - what merits did he have?

"Minister of War, you are demoted to Vice Minister of War."

"The five Imperial Cabinet Lords, your salaries shall be reduced by three years."

"One more time... and you can all go home and sell sweet potatoes!"

Xiao Yunzhou coldly rose and walked a few steps before stopping.

Looking back towards the Imperial Cabinet, "Lord Fucha, do you still think we were being capricious in degrading your daughter to Concubine Yu?"

The Imperial Cabinet Lord Fucha's face turned as white as paper, sweating profusely. He immediately closed his eyes and fell backwards.

"Lord Fucha!"

"Lord Fucha-"

Imperial Noble Fu Cha was demoted to Concubine Yu, bestowed with the character 'Yu' - not only a rebuke that she had slandered Lord Liu and the imperial guard Pang Rusong, but also the Emperor denouncing the incompetent and empty-headed Imperial Cabinet Lords!

The Imperial Cabinet was utterly useless!

As the Imperial Cabinet Lord Fucha fainted, the officials all looked at each other, their courage shattered.

The Emperor... had truly changed!

That Liu Wenchang, he used to feign weakness before the tigers, but now...

In the Donghua Palace main hall, Consort Liu was having an early meal with Consort Min. Besides them, the Fifth Prince Cheng Qian and Sixth Prince Cheng Shan were also present.

Since Master Liu had been dispatched to suppress the rebellion and had not yet returned to the capital, nor had any news, both Consort Liu and the Fifth Prince had little appetite.

"Sister Min, you should eat more." Concerned about her father, Consort Liu pushed the meatballs towards Consort Min, her distaste for them increasing.

"I feel you've become thinner again. You shouldn't eat only vegetarian food for Buddhist cultivation. Sister Min, you must think of the Sixth Prince, he's still young."

Consort Min's heart bloomed with joy, she had been waiting for this all morning!

"Silly Liu Mother, you're talking nonsense," the Sixth Prince puzzledly looked at his own mother Consort Min, "I feel my mother has gotten fatter lately, she seems to have eaten a lot of meat..."

Consort Liu: "..."

She was at a loss for words.

Consort Min angrily smacked the Sixth Prince with her chopsticks, "Just you keep that mouth of yours shut! During meals, you should learn from your Fifth Brother. See how he has such gentlemanly manners, not talking with his mouth full."

The Sixth Prince felt wronged, what had he said wrong?

The Fifth Prince Cheng Qian helplessly pushed the osmanthus cake in front of him towards his younger brother, "Sixth Brother, you eat."

The Sixth Prince's eyes immediately brightened at the sight of the food, "Ah, Fifth Brother is always so good to me, not like Mother who only knows how to scold me!"

Consort Min: "..."

Why were her children so different. The Liu children were all so well-behaved and promising.

Her own child, he was just the one to vex her.

"Liu Sister, I've spoken to the Empress, it's best if you move to the Lanxi Palace closest to me. From now on, you and the little Princess can have meals with me."

Consort Min even wanted to swap her Sixth Prince with the Fifth Prince.

"I'll cover all your and the children's dining expenses. I just adore Little Chu, I feel unwell if I don't see her for a day."

The Sixth Prince nodded, "I think Mother should just switch with Consort Liu Mother - I like Consort Liu Mother better anyway."

"How did I end up with such an unruly son!" Consort Min angrily ate another meatball.

Little Chu quietly smiled, [Oh, there's news from the morning court! Grandfather has captured the Liao King and is on the way back!]

[Lord Fucha the Imperial Cabinet Lord has been punished, he's fainted...]

[Unexpectedly, Imperial Noble Fu Cha, the original female lead, has been toppled like this?]

Consort Liu and the Fifth Prince were immediately overjoyed.

Little Chu also gleefully bared her teeth.

A major crisis has been averted.

The military force is secured, so even if the new Emperor is not her brother, her brother may not necessarily die in battle.

Perhaps the country won't be destroyed in the future?

The thought had just flashed through her mind when she heard a beep.

[System upgrade complete.]

[Side quest 1 triggered: Improve the status and value of women.]

[Side quest progress: 0]

[Main quest: The host becomes the darling of the first superpower country.]

[Main quest progress: 0 (Currently the host is the darling of the soon-to-be-destroyed country)]

Little Chu: "???"

This is still a palace intrigue system?

You care about what kind of superpower country or doomed country I'm the darling of?

But why is it still about to be destroyed? Didn't I change a lot of the tragedies already?

[Would you like to view the national strength value of the Jing Country? Cost 50 points.]

Little Chu checked her current point balance, it was already 1293.

She nodded generously.

[50 points deducted.]

[Current national strength of Jing Country: 39.]


Little Chu was dumbfounded.

Please, what is the full score?

Looking at it, it doesn't seem very qualified.

[Analysis of the six dimensions of Jing Country's national strength:]

[Medicine - Poor (Yellow River flooding, about to have an epidemic)]

[Economy - Poor (Lacking silver in the treasury, many corrupt officials)]

[Military - Low (Not enough elite troops, false troop rosters; emphasis on civil officials, lack of military generals)]

[Agriculture - Poor (Yellow River flooding, scorched earth, locust impact)]

[Industry - Low (Focus on poetry and songs, technological development lags)]

[Commerce - Medium (Tea, porcelain, and silk fabrics dominate, but transportation is inconvenient)]

Little Chu was stunned, they were all at a low or poor level, only commerce was still decent.

Looking at it this way, the Jing Country she was in was indeed not a prosperous era, but the signs of impending chaos and ruin.

[Would you like to view the top three national strength rankings?]

[Cost 100 points.]

Little Chu immediately exchanged.

She just wanted to know what level Jing Country's 39 points really was.

[Top three national rankings:]

[Yuan Mu Country: 193 points.]

[Sheng Country: 161 points.]

[Quan Country: 128 points.]

Little Chu: "..."

She was dumbfounded.

The Emperor who destroyed Jing Country in the novel, the current ruler of Yuan Mu Country, has 193 national strength, five times that of Jing Country?

This is no joke.

[Currently, Jing Country is at 39 points, ranking outside the top twenty.]

[Please, host, work hard and complete the main quest as soon as possible - become the darling of the first superpower.]

Xiao Chu Chu: ...

Ah, this palace intrigue system is too much!

Boost national power? This is the task of a favored child?

She's not even two months old yet!

Xiao Chu Chu grumbled and quickly brought up the lottery wheel!

【Host, confirm spending 1000 points for a ten-pull?】


Xiao Chu Chu nodded her little head.

In an instant, a cascade of colorful ribbons like fireworks appeared before her eyes.

《Spinning Wheel Technology Update》

《Dysentery Golden Formula》

《Five-Man Battle Formation》


Instantly, three shimmering SSR skill book volumes appeared in her mind!

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