The Primordial Record - C.791 Our Lord Is Here

The Primordial Record

C.791 Our Lord Is Here

Absomet had argued her importance, her knowledge of war, and of the abilities of the Trion Gods were indispensable, she had been the weapon of the God of War for a hundred thousand years and she knew many secrets, and was told in plain sentence that this was the only reason she was being kept alive, but she was not included in the inner circle.

From the time these people had begun to prepare for war. She had no idea what was happening on the other side of the planet but she could feel a massive pulsation of power that left her breathless.

It was not the strength of the pulses that left her in shock, it was the sheer complexity inside them. Why should a newly born goddess be capable of wielding such powers?

Another pulsation of power erupted in the distance, clearing out the skies and creating a large burst of winds that shoved her until she was vertical for almost two minutes before the wind subsided. The massive tree she was hung upon did not even sway. If she was not wrong, this tree was once a Reaper, the variant of Abomination who had killed so many of her soldiers, now nothing but a tree.

"Leaving us both hanging," Absomet chuckled.

Once again she marveled at the weird nature of the power that this powerful goddess controlled, Absomet had heard of no single instance where a goddess was able to give such great powers to independent and sentient individuals inside her Divine Kingdom, granting them strength that would put a Minor God to shame.

She did not even appear to be feeling any sort of strain, and the last time that she flew overhead, Absomet nearly thought she had detected the powers of a High god emanating from her body, but that should be impossible. It had not even been a single year since her ascension, Absomet refused to believe that such a quick elevation in power was possible.

This strength was passed to every single member of this community, whether it be a newborn or an old man, although there were no longer any old men in this community, with the oldest among them having the appearance of a thirty-year-old. Last month, she appeared forty.

Even if all this mysterious growth in power were all explainable, it was hard for Absomet to comprehend how the birth of a new goddess could transform a world and make it a Minor World.

This was a power that was supposedly under the control of the universe itself, and even a God-King or even greater powers should not have access to it.

A metallic ping distracted her from her introspection pushing her head slightly to the side, two children both boys had nimbly scaled the three-hundred-foot tree with no fear, of course, these children could drop from orbit without a single scratch, they had been the ones to distract her from her thoughts when they threw a seed at her head with enough force to dent a seven-inch thick steel panel, Absomet knew this was them being gentle.

They appeared to be four and five years of age, and they were extremely healthy, with bright eyes and a sense of great vitality around them. These children were born to be immortals.

"Hey, Wyatt," Absomet called out to the bigger of the two boys, "I thought when I saw you again, you would be carrying your child. Is that not what you came to me for? I told you my advice was not cheap and here you are with another child. Or…" She paused, "…is this not your child?"

The six-year-old boy frowned before biting his lips, "Ewww… No, this is just Lev, my neighbor. I followed your instructions but Ma beat me and gave me extra chores. She says I was to clear out the entire mountain range to the south because of what I said to Penelope. It's not fair, that would take days to finish. I just wanna play."

Absomet growled in anger inside her head, 'Clearing out a mountain range, of course, this is the sort of chore they can give to you little dipshits. Days to finish? Hummph!'

Outwardly she smiled, "Did you follow my instructions to the letter? Remember you don't only need to say the words, you have to be suggestive, like smiling and winking like the baby factory that you are."

Wyatt scratched his head, "Of course, I did all that, I went to Penelope and said: Me and you should make a baby, I got that sugar stick that all the ladies are dying to explore…" he came closer to Absomet and winked, three times. "… if you know what I mean."

His voice was a perfect imitation of Absomet's and the only thing that spoiled his impression was that when he was winking, he did it with both eyes so it appeared as if he was blinking, making him look like a patient suffering from hypertensive fits."

Absomet sighed, rethinking all her life choices, "How old again was Penelope again?"

"She is my godmother. So she must be at least a hundred, what do you think Lev, should be a hundred isn't it?"

The second boy nodded, he appeared both shy and also tense, it was clear he did not want to be here with Wyatt.

Absomet broke out in a grin, "Then I don't see a problem here, I have bred armies from stock that were younger than you. I promise you, for someone of that advanced age she should be grateful you are willing to offer her your powerful seed untouched by the ravages of time."

Wyatt appeared a bit confused, "Well, it did not work and I have no babies to play with, and you know I have been forbidden from playing with them."

A quiet voice spoke beside Wyatt, "It was because you were tossing them into the sky," it came from the second boy who appeared to be meek and hid behind the bigger boy, refusing to look at Absomet who had turned her head to scrutinize him.

Wyatt stuck out his lips and folded his arms, "Lev, the babies loved it, they were laughing so merrily… I swear."

"They found little Jacob on the moon Wyatt. You tossed him so hard he ended up on the moon!" Lev replied, his voice surprisingly becoming louder and more heated.

Wyatt's eyes squeezed in suspicion, "It was you wasn't it? You told my Ma that I threw little Jacob."

"What do you expect, he is my little brother, he was born last week Wyatt. I told you we are not supposed to do that with babies."

"Then how am I supposed to practice my throwing arm? We would be going to war and my throwing arm needs to be strong!"

"You suck at throwing…"

Absomet let the inane conversation between these two children wash over her. The fact that any one of them could rip her into a million pieces was something she was slowly getting used to feeling.

Her eyes slowly drifted close. It was better that she fell asleep for the time being. If she was right they would be returning to Trion, and she would need all the power she could muster. Absomet wanted to feed the God of War his own guts.

As she pushed herself deeper into the realm of unconsciousness, her metallic heart suddenly squeezed in protest, and the feeling of being a tiny rat being watched by a hungry venomous snake washed throughout her body and she found herself curling like a ball wishing to take herself as small as possible.

The arguments from the two children had stopped and they were looking at the skies with mouths wide open.

Absomet did not want to look at the sky, but there was a gentle force that took over her faculties and she could not help herself. It was just a single turn of her head and she gasped aloud.

In the skies were titans… Not one, but tens of millions. Each of them was at least a hundred miles tall. Their bodies were filled with the powers of lightning, making them appear like lightning made flesh.

Absomet moaned in terror and sheer astonishment. Their rebellion had ended before it began.

The gods of Trion were here. At least that was what she thought before the two children bowed down, their bodies shaking with barely suppressed excitement.

"Our Lord is here… Lord Rowan is here!"

A loud blast from a trumpet resounded all through the heavens and the only one thought in Absomet's mind was, 'You have got to be kidding me.'

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