The Primordial Record - C.786 The Eye Of Truth

The Primordial Record

C.786 The Eye Of Truth


A structure of such incomparable brilliance and complexities unfurled itself in Rowan's mind, similar to his previously built Forge, it was meant to imitate the environment of the area outside the material universe.

It was far smaller than the previous Forge he used for his ascension towards a Will form and the creation of his Destroyer, barely six miles in diameter, and built like a square cube, this new Forge had taken nearly eight months for its designs to be completed.

He had pulled from all the knowledge he had accumulated, plus his insights as a Nascent Primordial to create what should contain his advancement for at least two more levels.

His powers had been brewing together in a muddled soup, and his advancement would untangle all of them, finally bringing him to his true form.

Rowan would not be adding anything to his body, he only needed complete isolation from the universe and whatever eyes that may have any interest in his advancement.

His experience with Caine revealed there were many invisible forces working in the universe whose actions were seemingly overt, but their presence could still be felt when they chose to reveal themselves.

This universe would soon be dying according to the God King, if that were to be the case, then Rowan would be thrown headfirst from its safety to the outer universe where he would become an extremely small fish in a large ocean.

He would not have any universe that would accept him as its own, and he would have to struggle to survive, death would be the most likely fate awaiting him. To avoid such a future, then every step he made must be methodical, and pursue the cause with the greatest benefits in mind.

The completion of the design for his Forge coincided with the arrival of the Spirit Guises on the planet he had placed Maeve on. At the same time, Circe alerted him that her preparations were complete.

Regretting the fact that he had access to only a single stream of consciousness, he decided to focus on Circe's matter foremost and create the first members of the Eye of Truth organization, before he began building the Forge.

By the time he was done with building his Forge, the seeds of chaos he planted on Trion should be bearing fruit.

There were changes on the planet he had placed Maeve, but with a force of will Rowan resolutely pushed his consciousness to the second Spirit Guise he had placed beside Circe and watched the last of her preparations, he could not afford to be distracted.

He began brainstorming the process he would take to create a thousand gods, according to his calculations, if he was correct, one of the methods he had on hand would have the potential to grant him unknown benefits.

Using this thousand as his experiments he aimed to confirm that hypothesis.


Circe felt it when Rowan arrived at the Eye of Truth. There was a change that happened to the air as if it had transformed into a solid mass, even the lighting felt different, colors that made no meaning appeared out of thin air, and the world was silent, almost as if time was holding its breath.

It was so difficult not to fall to her knees in adoration and horror. If this was just a small part of him, what would the entirety of Rowan be like?

She wondered why she had never felt his presence so keenly before, perhaps it was because she was now a Major God.

The list she was holding was sucked from her hands and into the Anima by her side, who after being possessed by the consciousness of Rowan went nearly invisible, his presence appearing like a pale smoke that could only be detected if you paid attention to it.

The list he held combusted and collapsed into ashes when he was done with it, having investigated all the thousand candidates in a few seconds.

"Your selection is almost perfect except for two bad eggs." Rowan's voice spoke directly in her head.

Circe frowned, although she had tried her best to select only the best, two wrong prospects had managed to slip in through the cracks, likely due to factors she could not control, but her failure still stung.

Bowing to Rowan she said, "I will fix it immediately. There are still several thousand who could have made the list that were placed aside for the next godly ascension."

Rowan paused before he replied, "No, leave them be, I will be using these selected candidates as they are. Everyone would be performing a function that I wanted to delay for at least a century, but time is no longer on my side. Whether good or bad, they shall all play a role in my vision."

Circe struggled to understand his line of reasoning, "Surely you don't want the truth of the organization spreading to the elites of Trion. It is too early, if it is nipped in the bud before any real changes happen, we would have failed."

Rowan chuckled, "I never said I wanted to keep the Eye Of Truth under wraps Circe, it was always the plan for this organization to reveal itself to Trion, but it was supposed to be slow, revealed over decades. I want anarchy, yes, but the true beneficiaries of this plan are quite different from what you have in mind. I do not fear the gods of Trion, the ease by which I killed Boreas should be proof enough, what I want is something else, and all these—"

Rowan gestured to the entire hall, "Simply plays a small part in the goals I have in mind and against the true enemies I have to face."

Not letting her follow those words to its conclusion, the voice of Rowan shook her from her contemplation, "Summon the prospective candidates, it is time I made gods out of them."

Bowing once again, Circe brought the hood of her white robes to cover her face and rose into the air. She waved her hand and lightning bolts like snakes surrounded her palms and she splintered it into a thousand portions which she directed towards all the platforms.

There was a dull buzzing sound and the platforms glowed with a bright blue light so blinding it was almost impossible for anyone to see what was inside before it slowly began to fade, and people who appeared to be sleeping appeared on it.

The thousand candidates selected were all in deep sleep, from the slight reverberations around two of the platforms, it would seem that someone had wanted to join the teleportation, but they had been foiled.

One of the purposes of this platform was to ensure that only the selected candidates were brought here when the time was right.

Some of them were already beginning to stir, and before long their eyes would open to a new world.

Circle swallowed, it was really about to begin, a thousand gods being born at the same time was ridiculous, she stammered, "How are you going to do it? I imagine the commotion that would result from such an event would be enough to shake the entire galaxy."

"It should, but it wouldn't," Rowan replied, "What I learned when elevating you to godhood is that what is truly necessary for this process to succeed was the soul, once that was made immortal, it would naturally form a core which is the Divine Spark. Around the Divine spark, the Divine Kingdom would be created. The body you see is not needed."

Rowan swiped his hand to the left and ripped out the souls of the thousand Earth gods and swallowed it, "Only the soul is."

He clasped his hands together in a manner as if he was praying, but it was only as a focus so he could direct these souls toward their destination.

Since he realized that he was more like a Dimension, he had begun using his powers in a weird direction that should fit his status as a Dimension and not necessarily a Primordial.

The thousand souls reached their destination and Rowan began the process.


The Eye of Truth made contact with Emrelda seven months ago inside her dreams. Her dreams were usually filled with nightmares but now they had been taken over by something better.

A single large eye that was glowing with a silvery light. Every time she had the time to rest, the light from her eyes presented her with peace.

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