The Primordial Record - C.778 Figuring Three From Four

The Primordial Record

C.778 Figuring Three From Four

The God King Golgoth gave out his summons and the gods of Trion responded, sending out their consciousness to take form before the temple of the God King.

It was rare for Golgoth to summon them, things were clearly changing as he had summoned them twice now in less than two decades. The first time he did so, he had changed the direction of Trion, and with another summon this quickly, something big was soon to be inevitably announced.

On the fields of Elysium, the gods of Trion had finished manifesting their material form, because of how recently they had been summoned there were little to no changes in their physical appearances.

The appearances of the gods of Trion are largely manipulated by the perception of their descendants of worshipers. Their massive statues all around Trion and the Empire-controlled spaces ensured there were little changes in their appearances over the ages.

The feet of the gods reached the grounds of Elysium and before they could breathe the air of tranquility that could be found here, a formless pressure sucked them into the palace of the God King without them being able to resist in the slightest.

The God King was not sitting on his throne but he was pacing around, his battered cape was like bat wings as they flared around his body and his sword that he kept by his throne was hissing like a snake sensing the turbulence in the mind of its master.

This area was still the same as what he had experienced in Boreas's memories, aside from the fact that the God King was no longer connected with the life-giving vines keeping him alive.

'If this place is connected to the universe, then the vines providing the God King with life must also be linked to the universe. With the changes happening inside the depths of reality, perhaps it has affected the abilities of those vines to keep him alive.'

Rowan thought there was an opportunity here, although from the feverish mania, he could sense from the God King, that he still possessed enough vitality to keep his undead heart beating for a million years even without the aid of the vines.

He thought that the God King was like a cornered beast, who was snapping and snarling at his incoming captors, the madness he kept chained was about to be cracked open.

"Your Vaults, let me see them!" Golgoth roared at the startled gods who had not adjusted to this new attitude from the God King. Except for Minerva who kept her calm as she possessed no vault, the rest of the gods quickly opened their palms and showed the Runic representation that embodied their vault.

The God King took the next several seconds checking through the vaults using methods that the gods could not understand… but Rowan could. He appeared to be using his eyes but he was using something else.

What the God King was using was an unknown Will at the Fourth Dimension which should be offensive in design however he could manipulate it to fit whatever purposes he desired.

What was surprising to Rowan was that he was still able to detect other types of Will hidden inside the God King, and maybe because he was sure that there was no one here who could see through him, Golgoth did not make any measure to disguise the presence of the other kind of Wills inside of him.

Or perhaps due to Rowan's unique physiology and Will, he was able to easily penetrate the shroud of secrecy that would fool the gaze of others.

However, Rowan was puzzled because he was sure that you could only get a single Will, and unlike himself who possesses the Primordial Record and could potentially gain multiple Wills, everyone else had to make do with one, even a Primordial.

Did the God King possess the research of their Main Body on how to possess multiple Wills? Was it related to the numerous broken Wills he found inside the universe?

The God King was nearly done with scanning through the Vaults and Rowan accelerated his own investigations and he soon found out the truth before the God King was done.

It did not take long for him to discover that all the Wills inside the body of the God King were broken, they were the same as what he had found inside the toxic blood in the depths of reality confirming the ties between the God King and whatever was happening in the universe.

Golgoth might have found a way to integrate many types of Will inside of him but they could not be as powerful as his single completed Will. The broken Wills funded him of the Intent from his father, something that was greater than Intent but lesser than Will. Was this a unique feature of the Reflections of the Main Body of his father?

He confirmed once again that the level of the God King completed Will was at the 4th Dimension, which meant that he had Dominion over Time. Rowan also felt that perhaps it was possible that this Will was discovered by the God King himself and whatever broken Wills that filled his body was from something else.

With this Will, it ensured that inside the material universe, the God King should be invincible, although it was telling that the Universe did not detect the presence of the God King and rejected him after all these years. Rowan had also made many major moves without the universe stopping him, what was wrong with this universe?

Without stopping his frantic pacing the God King spoke,

"The Universe is dead."

This sudden announcement from the God-king made the gods flinch, Rowan could perfectly read their shock and confusion that was partly shared by him, he already knew that something was truly broken with reality.

For a moment Minerva let her mask slip, showing fright, confusion and denial, Rowan could see how shocking the news was to the goddess. 'So, there is something you don't know after all. Your master does not tell you all his plans.'

Golgoth spat, the anger in his voice being echoed by his Great Sword, making the chamber tremble and leaving countless cuts on the body of the gods which began to putrefy and bleed rotting blood and pus, but none of them moved to defend themselves from the wrath of the God King.

"This is undoubtedly the work of the Trickster, he must have found a way to convince the Great Worm to bring about an early end of the universe, he wants to force my hand. He knows that without Trion the plan can never be completed, I still hold the final key and even the Great Worm cannot force my hand."

'Great Worm? Is the universe dead?' This was unknown and unexpected news, it signified to Rowan that the sensation he had felt a few moments ago was the universe dying, and the killer was most likely this so-called Great Worm who Golgoth was convinced had been swayed by his father to perform such an act.

Truthfully Rowan could see this happening, The Third Prince was a creature filled with guile, and if he was to go further in his assumptions and the manner the God-king talked about this Great Worm with so much familiarity, then he could infer that this must be one of the identities of his father.

There had been four faces inside the blood of his father, if he was right, this mean that he should have identified three of them, leaving the last without a name.

He must find a way to know the identity of the last face. It was important that he cleanly wiped out all presence of his father for it would be his greatest source of weakness.

If any of the Reflections find out they could no longer defeat Rowan or control him, they might leak the presence of his Singularity to a Primordial. No matter how great his potential was to be, he would stand no chance against a Primordial.

After truly understanding the unique powers of the Primordial Record, Rowan knew that he could not allow information about its existence to leave this universe.

Even if he had to kill every single living being inside of it.

"Are we to ready for war, God King," the barely suppressed excitement and bloodlust were emerging from the voice of Tiberius who surged to his feet.

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